Sunday, November 13, 2016


Leaves like Coins, Abundance of Autumn

Lately, feeling more present, I have absorbed the joy and beauty of nature more clearly.  Colors, shifting winds with lights and darks paint vivid images in my imagination and dreams.

I love sitting down in a "time zone" letting words, music and pictures float in announced, unplanned, even * "uninvited." 

It's all randomIn time, the jumble of pages stitches itself together, like sewing up pieces of an unfinished sweater into a completed creation.

I write hasty notes and sketches....shuffle scraps of papers, see what appears....

Listen to musicians describing their song writing processes or journalists collecting information and writing.  All are different!

* "We all scribble in our own way....I have to write down everything I throw away," Leonard Cohen. 

"Write down everything!  Then later, if need be, delete half or more of it," a writer friend told me.

 I am slowly working through little bits (mountains) of paper I stuffed away to sort "later" from past published writing and note taking.  I love paper, but it's time to recycle most of it.  Clearing feels good, yet it's tiring and emotional.

Guess What?  In a "random bag" of writings and other treasures I excavated a packet of Serenity Cards done by Andrew Weil, M.D.  Some friends and I, needing serenity, decided to draw a card each and read it.  I chose Lovingkindness Practice

"Safety" and "ease" were part of my message.  In my case safety is tied in with insecurity probably stemming from my early childhood.  "Ease" bring it on!  I want easy, simple and   some predictability. 

Heart to Heart:
** "What comes from the Heart enters the Heart....Deep Listening [is] a sign of respect....Applied Hope."

Circle of Listening, without judgement, freedom to express, within a comfortable circle of trusted friends, much needed, deep peace....points to ponder.

Orange and Green:  Healing with Nature

Last week a beach walk promised a calm, sunny, bright, windless day.  Windless was a new and welcome experience at the beach.  Bright sun poured down to Earth, warming our shoulders.  Soft waves gently rolled to shore, a waking dream.  Whose footsteps were showing in the sand?  What pebbles had washed to shore?  What are their journeys?  I savored walking the boardwalk, wood worn smooth, ripened by sun, sand, and footsteps.

Slice of Life Moments Stunning Simplicity 

*  "....Thank You Nothingness

Thank You Clarity

Thank You Thank You Silence...."  Alanis Morissette

Key Words:  Music, Writing, Meditation, Mindfulness

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Leaves Like Coins, Abundance of Autumn, and Orange and Green, Healing with Nature, photos by Dahlis

Ocean, Painting by Jay Van Shelt (2012), Mad Hatter Studio, paintings, prints, digital art and more.  Picture printed with permission.