Monday, January 31, 2011


Golden Image
Beth shares:  "I had an experience during Tai Chi class.  When we were warming up and again after our practice, I closed my eyes. There was a golden image of a person's silhouette in my mind's eye.  I don't usually see things like that, maybe floating colors but never a defined image like that.  It was startling.  I opened up my eyes thinking that the light had caught your image and cast it into my mind, much like a camera flash does.  Does that make sense?  I don't think it was your image, but I have no idea who's image I was seeing.  It was very powerful.  Hugs, Beth" 

I E-mailed a reply:  "It feels like you have seen an Angel!  Who it is will come to you in time.  When I first started to perceive angels, I resisted them, thinking my wild imagination was at work and play. Keep me posted, Love Dahlis"

Beth answered, "Don't know that I've ever 'resisted' angels...I've always believed in them even in their divine ability to guide and keep us (me) safe.  I didn't even equate that my vision possibly may have been an energetic/mental angel sighting.  The concept was new to me, however, definitely something that resonated well with me.  Now that I've had time to ponder this, it does make sense.  With all my energy training, the angelic realm would become energetic to me as well.  I am glad you had the insight to share that with me.  I Love it!  Hugs, Beth"

Beth:  "I wanted to revisit why I was surprised when you suggested that I was 'seeing' an angel during Tai Chi.  I have had other events that I know were angels...more in physical feel, expression, and form so I was somewhat shocked to think that they would have to present themselves in my mind's eye.  Not sure why that would surprise me."

Dahlis:  "When I first started started seeing colorful shaped light forms, I brushed them aside as reflections like a flashbulb going off.  Later I began to see images of a human-like figure or figures hovering around a person.  Shimmering lights appeared especially when someone was talking animatedly about favorite subjects.  This was different from the person's aura.  Sometimes the shapes bend around a person and guide them reaching out to help with a talk or demonstration."   

Electric Blue
When I perceive angels around a someone, I usually pick up gold or silver light with a bit of green or blue added.  First, I dreamed my blue angel, San.  I woke up and said, 'It's a boy!'  Then drifted back to sleep.  I painted San with electric blue light.  Finally I saw him with my eyes wide open floating in a corner of a room while I was talking to another!  He was radiant, like a shimmering blue rainbow.  San was very tall, no face and no wings.  He kept vibrating to me, "Don't be greedy," while I was negotiating a salary to teach Tai Chi classes.  Then, like a rainbow, he faded slowly from view.  San, from the Chinese mountains, helps me to practice and teach Tai Chi.

Meet Your Angel
The next eye opening angel encounter was in Joanna's home.  Joanna, my mentor, helped me connect to angels and write the book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  To meet your angel, Joanna told me, "You just ask!"  When you are ready, ask then wait and "see" if you hear a name or image appear.  The information will not come from your conscious mind.  

I had met several invisible angels by the time of this visit with Joanna.  Each angel sports a different color or shifting colors, each one a distinct personality and tasks of guidance.  Angels are androgynous yet can be perceived as "male" or "female" as needed by the receiving person and projects at hand.  In my opinion, angels can even shape-shift into animal bodies and appear this way so we can better connect to the beyond with life learning lessons.

I was ready to show my friend, Joanna, Tai Chi practice.  I stood silently in her dining room in stillness, centering myself.  I glanced at the plain wall to my right.  Three female angels shimmered in green-blue hue.  I knew them instantly:  Sharon, Jo, and Michelle!  Sharon is my guardian angel who helps me write and paint.  Jo and Michelle are guardian angels of friends.  When I finished showing Joanna Tai Chi, and the angels faded from view, I told her my experience.  She exclaimed, "Oh! I call them the Big Three!"   

When you perceive an angel, your vibrations have risen very high.  The angels have slowed their vibrations so you can see them with eyes open, eyes closed, or dream them. 

As I started seeing angels with open eyes, I began to realize we are seeing through invisible windows beyond physical reality.  We adjust to the emotions we are feeling and experience the trust that comes with seeing.  "Seeing is Believing~Believing is Seeing."

Gifts of the Spirit
Debra adds, "What gift it is that more and more we are telling the truth about what is real, and less and less we are hiding the joy of that truth."

Auras:  An Essay on the Meaning of Colors by Edgar Cayce

Ask Your Angels, Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer, meeting and working with your angels.

