Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Treasure Hunt: I  found a triangle canvas in my favorite store....of course it said, "buy me!"

Unwrapping the canvas at home I thought:  What will appear?  What will I paint?  Of course it has to be unique, a focused image... special....

While waiting for directions for the picture, I hung the blank canvas in my kitchen area where I could observe the changing light!  Was I surprised!  Shadows and reflections radiated around the triangle....ever changing day and night.  Looking at a plain surface is calming, free of clutter, meditative.

Subtle shades of pale color appeared...palest lavender here...  mist and very quiet energy rays emitting from the top.

Plan, sketch, what next?  Nothing I pictured seemed to fit into the triangle shape?  

I'm on your sides~

All angles on deck...chuckle, I thought back to plane ("plain") geometry class....

Plain and Simple:  

The Blank Page

One Page Away

A Plain Canvas

Images will come and colors too in good time....their own time



Speed of Light and Quiet Stillness

New Beginnings!  What will appear?

* "Letting go of certainty and embracing curiosity...."

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*Neil DeGrasse Tyson, interview quote on Amanpour and Company, Oct 2018, PBS (USA)

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis:
White Triangles and Angle View
Sacred Geometry 

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Happy Birthdays!                   Birthday Girls, Silver and Blue

On Sept 23 1985 I experienced Silver, an image of moonlight reflecting on my wall and shaped like a butterfly.  Silver Butterfly was inspirational symbol of creativity for painting outside the box, "paint your dreams."  I began to write bits of thoughts and sketches, later connecting the dots into short stories, and a journey book....What will be next?

I kept writing and painting, all random thoughts and subjects then and now....Next I had another meditation:  I pictured a Blue Butterfly in the upper left hand corner of a white blackboard.  I painted it "write away" so it wouldn't escape.

Later these forms nudged into a this blog called Out of the Blue.  On Sept 26, 2010, I pushed "publish" and "Blue" came to life~ 365 posts later..."back and forth we grow."

Rocky Says, "Happy Birthdays!"
There is a lavender butterfly shape on the wall pattern behind Rocky~

* "My true self has unlimited creative power." 

** "I change as I grow." 

*** "Stay Curious"

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 * "My true self has unlimited creative power." Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Oprah Winfrey, 21 Day Meditation Experiences, Day 20, Finding Your Freedom, The Energy of Attraction.  chopracentermeditation, meditations for free and for purchase.

** I change as I grow," My Little Pony Cartoons, Beneath It All, 2018

*** "Stay Curious" Why is the Color Blue so Rare in Nature? Bob Robbins, Ph.D., PBS, Feb 5, 2018, Aug 6, 2018 Facebook Watch

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor
Paintings by Dahlis

Silver Butterfly Create a Vision, oil painting 
Out of the Blue, Unlocking Continuous Miracles, oil painting

Photo by Zoe, published with permission

Happy Birthday Rocky!

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Crystal Light, Crystal Bright....Crystal Clear.  

When I was very young, I loved rocks and crystals.  My Mom and Dad bought me a small geology kit.  I immediately took it appart!  I carefully separated all the little samples out of the carefully secured and labeled container.  I wanted to touch the stones and hold them:  clear quartz, rose quartz, oil shale, sandstone and many more.  I also absorbed the illustrated booklet that came with the kit.  

Mountain Top with Sky, oil paint on canvas

Years later, with my parents I bought a slab of rose quartz at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh.  I still have it here in the room~

One of my friends names her rocks and crystals and plants.  What a great idea!  *Maud Pie, a geologist pony on the cartoon series My Little Pony also names her rocks.  Her favorite rock is Boulder.  Maud also writes poems about rocks, "They're all about rocks, I have thousands of them."

Some of the names for stones include Denim Blue and Lucinda (on loan from friends), Oren (means Owl), Olav, King Harold, Carmel Carnelian, Savannah, Flora (Fluorite), Amy Amethyst and more.

Swirls of Sunlight:  Blue Vase with Denim Blue (Blue Lace Agate) and Lucinda (Quartz).

