Thursday, December 30, 2010



Summer emerald/winter azure

Seasons of the heart all in transition.  Velvet midnight swallows me:

Drop cloth for diamonds of stars.

We speak in silent echoes to the universe.

Is this prayer?  What is prayer?  "Prayer is the essence of all things hoped for, the belief in things not seen."

Poem by Dahlis

Photo, Celestial Light by Rob, published with permission 

Monday, December 27, 2010


"Your Today~My Yesterday

My Today~Your Tomorrow,"  Master He, Weiqi

"All is Possible With The Mind,  Paul Lam, M.D.

"Healing Is A Process, Not An Event,"  Master Tomasi

"Your Today" what does this mean?  A young child looks up to a parent or teacher and emulates them.  Kind words encourage the youngster to achieve.  The Cheetah mom teaches her cubs to hunt on their own taking time over the course or two years or more.  The Tai Chi student looks forward to learning to practice a complex Tai Chi form without aid of the teacher.  The student may even be promoted to teacher.  The teacher says, "My today, Your tomorrow."

"All is Possible with the Mind."  A friend questioned, "All?" 

"Healing is a Process Not an Event."  

I received a phone call, "Well I'm an event person!  When I read these words you wrote, I I stopped in my tracks and pondered this."

"The road to healing and recovery is an ongoing process.  It is not static but moving forward,"  Louise Watson, R.N.

Silent Hunter, pastel painting by Dahlis Roy

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Faded Photographs

Long Ago, I Held a Memory

Fast Forward/Rewind
Looking at Rob's recent photo near Donner Pass flashed me back to my Dad's black and white photographs of Yellowstone National park printed on slick white paper before I was born.  Photography transported me into another world of the art of film.  I got a Brownie Starflash camera for my twelfth birthday! The camera took black and white and color prints plus slides.  Now digital is another window for creative adventure.  My Dad loves the new technology and information sharing.  I wrote "love" rather than "would have loved" because love has no past, future, or subjunctive tense.  Love is the ever present now.

Angels Among Us
Kathleen told me she went to buy a gift for an English professor who had treated the book discussion group to lunch.  "I went to the florist and looked around.  Things seemed very expensive.  Another female customer pointed out the new 'rose' poinsettia, but she said she had seen prettier ones.  She was also looking for a cyclamen plant for her friend.  I had no idea what a cyclamen plant was." 

"I was in Casey's looking at the flowers when I heard a voice talking to me and pointing out a cyclamen.  The same woman had also decided to come to Casey's after leaving the other store."  These flowers looked bedraggled.  "I decided to run across the street to Owen's, and here came the same woman!  We both decided Owen's didn't have what we wanted, but she told me to check out Kroger on College Avenue."  I quit for the day!

"Sunday morning  I stopped by Jewel-Osco on College and found they had just gotten in some very nice flowers.  They had small but very healthy cyclamens with blooms.  I chose two and paid for them and then ran to Kroger's.  There I found the most beautiful Christmas Rose poinsettias that looked like velvet.  All of this did not cost much and I still had $1 left.  I spent that on fruit and fixed a basket using an extra one I had at home dressed up with Christmas decorations and a red bow."

"This was the day before the big storm, and I felt I should deliver the plants that day.  I called Tori and arranged to deliver them that afternoon.  Torri had forgotten she had another errand, but another friend was at her house.  I could leave the things inside.  I just hoped Torri would like my choices."

"Now comes the weird part.  It turns out that cyclamens are one of Torri's most favorite flowers, and she especially loves the Christmas Rose.  I did a search of angel art and what did I find but pictures of flowers with an angel hidden in each!  Dahlis, I swear this unknown woman customer was a flower angel.  I had no idea what to buy Torri, and the woman pointed me in the exact directions I needed to go.  No one else would understand this like you." 

"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own..."
                                           Charles Dickens

Doreen Virtue, All things Angel, books and more.

Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, Andrew Ramer  Comprehensive Guide to meeting and working with angles.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos published with permission:
Mountain Snow by Rob, published with permission 
Candy Cane Colors, flower by Emilie

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Painting With Light
Unique experiences occurred while painting the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull mentioned in Pieces of Rainbows (post Dec 5, 2010).  I brushed in this canvas with French ultramarine blue, a deep and vibrant hue like sapphires in the night.  I brushed with sweeps and swirls as music played.  I imagined crystal images painted over primal blue oil paint. What will appear?  Like diamond sparkles on midnight velvet, I would draw light from deep blue darkness.

I checked out the energy of the canvas several times.  Then I carefully fashioned a faint skull vision with light feathery strokes of radiant white paint over the blue painted background.  When I stood back to view, the result looked like two different skulls superimposed into one.  Which would I highlight?  

I was merrily typing away at my computer while listening to music, picking up frequency bands for creative energy.  A white tiger image began to emerge into conscious thought.  In Chinese mythology, the white tiger constellation represents what we call the hunter Orion.  A textured tiger image carved from crystal suddenly "emerged" fully formed and in sharp detail from an inner vision.

Like an explosion, I pictured the shimmering blue canvas backdrop receiving the tiger immediately.  "That's it!"  I had the title:  Crystal Tiger!  I turned off the computer and music and prepared to paint the tiger right away before he escaped.

Hurrying downstairs, I pictured painting the tiger with jewels of white light as a carved crystal. The nearly iinvisible skull stayed put as a swirl of star aura around the big cat.  I took a chisel brush and titanium white and carved out the tiger with sure strokes.  Like an ice sculpture, the tiger grinned back at me with open jaws as he painted himself against the blue night.  

Star Show
Heading around the painting I sprinkled in a few constellations.  
Playfully I smudged a faint flying Chinese crane into the skull's aura and highlighted the crystal a little.  In China, the crane represents health, strength, and longevity.  It worked!  A balance of aura and stars twinkled.  

My signature in green (love), communication (blue), and truth (white) completed the picture.  Playing with color and words like playing with daily Tai Chi, help to open the creative heart of the universe.

White Tiger!
I presented the Crystal Tiger painting to Anna-Mitchell-Hedges.  Anna had found the skull in ancient Mayan ruins in 1924.  Anna loved the painting and its blue mysterious depths.  Bill Homann, current keeper of the skull, later told me that F. A. Mitchell-Hedges' nickname was White Tiger!  Anna was F.A. Mitchell-Hedges adopted daughter, and she adored her father.  

I had no clue about the white tiger connection.  The carved tiger had surfaced from my subconscious.  "Intuition to fruition," Out of the Blue Crystal Tiger Roars!  

Intuitive mysteries unlock secrets of ourselves.

Post Dec 5, 2010, Pieces of Rainbows, Meeting the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

Post Oct. 2010, A One in a Million Sky, Sirius star pulses with light.

PhotoCrystal Tiger Out of the Blue, painting by Dahlis Roy

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Meeting the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

Surprise!  We drove out into the dark of December to meet Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  Some hours later, an unexpected surprise appeared!  Bill carried the crystal skull out to greet us and placed it on the wooden coffee table in front of us.  I felt immediate vibrations all over my body!

How can I describe this energetic experience?  I "felt" rather than heard a humming vibration sound emitting from the skull.  The sound was like the sixty cycle hum from a tube radio.  That wonderful big radio in its solid walnut cabinet was my ticket out of my home and into the realm of music and voices.  I pondered how radio waves are extracted from the air and dialed in, tuned on their unique frequency bands.

Weren't the first radios called crystal sets?  Do crystals amplify vibrations?  Scooting forward but not touching the skull, I peered down into its mystic silver depths.  The crystal was clear, yet patterns appeared like untapped universes and oceans of water and stars, infinity deep. 