Guardian Angels by Hazel Whitaker and Cynthia Blanche

The Possibility of Angels, A Literary Anthology, illustrations by Peter Malone

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Electric Blue, oil painting by Dahlis Roy

Monday, January 24, 2011


*Zodiac Vibrationally Sound designed by Linda Hunt

Sounds of Light
Painting, writing, and living with light, color, and sound is an ongoing adventure of the spirit.  I am turning on Enya right now!  Before creative work, I often look for a sound to generate the healing frequencies needed to download invisible light into solid words or painted colors.  Vibrations transfer themselves into color and line, sometimes quickly and sometimes over time, a therapeutic process for the reader/viewer, and for me as well.  In searching for just the right frequency, I may scan many songs or music from various artists and styles.  Today, I intuitively "know" and "feel" the track needed to bring in the light, "Intuition to Fruition."  When the correct frequency for the task is located, the music actually vanishes from my conscious hearing.  These frequencies become like white noise and aid clear channel downloads. 

Create a Puzzle
Painting and writing comes in scattered bits and pieces for me, like a written mosaic or painted puzzle.  Words and paint "present themselves" with great joy and often surprises.  Each a lesson, a teaching piece, to savor with freedom from preconceived ideas.  A bit of Tai Chi or Qigong for warm up and focus, then cut, paste, breathe:  let go!  I can hear one of my invisible editors saying now, "Let it happen!"

Channeled work is a co-creating spiritual partnership with God and the beyond.  Pray that only positive energy enters.  Angels, faeries and other positive messengers need us to bring messages into solid form for distributing on Earth, and we need them to inspire and direct.  Spiritual surgery may be needed on a piece to bring it to full flower.  A "nuts and volts" effect with an invisible screwdriver works on canvas or words.  When painting I can feel the surgeons' hands most clearly, or when editing a written passage.  

Musical Colors
Why does music work so well in partnership with human creativity?  The human frequencies vary between 421-428 Hz while music vibrates around 440 Hz, lifting the human consciousness a bit into higher states of perception.  In contrast, the purring cat vibrates at 50-70 Hz, a healing and hypnotic frequency.  Tai Chi practice vibrates at about 8 Hz, the Ohm frequency, and creates alpha waves in the brain for relaxed physical meditation, balance, and healing. 

In Musicophelia by Oliver Sachs some people perceived musical notes or tones as colors.  We have the chakra colors, vibrating the rainbow.  When I learned piano, I had a rainbow card inserted behind the keys on the keyboard, each note was different color of the spectrum.  This sheet music had notes painted in the corresponding colors on the rainbow card.  Black notes on sheet music meant next to nothing to me, I memorized all my music!  Naturally, my piano playing vanished quickly morphing into the ease and joy of painted animals.

I am a one track pony during the creative process, rarely letting musical tracks drift from one to the other.  The CD player is a Godsend to me because of the ease of repeat track play.  In the days of LP's, I kept the record player near the painting in progress, replacing the needle onto the desired track every time.  I fondly recall painting a combined portrait of three German Shepherds to the tune of the Beatles' Rain.  Where were you when you first heard Rain?

"Repeat trackers of the world unite!"  Repeating a music track gives a stability, a predictability of energy and frequency for some folks' creativity.  I keep my music low volume so as not to disturb others who may find a repeating theme more than annoying.  According to Oliver Sachs, more people than admit it use the repeat track method to enhance concentration. 

 Do you hear music in your head?  I am usually playing some songs or combinations of music or loops of tunes even in my sleep.  When a strong song comes in, I may get the music selection out and play it just to hear the physical tones.  I also learned, in talking with others, that some people hear only a single melody line, with or without lyrics, and some hear a full spectrum symphony.   

Musical Medicine
I first heard Chinese health music in Tai Chi class.   We practiced with music for the 88 Pattern variation for the Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi of 108 sacred movements.  Each theme in the music represents a choreographed cue for your practice.  In other words, with white crane theme, you practice white crane spreads wings.  This way in addition to group practice in the park, one can self teach and refine your learning and practice of the form without aid of a teacher/leader using musical directions.  In China, there are many varieties of form practice music to aid learning and enjoyment.  Ancient teachers sang and chanted the movements, and students chimed along. 

My teacher, Jiong Gu originally from Shanghai and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, says form practice music can also be listened to by itself.  Notes and tones touch various organ systems in a specific order for body balancing.  For example, the flute (woodwind) energizes the liver.  In Chinese medicine, the wood element represents liver health.  The whole long form is a detox, a daily energizing and cleansing of the body in harmony with nature.  Some speculate that this form may have developed as early as the twelfth century. 

