Sunday, October 17, 2010


The White Blackboard
How did the expansive blue butterfly, Out of the Blue, take shape?  I was standing in stillness in George Eddy's Tai Chi class.  I reflected about Rob's words, "Tai Chi helps us stretch beyond the limits of what we already know."  George's soft voice brought me back to Earth. 

"Picture a white dry erase board or a chalkboard in front of you.  What is written or pictured there, your schedule, scribbled notes, unfinished tasks?  Take your eraser and wipe the slate clean.  With a clear reflective mind, see if any images or words appear." 

Right away I saw a giant dark blue butterfly in the upper right hand corner of my white board!  The image stayed with me.  After lunch I grabbed a fresh canvas, a tube of Prussian Blue oil paint, and my favorite ancient worn brush.  I slashed out the butterfly with great joy as the image grew to expand far beyond the edges of the canvas, a butterfly with unlimited possibilities.

Breathless with excitement, I E-mailed Caroline.  She replied, "I have seen a large blue butterfly in front of my eyes for the past several days now!"

I answered, "And I picked it up in George's class!"

Sending images and colors over distance happen~synchronious events~ wondrous yet unexplained.  What are visions?  How do they appear?  It is somewhat like viewing an image coming up on a computer screen, colors, a fog, perhaps photograph clear, or a 3-D movie in motion.

Vision Accomplished!
Right away I knew the blue butterfly was the cover for my second book emerging from *Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  The white butterfly on blue background is a symbol of awakening, a journey of becoming.  Blue butterfly symbolizes continuing intuition to fruition, vision to print:  subjective experiences unfolding with spontaneous joy.

Captured a digital image in blue and white, but when the butterfly uploaded, it has shadows like three-D, how did that happen?  I see a faint rainbow spreading into the upper right corner of the blue butterfly in pink, faint green, and soft yellow. "The universe works differently than is commonly supposed."  "Go with the flow!"  "Exactly," I chuckle.

"Pushing the body and the mind to higher levels is always a great adventure.  Believing you can do something makes the impossible happen,"  Bill Homann, Facebook post Sept 16, 2010.

Bill  Homann, Current Keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull 
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