I thought, "This is out of this world!"  How did human artists craft it?  If humans fashioned it, they had divine guidance from unseen hands guided by light and unspoken directions.  Mysterious paintings tap invisible energy from the universe and download it into solid light and liquid color.  I didn't think about painting the skull.  I didn't think.

Getting up, like a cat circling,  I viewed the crystal from every angle.  Creeping slowly around the ancient artifact, I thought about how Tai Chi and Qigong practice helps to raise body, mind, and spirit to higher energy states through  ancient ritual forms, some say stemming from Shamanic dances at the dawn of time.

Sitting down again, I peered once more into the mysterious depths of the artifact, absorbing its solidified light.  Refractions of color split the night, prisms of color danced within and without.  These prisms were "pieces of rainbows" as if you'd take a scissors and slash random fragments in various sizes from neon rainbow colored paper, raw material for a future collage.

Time to Leave
Rising slowly to my feet, I felt connected to the Earth by strong vibrations.  Walking carefully, I felt I was treading on pincushions!  The black velvet night stroked me with December chill.  Settling into car, I quickly performed seated exercises from Tai Chi class, grounding my energy and settling my soul which was wild with joy and wonder.  Vibrations painted a day and night to remember.

Bedtime nestled over me like a warm quilt, dreamless sleep enveloped me.  About four in the morning, I had a dream vision.  The color and energy were so vivid, I awoke with a start, heart pounding!  Even waking up could not fade the neon bright image.  I had "received" a future painting. 

The image in the center of the vision dream burned into my consciousness.  Looking strait into the skull, *it was smiling!  The skull dream radiated neon white light.  The sunburst around it was vibrant yellow and sky blue, hurting my eyes.  Intense rose light appeared, framing the edges of the future picture.  Rose is the color of unconditional love.

I lay awake for quite awhile.  I knew, with the right timing and energy, I would paint the vision.

Pieces of Rainbows!
Some days later one of my daughters called.  "Mom, the other day while I was practicing Tai Chi I got rainbows!  I knew you were sending them."  We often send and receive thoughts, colors, and images back and forth.  Sometimes, we even hear the same song running through our heads.  "They weren't like regular rainbows, they were cut-up ones like someone took a scissors and cut them into pieces!"  I smiled, knowing those were images I had seen reflected in the skull. 

"How bright were they?"

"Oh, they were very bright like neon color!"

I realized these rainbows were sent subconsciously and not directly to my daughter.  She tuned into the frequency band and picked up the brilliantly painted images.

Painting the Vision
Gripping my favorite ancient worn bristle brush was like picking up a magic sword.  As I lifted the sword-brush, I felt intense vibrations streaming into me like lifting my sword for Tai Chi practice.  I prayed to my legions of Angels to help me create the intuitive image and guide the brush.  How would I paint?  With a lot of help!

I stood to poised over the blank canvas, like a cat hunting.  Rotating the brush silently over the canvas without touching it, I picked up spiritual energy from the universe to translate it into solid color.  I felt like the Zen calligrapher/painter, tracing out an invisible likeness that was already completed.  Could I transmit and translate the healing feelings I felt?

I dipped the brush boldly into titanium white a with a smudge of cobalt blue.  Its worn uneven bristles crunched on the blank canvas.  Tracing over unseen light, I circled in the outline of the skull, the vision-dream memory.  Slashing the strokes with sureness now like a Tai Chi sword in action, the three dimensional skull began to take shape.  Picking up vibrant yellow, I stroked timidly around the aura the skull emitted.  The yellow faded paler on the canvas than in my vision.  I let the yellow paint itself.  Rose light was next.  I pictured  bold strokes slashing outwards from the image to frame the edges....

Then something mysterious happened!  The bright rose paint whirled outward from the skull, not in slashes but in circles!  I knew Sharon, my guardian Angel, was painting through me.  I silently "heard" the hum again as the brush circled.  White paint swirls completed the circling around the edges, tying the image together like a birthday present.  I signed my name.  I quit!