Listening to Chinese music can be like an self acupuncture session during quiet rest.  Besides form practice music in its many varieties, Chinese health music can balance yin and yang, even help with headache relief and other conditions.  Now there is also Chinese New Age music to add to enjoyment and relaxation.  Choose frequencies to blend with your expected results of rest or activity.  

Tai Chi and Qigong practice help creativity by activating the balance of left and right brain hemispheres.  Before practicing Tai Chi, I was nearly all right brained.  After daily patient Tai Chi practice, my left brain opened enough for me to be able to focus and write an organized book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Before creative work, a bit of Tai Chi or Qigong is warm up, raising qi (energy).  Cooling down exercises after writing or painting sessions help calm, clear, and balance the heart mind.

Dr. Yang Jwing-ming in his book Shaolin White Crane gives guidelines for Chinese practice of self hypnosis.  How wonderful this secret is discussed.  Many of us use self-hypnosis Cd's or phone sessions from qualified practitioners with excellent results.  I can sleep through a session every night or as needed on very low volume for deep restful states and relaxation benefits enhancing my calm creativity with voice and tones.  Some people may benefit from frequencies of white noise, pink noise, or brown noise for deep rest.

Sounds Great!
Music, audible or inaudible, helps brings our lives into a joyful balance of work and rest.  We are shifting in consciousness from "self centered" to "centered within self."  Enjoy your musical adventure, take a walk without an I-pod and listen to birds calling you and breathe in color and light!  

"Put a Flower in Your Heart.  What color is your flower?  Look at all your friends and family.  They have flowers in their hearts.  What colors are their flowers?  Every One a Different Color Blooming!"  Master Weiqi He, co-creator of 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong (Shibashi)


* Linda Hunt, Eyes of Light CD.  Zodiac Vibrationally Sound designed by Linda Hunt, reprinted with permission.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming. Taiji, Qigong, and Martial Arts Master:  The Essence of Shaolin White Crane book   Traditional Chinese Music, Tai Chi Melody:  Music for 88 pattern and other form practice music, Chinese Health Music and Chinese New Age Music Cd's

Enya CD The Celts, track Deireadh an Tuath

Cat's Purr CD by Chet Day Lucy's purr and nature sounds help heal and relax.

Wind and Mountain by Deuter, a guided imagery music CD useful for Tai Chi and painting, track Silver Cloud

Sacred Earth Drums by David and Steve Gordon,  Shamanic World Music, native sounds and animal harmonies, tracks:  Dancing for a Vision, Power Animals

Musicophelia book by Oliver Sacks, M.D.  Learn how we hear, see, and perceive music.

The Mozart Effect book by Don Campbell, "seeing sound," healing with Traditional Music, orchestrating mind and body

Born on A Blue Day by Daniel Tammet, "I was born on a Wednesday and Wednesdays are always blue," a personal story of painted numbers and images

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Design: Vibrationally Sound by Linda Hunt, reprinted with permission

Photo:  Wild Orchid by Emilie, published with permission

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ice Patterns
Frost on windows glows in darkness and daylight.  The above painting represents a scene in full winter sun, primal light blazing through ice on a window.  The painting has many flat planed surfaces stroked on it with a palette knife.  When strong light shines downward on Ice Patterns, titanium white thick strokes light up with an energy all their own. 

Recently, I noticed how a faint white cat head "appeared' in Ice Patterns, an unplanned painted image.  Surprises are always happening with light and color.  There are other images hidden here, what do you see?

One night we saw fernlike silver ice and ancient kale, plant-like images, forged on our garage door windows and illuminated by a nearby streetlight.  I was dazzled by the such realistic patterns etched on glass. 

Notice art work in your home or office and how shifting light plays upon them, or even changes their color and mood.  Sunlight flickering over paintings causes constant delight, even three dimensional or vibrating effects may emerge:  living art. 

Silent Dance
One morning a contemplative fog coated the trees as I stared out into the depths.  I felt the phone ring, it rang.  I knew it was my friend Mary with the Prayer Line.  Her cheerful voice was a hug.  I wrote:  

*A Frosty Dawn

It's a white-out morning,
Veils of frost and fog cover grass.

Cloaking tree trunks, branches, remnants of leaves
of Autumn's past...
It looks like an eerie fairyland out there--
Ice sculptures in the mist.