Look Again:

A close up of Lucinda reveals hidden lights, colors, and shadows, a multidimensional experience and delight!

                                                        Shine the Light! 

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* My Little Pony, cartoon, DHX Media, Hasbro:  Groups of ponies experience friendship patterns and life experiences.  Episodes with Maud Pie also include Rock Solid Friendship and The Maud Couple (Maud meets Mud Briar, a plant expert pony).

A Golden Guide to Rocks and Minerals, Herbert S. Zim and Paul R. Schaffer, illustrated by Raymond Perlman, (Prof. of Art Univ of IL), Golden Press New York (Western Publishing Co. Inc, Racine WI) 1957. My copy is well worn but still in use.

Carnegie Museum and Library of Pittsburgh PA

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
Rocky Mountain Top with sky, oil on canvas (detail)
Rose Quartz 
Swirls of Sunlight, vase and crystals
Close Up of Lucinda, quartz crystal 

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Dwell in the Light

                                                            the sun by day
                                                                   moon by night
                                                            Sun clouded or bright
                                                            Moon, full or only a rim

                                                            Light, taking myself lightly
                                                            not of supreme importance
                                                            and at the same time
                                                            of utmost importance
                                                            being large while appearing small
                                                            large of heart, magnanimous

                                                           Doing with a light touch
                                                           lighting the world and thereby
                                                           lightening the spirits of others

                                                                                 *Poem by Isabel Brady Jackson


I've had this poem for awhile, waiting to be published.  Why can't I publish it?  And then a series of events happened....rewind back a few years when my friend and Tai Chi student, Louise Watson, R. N., passed away....On that day in the Tai Chi class I was teaching , two students and I stayed behind.  Silently, a small white feather floated down gently from the ceiling?  What?  The room we were in had no feathers of any kind.  I held out my hand and the feather settled gently into my outstretched palm. 

"Louise is here!" someone said.

One of the students told me,
"I saw your friend today , she was standing beside you on your right while you were teaching Tai Chi, and she was practicing too.  She's here!"

I asked what the figure looked like, and the student described Louise.

The other student, Dolores, wanted to take the white feather home and keep it with her treasures.

"Oh yes, do!" I answered.

Feather Clouds with Crane

Some time passed.  I asked Dolores if she still had the white feather, representing my friend Louise.

"I thought you had it?"

Neither of us had the feather.

"She's vanished!"

** A short time later, the mysterious white feather started popping up in friends' experiences.  How can this be?   Where are they coming from?   Dolores, an artist, and I kept in close touch and shared many smiles and experiences. One time Dolores told me she and her grand daughter were baking chocolate chip cookies together, a home made favorite.  The young child patted Dolores' shoulder blades.
 "What are you doing?

"Grandma, those are your angel wings~"

Some years later, Dolores passed away....

"She'll be connecting," I said to myself confidently.

Orbs of Color and Light

Then I checked into Facebook and was "astounded" by what I of feather clouds in the sky!   I felt Dolores and Louise near.  I was in shock~ and awe....*** Sue Broome, angel communicator, took the amazing "feather light" photos at just the right "time!"

While I received these pictures, Sue pointed out a rectangular pink orb above the sun and a circle turquoise orb in the darker clouds looking downward toward the right side.  Sue asked for comments.  I answered that the "pink," to me, means unconditional love.  If I were mixing this color with paint, it also has "blue" in it, the blue meaning truth and communication.  The turquoise color always means to me "Angels" being that a thymus chakra (blue and green mix) lies between the heart (color green) chakra and the blue of the throat Chakra. (Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Angels).  The circular shape can mean the most perfect complete shape. (Ted Andrews, The Healer's Manual).

While all this was going, (deep breath), a long distance friend passed away, a person from my early childhood named Iris.  "Iris kept a drawing of a Collie you gave her and displayed it with pride in her sewing room...." a relative wrote.  Before Iris passed away, and before I got the note, I "saw" a clear full color image of her in my head, so lovely, gentle and beautiful, a wonderful role model for a young child.