Meeting Anna Mitchell-Hedges
The phone rang!  It was Bill Homann coming to call and bringing Anna-Mitchell-Hedges with him!  Anna was then the keeper of the skull.  Anna found the skull on her seventeenth birthday buried in ancient Mayan ruins in what is now Belize.  What excitement! 

Angel paintings surrounded the new skull painting on the stone mantel.  Anna, then ninety-five years old, entered and hugged me.  I showed the skull painting.  Anna loved it!  Anna radiated love in a peaceful and joyful way.  George Eddy, Tai Chi instructor visiting at the time, commented that one pupil in the skull was painted heart shaped.  George also noticed the sandstone brick wall of the living room represented tiny crystals in each grain of sand for enhanced resonance.

Photographing the skull painting with both film and digital is another mystery.  Some images were spotty and dark, some were all white.  Intuitively, I let this painting rest.  I named it, Crystal Vision.  Is the vision more powerful than the experience?

Crystal Clear 
*The skull's energy felt more "male" (yang) to me, some feel female (yin) vibrations or androgynous energy.  A friend told me about meeting a different crystal skull housed in the British Museum in London.  She, like me, felt "male" energy and heard a hum. 

In meeting the Mitchell-Hedges skull, several people experienced increased heart rate.  Another felt tingling sensations similar to acupuncture sessions.  Others felt visions, dreams, new directions or ways to achieving goals.  Bill Homann believes the skull radiates positive love.

Results of photon camera work done by the Seraphim Institute show Bill Homann meditating with the skull.  These images result in various colors and light patterns.  One view was surprisingly like my painting, energy colors rotating outward in a circular fashion.  The adventures continue.

Photo and story reprinted with permission from Bill Homann.
Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull:  Bill's online magazine
"Express your need for adventure, your curiosity and passion for the beauty and people of the Earth."

Facebook, Bill Homann
Twitter 2012 areyouready

Shihan George Eddy,  Tai Chi

Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision:  free E-book text and illustrations by Dahlis Roy   Live your dreams, enhance your creativity and intuition.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Full Flower

I am getting together a little talk to discuss being grateful for what we have without the trimmings of commercialism....It is good for the children to give this a little thought.  We have so much to be grateful for...especially that we can all be together.    Love from Susanne

Gratitude manifests your dreams.

Full Flower, photo by Emilie

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Wolves Are Teachers

What can this wolf teach?  Patience!  Years ago I started a wolf painting, but he was never quite right.  I almost gave up!  I thought about giving him away, not right!  I imagined painting another picture over top of him.  Not yet!

We packed up and moved to a new home, taking the wolf painting along.  I viewed him as he rested in my studio...what does he need to bring him to life?  Several years later, I picked up the book, Living With Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher.  I was entranced by the detailed photos and wolf howl CD of the Sawtooth Pack included with the book.  I got the double DVD, Living with Wolves and Wolves At the Door.  I studied wolves in motion and absorbed their personalities.  I marveled at the slanted eyes and lithe bodies mirrored in our working dogs:  the Collie, German Shepherd, Belgian Sheepdogs, Huskies, Malamutes, and many more.  I cried as I watched. 

I got out my brushes and paint with renewed vigor.  I gave the winter wolf a complete face lift, rounding out the muzzle and enlightening the eyes.  YES!  Wolves can have blue and amber eyes just like our blue merle collie, Sky.  Brushing snow flurries into the deep, think winter coat, after ten patient years the winter wolf came fully to life!  Surprise, it was my collie's face and eyes that appeared to me through loving layers of painting over time.

*Recently I saw the constellation Canis Major, The Great Wolf, following the Hunter Orion in the dawn.  I loved watching Sirius rise, the blue-white star tag on the Wolf's collar.  I read legends about the Celestial Wolf parting the veiled curtains between Heaven and Earth.  I flashed back to our silver collie, Sky, bounding through the deep snow in full winter coat and marveled again at the timeless wolf-dog-human bond.  Sky's spirit shines on through Winter Wolf.

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Living With Wolves book by James and Jamie Dutcher who spent six years in a tented camp in Idaho living with the Sawtooth Wolf pack.

Living with Wolves and Wolves at Our Door, 2 DVD set produced for the Discovery Channel by Dutcher Film Productions.  An intimate look into the lives of these elusive and intelligent creatures.

Buck's Heroes, book written by Johnny Mayo as told by his Husky, Buck.  Spirits of War Dogs visit Buck at the Viet Nam Memorial Wall and push forward to tell him their personal stories.  Full color paintings, for all ages

Spirit of the Wolf CD blends voices of Native Americans and Wolves plus Native American instrumentation

Kerry and the Wolf  Shadow, photo by Dahlis

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Phoebe is a Spirit Cat

Abandoned as a kitten, snow white Phoebe found her way to a farm.  No one could catch her.  She stayed away, hiding...watching.

Meanwhile Judy pictured owning a long-haired white cat.  The image had been with her for quite awhile.  When Judy visited her sister, Mary Anne, the snowy kitten came right up to Judy!  She could hold the little one and feed her!  Naturally Phoebe went home with Judy.  This was the kitten Judy dreamed would be hers.

Judy and Phoebe bonded into a solid soul-mate friendship.  However, another abandoned cat was about to enter the picture.  Judy kept having a prophetic dream about a white cat with a damaged eye.  These dreams were so intense Judy would wake in the night and run to see if Phoebe was alright.  One day a neglected white cat appeared on Judy's porch.  Her eye had been injured. 

The helper from the humane society came to get the stray, but mentioned an older cat like this one would probably not be adopted.  
Reluctantly Judy took the new cat into her home and began to care for her.  Judy named the new one "Brett." 

Phoebe and Brett had an uneasy friendship.  Brett became very pushy with Phoebe.  She routed Phoebe away from her food and stole Phoebe's favorite place on Judy's bed.  Gentle Phoebe never protested nor used her claws against the newcomer.

Years slipped by, Phoebe became Judy's inspiration to reach out to others with more love and joy than she had ever known before.  Phoebe was a good teacher.  When Phoebe became ill, Judy cared for her with great patience and compassion.  Phoebe lived for sixteen precious years, and her passing left a great void in Judy's heart.

Judy felt the need to find an animal communicator to help connect to Phoebe's spirit.  The person told Judy that Phoebe was indeed her soul-mate who had come to Earth to connect with Judy.  Judy began to search for a portrait painter to channel Phoebe's image.  Who would it be?  Judy searched but no painter seemed to be the right one.

Meanwhile Judy's Sister, Mary Anne, had begun to take Tai Chi lessons from me.  In forming our friendship, Mary Anne found out that I painted animal portraits.  Mary Anne commissioned a portrait of Phoebe for Judy.  During our phone conversation, I sketched an inner vision of Phoebe resting on a blue fluffy quilt.

Judy and Mary Anne came to see me.  Judy brought many photos of Phoebe.  One photo stunned me speechless!  It was the same pose I had already sketched of Phoebe on her blue quilt.  I went to the refrigerator and pulled down the original sketch to show!  Judy was totally in tune that Angels would help me paint Phoebe's spirit portrait.  "The paint is incidental." 

Painting with Angels
Phoebe's oil painting began with the usual excitement of thinking, planning, and sketching.  I looked at her photos and imaged them to life, feeling the love radiating from Phoebe and Judy.  Phoebe resembles the Norwegian Forest Cat, and there were some of these in the area where Phoebe was discovered.  Phoebe's first painting session went remarkably well, but I felt intuitively Phoebe had surprises ahead.  The next session flowed right out, and I wondered why I had any doubts about the energy flowing through the brush.  I could feel my guardian Angel Sharon's love and joy surrounding me and helping to guide brush strokes and colors.