The glistening trunk of the silver birch tree rises up
like a phoenix from the ashes.
Its ashen bark is ghostlike in the mist. 

It feels like a little touch of Heaven
brushing the landscape with fernlike silver ice.
I look out my window...
I hear Mary's voice say,
'It's like joining hands with God.'

Crystal Rainbows

One recent January morning, I stopped in my tracks as I passed the patio windows.  Sprinkled across the snow were tiny prisms, snow crystals catching the sun at just the precise angle for viewing.  Sparkles for Earth friends appeared.  I absorbed prism color into every cell of me.  Some glowed blue or green, orange or purple as they changed every moment with the glowing sun.  The glitters were like strings of tiny multicolored Christmas lights dusted into the snow.    

I was transported back to my little girl self sitting under the Christmas tree and feeling the soft white cotton blanket.  It had colored sequins attached.  I felt cotton and sequins again with my hands.

Weather or Not?
Shifting seasons and colors, dark and light, blend in harmony and balance into a cosmic dance. 

**On windy days and moonless nights,
Blake wears a suit of shifting lights.
The tailor now has grown so clever,
he stitches light and dark together.  

* Ice Patterns, poem by Dahlis Roy

**A Visit to William Blake's Inn, Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travellers by Nancy Willard, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.  A colorful romp for children of all ages.

Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Ice Patterns, oil painting by Dahlis

Sunday, January 9, 2011


"I am Cheetah!"  Picture you as an animal or bird, sea creature, insect or amphibian.  Who would you be?  Paint with words or color with paint and describe yourself!

*The Cheetah's Pattern

Mama Cheetah stands four square,
Staring balefully at me.
Half-grown cubs sit pointing outward, Compass Points.
'Mom, they look almost human!'
Black multi-sized polka dots sprinkle ochre coats.
Op art painted on ancient cats.
What kind of animal are you?
I am Cheetah!

Who is Cheetah?  She walks alone yet not alone.  A Cheetah Mom will protect her cubs by even standing up to an adult male lion predator.  Cheetahs run on heart and supreme focus in high speed sprints.  The Cheetah runs with compassion, laking stamina and strength of lion or leopard.

"Become the Crane"
Are you a crane?  What does the crane symbolize?  He walks carefully, mindfully, yet confidently.  The crane stands silently on one leg, sometimes for hours then strikes swiftly at a fish.  In China, the crane represents health, strength, and longevity.  Often Chinese artists paint the crane along with a sun symbol and pine trees, energy medicine for the viewer.

The crane is popular in Tai Chi and Qigong forms such as Flying Crane Qigong.  White Crane Spreads Wings in Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi is an expansive outreach of qi (energy).  My teacher, Jiong Gu says , "We are not here to imitate the crane, we are to become it."

In this photo, the Tai Chi crane is stretching to "pick up needle at sea bottom," meaning pick up your own inspiration from nature and apply it to your life.  Caroline calls this image "crane feeding."

Wolf Wisdom
"Walking in your footsteps" through the snow and forest, across mountains and deserts.  The wolf has great stamina and can cover a lot of territory without resting.  In the den family, cubs are loved and protected by their teacher elders.  Silent, brave, musical, and mystical the bonds are strong and deep.

"walking in my footsteps...."

Stars of Big Cat Diary by Jonathon and Angela Scott, Cheetah, Leopard, and Lion families tell their stories in words and pictures.     

Living With Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, for the Sawtooth Pack, "Thank you for trusting us and changing our lives."

One Hundred Cranes, Praying for the Chorus of Creation, by William J. Fitzgerald.  Energy prayers for the dance of life, crossings, transformations and more

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, learn more about your inner animal.

"Who R U?"

* The Cheetah's Pattern, poem by Dahlis

Alert, Cheetah painting by Dahlis Roy

"Become the Crane" photo by Debra Basham, published with permission

Who RU?  Collage by Francesca, published with permission

Saturday, January 1, 2011


"May we come from the wellspring of our creativity in our relationships with the Earth and all her creatures, with the velvet darkness of what we have yet to see and understand, with the magnificence of who we really are, and with the Beloved," Margie Kivel

"Here's to a loving and productive New Year!"

Margie Kivel, author, poet  

Books:  Spiritual Partnerships by Gary Zukav

The DNA of Healing by Margaret Ruby

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Shine the Light, photo by Emilie, published with permission

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor