Wednesday, November 30, 2016


* What can a writer accomplish?
 "Stoke" the fire of imagination and stir up memories~
"Illuminate" To give light~and reflection~

** Walking the Joyful Path

One Perfect Day
On November sixth of this year, a magic day, we headed to the beach.  We had plans to go the week before, but clouds and mist rolled in.  The sun was warm and bright today, best yet, there was no wind!  Even in summer, there is usually a breeze, sometimes gusty.  What a purely joyful unhurried experience, feeling fully present now. 

My feet touched the boardwalk, smooth and grey, I love the feel of aged wood beneath my feet.  

What's That?  I almost didn't see it~

I stopped to view a blur of white light.  It was a pure white gentle feather, waiting for me!  I carefully picked up the little feather, untouched by rain, grit, or sand.  A freshly shed gull feather, what luck!  There were no other feathers visible. 

I placed the feather carefully into my pocket and continued to "beach walk."

 "Bluer than Blue." 

 It was so blue that day, I could feel the light~

As we turned toward the South, I saw flickers like diamonds dancing on the shore, so many sparkling jewels, brighter than bright.  The "sun" was at my back but reflected into the camera...a corona of light.

Facing North, blue flickered near shore, caressing the rocks and sand.  I felt like I was alone, yet not alone, part of a prehistoric landscape.

I spotted a flock of seagulls in the far distance, lined up and facing West.

Home Again
I retrieved the perfect feather and spread it out absorb its beauty and perfection.  I remembered my friend, Louise, who helped me discover myself.

White Feather may mean "spirit" and often has a personal meaning for each individual according to Native American Wisdom Teachers.

Later, I placed the feather into a small metal box for safekeeping.  When I turned the box over, on it was written The Road Less Traveled.  There was a painted drawing of a tour bus with seabirds flying.


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* Thomas L. Friedman, columnist for New York Times and Author.  Paraphrased from interview with Charlie Rose, Nov 2016, book:  Thank You for Listening, An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in an Age of Acceleration.  CharlieRose .com, BTV, and PBS

**Sadhana, mantra walking the joyful path from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, 21 Day Meditation Experiences, Creating Peace from the Inside Out, Nov 2016.  chopracentermeditation meditations for purchase and online

A Heavenly Christmas, movie on Hallmark channel, Shirley MacLaine plays a mentoring Angel

Louise Watson, R.N. "Angel on Earth"

The Pretender Cd by Jackson Browne

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis
Walking the Joyful Path, Sand and Footsteps
Sparkle Blue
 Blue and Sand
The White Feather 


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Great Harvest

Gathering Thoughts~

Everyday Thanks and increased Gratitude make moments and days easier.  Intuition to Fruition spark creativity and ongoing new experiences.

Shake Up Your Schedule
This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving in our home over several days, taking time to enjoy Holiday Treats but not all at once.  Last week we cooked the turkey and froze it in small portions to eat as needed.  Then some food gifts appeared.  One was a pecan pie made with real old fashioned ingredients like butter and eggs and brown sugar, not to mention the plump tender pecans.  The pie was not too sweet yet it was nutrient rich, part of a hardy meal in an earlier eraWe enjoyed the pie for two days, a little bit at a time.  

Next gift was some homemade sausage that, when cooked, scented the house with the aroma of hickory smoke, garlic and spices.  This dish took me back to the forests foods I experienced "way back" as a child where the autumn aroma of falling leaves peppered the landscape with memories along with simple food cooked over wood fires.    

And, best yet, we are still celebratingThanksgiving is Everyday~ 

* "I honor change and welcome it."

I can I shift into a rapidly changing world?

** "Work Harder!  Run Faster!"   "One Touch Complexity...."  Speed and Volume~

"Give yourself Permission to Slow Down...."  Permission is the hard part!
 "Applied Hope~"
 Thank You for Being Late~Thomas L. Friedman 


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* Debra Basham, CHTP, HTt, NLP, RMT with Joel Bowman.Ph. D. 

** Thank You for Being Late, book by Thomas L. Friedman, columnist for the New York Times.  Interview with Charlie Rose on,, and BTV Nov 2016

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis:
The Great Harvest, Gift Gourds 

Prayer Bowl with Still Life

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Leaves like Coins, Abundance of Autumn

Lately, feeling more present, I have absorbed the joy and beauty of nature more clearly.  Colors, shifting winds with lights and darks paint vivid images in my imagination and dreams.

I love sitting down in a "time zone" letting words, music and pictures float in announced, unplanned, even * "uninvited." 

It's all randomIn time, the jumble of pages stitches itself together, like sewing up pieces of an unfinished sweater into a completed creation.

I write hasty notes and sketches....shuffle scraps of papers, see what appears....

Listen to musicians describing their song writing processes or journalists collecting information and writing.  All are different!

* "We all scribble in our own way....I have to write down everything I throw away," Leonard Cohen. 

"Write down everything!  Then later, if need be, delete half or more of it," a writer friend told me.

 I am slowly working through little bits (mountains) of paper I stuffed away to sort "later" from past published writing and note taking.  I love paper, but it's time to recycle most of it.  Clearing feels good, yet it's tiring and emotional.

Guess What?  In a "random bag" of writings and other treasures I excavated a packet of Serenity Cards done by Andrew Weil, M.D.  Some friends and I, needing serenity, decided to draw a card each and read it.  I chose Lovingkindness Practice

"Safety" and "ease" were part of my message.  In my case safety is tied in with insecurity probably stemming from my early childhood.  "Ease" bring it on!  I want easy, simple and   some predictability. 

Heart to Heart:
** "What comes from the Heart enters the Heart....Deep Listening [is] a sign of respect....Applied Hope."

Circle of Listening, without judgement, freedom to express, within a comfortable circle of trusted friends, much needed, deep peace....points to ponder.

Orange and Green:  Healing with Nature

Last week a beach walk promised a calm, sunny, bright, windless day.  Windless was a new and welcome experience at the beach.  Bright sun poured down to Earth, warming our shoulders.  Soft waves gently rolled to shore, a waking dream.  Whose footsteps were showing in the sand?  What pebbles had washed to shore?  What are their journeys?  I savored walking the boardwalk, wood worn smooth, ripened by sun, sand, and footsteps.

Slice of Life Moments Stunning Simplicity 

*  "....Thank You Nothingness

Thank You Clarity

Thank You Thank You Silence...."  Alanis Morissette

Key Words:  Music, Writing, Meditation, Mindfulness

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Andrew Weil, M.D. Integrative Medicine, Meditation

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Leaves Like Coins, Abundance of Autumn, and Orange and Green, Healing with Nature, photos by Dahlis

Ocean, Painting by Jay Van Shelt (2012), Mad Hatter Studio, paintings, prints, digital art and more.  Picture printed with permission.