Painting is the highest energy and greatest experience on physical Earth for me.  Resting between painting sessions brings quiet and contemplation needed to recharge and paint again.  Oil paintings take time to completely dry between layers of paint to insure permanence and brightness of color in the finished work.  I rested well.

Next came the blue quilted background speckled with stars and snow pattern that gave the painting its name.  Phoebe's face required a lot of fine detail and much prayer.  Once Angel Sharon's touch on the brush was intensely strong on the feathery hairs in Phoebe's left ear.  Judy assured me that Phoebe had a larger tuft of fur right there!  I added white whispers of whiskers on Phoebe's face.  Confident, I photographed the portrait and sent pictures to Judy.  

Judy was crestfallen when she saw the photos.  I had painted Brett's face on the portrait instead of Phoebe's!  Brett had pushed her way into the painting as she had done Phoebe's real life.  Brett was still jealous of Phoebe even as a spirit!  Judy had never mentioned Brett to me.

I began to re-touch Phoebe's face realizing that Phoebe and Angels were teaching all of us more about life lessons and patience.  Discouraged and about to give up, I sat in the kitchen.  I turned and noticed Mrs. Harris, the orange kitten, staring back at me from a nearby table.  "That's It!"  It was as if Angel Sharon spoke to me silently, "Phoebe's eyes are round!"  Mrs. Harris has bright round shoe button eyes!   

Joyous Celebration
I corrected Phoebe's liquid green eyes and rounded them.  I fluffed out Phoebe's snow white ruff.  Judy received more photos.  She called and exclaimed, "You have not only a painting of Phoebe, but her spirit!  I never thought an artist could capture Phoebe's true expression because she was camera shy and always squinted, making her eyes almond shaped instead of round!"

Painted Surprise
In the finished portrait, Phoebe's Angel painted herself up and around Phoebe with outstretched arms and wispy wings of energy, guiding and guarding Phoebe. 

When Judy and Mary Anne came to pick up the portrait, we met in my Tai Chi class.  I brought the original photo Judy had given me of Phoebe on her quilt.  During the class, Judy, Mary Anne, and I noticed that rainbow light was all around the photograph and reflecting onto the wooden floor.  Then at my home they received Phoebe's portrait and took it home.  Judy told me later I was surrounded by pink light as I waved good by in my front yard!

"Imagination is another dimension."
Spaces between notes of music add dynamic motion and feeling.  We wonder what invisible love fills the empty spaces in our hearts.

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Surprise Package
Writing along and uploading photos for A One in A Million Sky story is quite a joy, and then a photo would not upload?  And then the word "together" was highlighted in yellow?  I hear a "Leave it alone."  Oh!...Post as is.  Such is the mystery of Writing With Angels.

I experience many creative surprises.   Some years ago, I started up my computer, and a file appeared!  This was not the usual menu but words?  I scanned down the opened file, and the writing there was exactly what I needed to answer a question I had been pondering!  In complete stunned surprise I called Kathleen and told her about writing with Angels.  Kathleen, a computer expert, replied, "Oh, so they work on computers too?" 

Divine Timing
I love this blog is open ended and totally intuitive.  Rob adds, "Imagination is another dimension."  When I thought about the order of stories appearing, I was all ready to type...and then other posts presented themselves first..."Fly with it!"  Debra posted a note, "Blogging for Sanity."  You said it!  

Letting Go
Painting with Angels is also a learning experience.  Visionary paintings are adventures of developing colors and love.  "See without questioning," Mildred advises.  

 "I am a different person than I was yesterday."

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Wild Chicory:  photo by Emilie, published with permission 

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Light Years Away
Sunsplash photo jolted me back to Earth.  I was light years away and standing in front of the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Mom and Dad.  Looking up, I read, carved into ochre stone: 

 "There is one Glory of the Sun, and Another Glory of the Moon, and another Glory of the Stars, and One Star Differeth from another Star in Glory." I shivered.

Entering the dark mysterious velvet of the star show, I sat transfixed as the movable Zeiss projector machine ground upward into position, rising like a giant black ant.  A soft-voiced narrator rewound the sky into Biblical times:  The Star of Bethlehem.  Some images I recognized, Orion the Hunter and his dog (especially his dog).  I always pictured Canis Major with his dog star collar, Sirius, as a giant white wolf with dark haunting eyes.  In my imagination, the celestial wolf smiled.

Cosmic Colors
Coming into the present, my son, Rob, had seen a bright object flashing pulsing colors in the SE sky in the pre-dawn before first light and pondered what it was.  We went out together to view it in early autumn.  "Oh!  It's Sirius, the Dog Star rising, just above the horizon!"  Separate bands of ice blue, ice green, white, cobalt blue, and bright red circled outward like a lighthouse beacon beaming.

How wonderful to see Sirius this way.  We stood silently, no telescope nor binoculars.  Staring at the star, it seemed to sway slightly back and forth, like a hanging lantern on a ship at sea.  I knew the star itself was not moving, but I felt like I was on a boat, swaying a bit. 

I told Rob about seeing Venus and Arcturus set one night.  As they neared the horizon, they pulsated with color bands, visible to my naked eye.  Venus flashed horizontal bands of yellow, green, and red while Arcturus displayed vertical bands of orange, green, and red.  My husband confirmed these bands with binoculars as we viewed together.

A friend, Susanne, saw color bands in Pluto of orange, yellow, and white while viewing through a telescope in Mexico.  Spectroscopy is fascinating to view in the heavens at night or in the sun shower prism of a rainbow.  Susanne continued to note,  "One night The Big Dipper looked so close, so three you could reach out and touch it!"

One early morning on the beach all was velvet dark.  The sky was sprinkled with diamond stars.  Rob spoke, "I watched Jupiter set into the lake,  It looked like a yellow lantern.  Another morning, I watched the moon set.  The lake swallowed the full moon, but after it vanished, moon light still flickered in the lake.  It was bizarre!" 

I can't believe my eyes, or can I?

Photo by Rob,  Sunsplash:  North of Big Sur, Los Padres Mountains, CA, published with permission

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The White Blackboard
How did the expansive blue butterfly, Out of the Blue, take shape?  I was standing in stillness in George Eddy's Tai Chi class.  I reflected about Rob's words, "Tai Chi helps us stretch beyond the limits of what we already know."  George's soft voice brought me back to Earth. 

"Picture a white dry erase board or a chalkboard in front of you.  What is written or pictured there, your schedule, scribbled notes, unfinished tasks?  Take your eraser and wipe the slate clean.  With a clear reflective mind, see if any images or words appear." 

Right away I saw a giant dark blue butterfly in the upper right hand corner of my white board!  The image stayed with me.  After lunch I grabbed a fresh canvas, a tube of Prussian Blue oil paint, and my favorite ancient worn brush.  I slashed out the butterfly with great joy as the image grew to expand far beyond the edges of the canvas, a butterfly with unlimited possibilities.

Breathless with excitement, I E-mailed Caroline.  She replied, "I have seen a large blue butterfly in front of my eyes for the past several days now!"

I answered, "And I picked it up in George's class!"

Sending images and colors over distance happen~synchronious events~ wondrous yet unexplained.  What are visions?  How do they appear?  It is somewhat like viewing an image coming up on a computer screen, colors, a fog, perhaps photograph clear, or a 3-D movie in motion.

Vision Accomplished!
Right away I knew the blue butterfly was the cover for my second book emerging from *Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  The white butterfly on blue background is a symbol of awakening, a journey of becoming.  Blue butterfly symbolizes continuing intuition to fruition, vision to print:  subjective experiences unfolding with spontaneous joy.

