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Topics Include:

Animal Magic, Visible and Invisible

The Creative Journey, Steps We Walk

Energy Medicine, Pathways for Healing

The Dance, Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise, Painting, Writing, and Music

Journey to Eternity, Look Beyond

Out of the Blue is the continuing story of *Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Years ago, moonlight reflecting on a wall created an imaginary winged shape.  The unfolding silver butterfly vision opened many surprise packages.  First, I was instructed to "paint my dreams" and write about these experiences.  Next came the practice and later teaching of Tai Chi and Qigong, a blend of physical meditation and medication.  Then with the help of a friend and mentor, I became aware of Angels in various physical and non physical forms.  Angels and other beings are teachers, here on Earth and beyond.   

Silver Butterfly and Out of the Blue are both written and lived with joy, wonder, love, and gratitude.  Painted with images and words, Out of the Blue is an inside peak into how an artist creates.  Viewing Out of the Blue may spark your own self transformation, intuition, and spiritual creativity.  Read or scan this book/blog and "find" what you need as needed.  Enjoy your sacred journey of NOW as you open flowers of the heart-mind.   

The Evolving Door
"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  Words echo down through years of friendship on Earth and beyond.  I love seeing a blank canvas or paper and feeling what to paint or write.  I love the evolving dance of the "New Post" blog screen, waiting for words and pictures to appear as if by magic.

What Fun!  Out of the Blue is free of preconceived ideas of where stories will lead or what order they will appear.  Stories will write and paint themselves in an open ended journey.  Following the intuitive path of a butterfly landing on flowers, Out of the Blue will take shape, one post at a time and each in perfect order.

Into the Blue!
We are now shifting to see beyond visible blue:  horizons of ourselves.  Self transformation, energy medicine, and integrated exercises such as Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga blend with creative intuition and positive unselfish intent to reach forward into our future.  We are looking at higher levels of personal and spiritual achievement here on Earth and beyond.

Delicate Silver Butterfly emerges to an expansive outreaching Blue Butterfly.  Stretching us beyond the limits of what we already know, Out of the Blue is "a blueprint for unlimited possibilities, a plan without boundaries," Louise Watson, R.N. 

Come join the dance of Out of the Blue!

Thank you contributors, behind the scenes and center stage, for living stories and loving lessons, Love, Dahlis

Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision

Out of the Blue, Text and Illustrations:   Copyright  2010-2018  by Dahlis Roy