Looking up on my wall here in the Art Room.... I see a "butterfly wind chime."  She is in my art room near the lake and beach painting she loves....she has the most delicate chime.  A while ago, and before all this happened, I named her "Iris." 

          Iris is Here

Years ago I said to Louise, how do you handle it, when your friends and relatives cross over?"

"We celebrate!" 

Angel of Light

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Total Eclipse of the (He)art

* Poem, Dwell in the Light, (2017) by Isabel Brady Jackson, musician and writer, poem published with permission of author. Poem from Observations and Affirmations Little Book of Poems.

** See  Related Posts above for more feather journeys

***Sue Broome: International Angels Network on web, Blog Talk Radio, International Angels Network also a Facebook page or group, empowerment4you (messages from Angels and more)

Doreen Virtue All things Angel, Healing with the Angels and more
Alma Daniel, et al, Ask Your Angels
Ted Andrews, The Healer's Manual, Animal Speak 

Rhythm of the Pride Lands, inspired by music of Hans Zimmer and Webo M.  Songs of the Day, Lala and Noyana.  The Lion King, Walt Disney Productions 

Various Irish Tunes:  Music Choice Irish, (MCIR) satellite, Direct TV

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

*** Sue Broome: International Angel Network on web, Facebook page and group, Blog Talk Radio, Empowerment 4 You, photos published with permission
Feather Light
Cloud Feathers with Crane
Cloud forms with Orbs (pink rectangle near sun) and turquoise orb (angels) near lower right area
Total Eclipse of the (He)art, eclipse with pink bubble and turquoise orb

Iris: butterfly wind chime, heirloom gift from Mary Ellen, Zoe, Ivy, and Jule, photo by Dahlis
Angel of Light, "invisible" photo of Louise in a painting of St. Michael the Archangel, photo by Dahlis

Monday, July 30, 2018


Seeds of Intention

I typed "Align" a few minutes ago....and then my post vanished....I'll start again....

I love watching grass grow.  When I was young I pretended the tall stalks were trees in the forest.  I liked visiting the forest with my parents for a nature walk.  Signs posted pointed out "silver maple" "paper birch" "quaking aspen," and outcrops of rock formations like "strata" and "granite" and more.  I learned and studied.

 At home, enjoying my grass forest on a hillside, I'd take my small plastic farm animals out for a treat.  I had horses and cows, pigs, and sheep, each individually painted to resemble various breeds.  There were farm collies hand painted with various coat colors.  My Dad help me choose the right paint and taught me how to apply it to the small plastic figures.  What fun!  


Oak Seedling with Photographer

Seeds of Attention

What are intentions and attentions?  Learning to pay attention is focusing and completing a project.  Small steps can be taken not a always in chronological order.  Seedlings need energy and nutrients to nurture and achieve growth.

Playing Mantis

Creative play with line, color, words, or fabrics becomes effortless creation.  Stimulating and focusing on completing any chosen project brings pride of accomplishment.  "Scheduling" some solitary time may be needed for personal contemplation away from distractions.

*  "Rest into the silence of your true self." 


What is imagination?  How does it happen?  Or not happen?  

When I view the above photo, many animal shapes appear as if by magic.  All kinds of animals, wild and domestic present themselves!   

Some time ago, sunlight danced and flickered across a tree trunk in our yard. "Look at that  there are animal shapes all over the trunk.  I've never seen that kind of thing before!" 

"When the doors of perception are opened...." William Blake, poet, artist

* "My intention holds the key to fulfillment."   

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Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, 21 Day Meditation Experiences (various topics).  Quotes from The Energy of Attraction, July 2018.  chopracentermeditation online, some free lessons and some for purchase.  Discover your inner nature and encourage positive change.

** William Blake:  The Seer and His Visions, Milton Klonskey
William Blake Selected Poems, Gramercy Books

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

Photo Images
Grass Forming Seeds, photo by Dahlis
Oak Seedling with Photographer, photo by Paul, published with permission
Playing Mantis, Photo by Paul, published with permission

Rock Formations, forest and stream by Zoe, published with permission