Captured a digital image in blue and white, but when the butterfly uploaded, it has shadows like three-D, how did that happen?  I see a faint rainbow spreading into the upper right corner of the blue butterfly in pink, faint green, and soft yellow. "The universe works differently than is commonly supposed."  "Go with the flow!"  "Exactly," I chuckle.

"Pushing the body and the mind to higher levels is always a great adventure.  Believing you can do something makes the impossible happen,"  Bill Homann, Facebook post Sept 16, 2010.

Bill  Homann, Current Keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull 
online magazine
Facebook, Bill Homann      Twitter, 2012 Areyouready

*Free PDF E-Book via E-mail
Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision

Friday, October 15, 2010


Doors and Windows Opening

"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  I hear Joanna's words echoing down through the years of friendship on Earth and beyond.  I love sitting in front of blank canvas or paper and feeling what to paint or write.  Now I also love the evolving journey of the "new post" screen, waiting for words and pictures to appear as if by magic.

What fun with no preconceived idea of where stories will lead.  They will write and paint themselves.   Following the intuitive path of the butterfly landing on flowers, Out of the Blue will take shape, one post at a time and each in perfect order.

Spontaneous pictures and words include:  Out of this World Happenings, Animal Magic, The Journey (the paths we walk), The Dance ( Tai Chi exercise, painting, writing, and music), and Journey to Eternity (looking beyond logic and order).

How will this be?  Imagine a journey of spontaneous creativity, based on positive unselfish intent, and it will happen...for all of us

Monday, October 11, 2010


We are now shifting to seeing beyond visible blue:  horizons of ourselves.  Self transformation, energy medicine, integrated exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga blending with creative intuition and positive unselfish intent may help.  We are looking at higher levels of spiritual and personal achievement on the Earth and beyond.

Come join the dance of Out Of The Blue, a blog created spontaneously as an artist thinks, feels, and creates. 

Thank you contributors, behind the scenes and center stage, for living stories and loving lessons.

Awaken your own pathways like flowers opening.
Enjoy your journey of NOW!
Love, Dahlis

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Out of the Blue is the continuing tale of *Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Silver Butterfly began as a vision, moonlight reflecting on a wall assuming a winged shape.  The unfolding butterfly opened many surprise packages!  First, I was instructed to "paint my dreams."  Next was the practice and then teaching of Tai Chi, a blend of physical meditation and medication.  Then, through a friend and mentor, I became aware of Angels in various physical and non physical forms, teachers here on Earth and beyond. 

Silver Butterfly and Out of the Blue are both written and lived with spontaneous joy, wonder, and love.  Painted with images and words, Out of the Blue is an inside peak into how an artist creates.  Sparking your own self transformation, intuition, and spiritual creativity, read or scan this blog and "find" what you need as needed.  Enjoy your sacred journey!  
Love, Dahlis

Disclaimer:  Some people included in this blog chose names other than their own or wished to remain anonymous.  Sequence of events may be changed.

The author, publisher, or anyone involved with the production and distribution of this material will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injuries or illnesses, emotional or physical, that may occur through reading or following instructions described herein.  The practices in this book complement, not replace, qualified professional medical advice.  Please consult a physician before taking Tai Chi or any other exercise class.  

Copyright, text and illustrations  2010  by Dahlis Roy

Sunday, September 26, 2010


"I honor my sacred journey.  I honor the sacred journey of others." 

"I embrace change and welcome it,"  Rev. Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt

"All is possible with the mind,"  Paul Lam, M.D.

"Let your life unfold like the petals of a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order."

"Each of us is here with unique gifts and talents to touch each other's lives in ways no one else can,"  Louise Watson, R.N.

"We are all one in our human story,"  William K. Emery, M.D.

"The universe works differently than is commonly supposed."

"I am a different person than I was yesterday," Mildred