Wednesday, November 30, 2016


* What can a writer accomplish?
 "Stoke" the fire of imagination and stir up memories~
"Illuminate" To give light~and reflection~

** Walking the Joyful Path

One Perfect Day
On November sixth of this year, a magic day, we headed to the beach.  We had plans to go the week before, but clouds and mist rolled in.  The sun was warm and bright today, best yet, there was no wind!  Even in summer, there is usually a breeze, sometimes gusty.  What a purely joyful unhurried experience, feeling fully present now. 

My feet touched the boardwalk, smooth and grey, I love the feel of aged wood beneath my feet.  

What's That?  I almost didn't see it~

I stopped to view a blur of white light.  It was a pure white gentle feather, waiting for me!  I carefully picked up the little feather, untouched by rain, grit, or sand.  A freshly shed gull feather, what luck!  There were no other feathers visible. 

I placed the feather carefully into my pocket and continued to "beach walk."

 "Bluer than Blue." 

 It was so blue that day, I could feel the light~

As we turned toward the South, I saw flickers like diamonds dancing on the shore, so many sparkling jewels, brighter than bright.  The "sun" was at my back but reflected into the camera...a corona of light.

Facing North, blue flickered near shore, caressing the rocks and sand.  I felt like I was alone, yet not alone, part of a prehistoric landscape.

I spotted a flock of seagulls in the far distance, lined up and facing West.

Home Again
I retrieved the perfect feather and spread it out absorb its beauty and perfection.  I remembered my friend, Louise, who helped me discover myself.

White Feather may mean "spirit" and often has a personal meaning for each individual according to Native American Wisdom Teachers.

Later, I placed the feather into a small metal box for safekeeping.  When I turned the box over, on it was written The Road Less Traveled.  There was a painted drawing of a tour bus with seabirds flying.


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* Thomas L. Friedman, columnist for New York Times and Author.  Paraphrased from interview with Charlie Rose, Nov 2016, book:  Thank You for Listening, An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in an Age of Acceleration.  CharlieRose .com, BTV, and PBS

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