Thursday, July 12, 2018


Landscapes  *  Seascapes  *  Skyscapes  *  Dreamscapes

The Great Escapes!

Dream Big!

Did you ever have a dream?  a script? a sample of handwriting? a picture? music in your "memory," and then you spontaneously saw it on TV/phone/tablet/other device?  Seeing, feeling, or hearing these bits connect the dots for other discoveries in imagination and in "real time" as well!  Forming a "whole new" insight or your next adventure...or project.

Dreamscapes can be like impressionist paintings, or crystal clear, a dark night sprinkled with stars, a quiet beach walk, a stormy sky....

After a time of sitting still with eyes closed, did the walls ever change color?  Example, gold, green, lime green, blue, or other?

Crystal Clarity~color and light

Dream On

Dance and Sing out loud or sit quietly and listen to music at very low volume.  Choose music to fit your mood and needs:  Peppy or Relaxed?

I have visual dream sequences.   Snips of full color scenes, sort of like clips from music videos or movies appear.

Deams are usually  very calming to listen to, to view, and to feel a quiet presence... even receive advice or solutions to a situation.

Favorite activities "time" permitting is to listen to music alone at home and sing and dance.   I like the "alone" part best~

A dream for all seasons~

As I watched my dream, a mind movie:  Summer and autumn turned to blue winter.  Chill and ice water streets appeared in a big city.  I felt New York.  I was a clothing designer in this scene.  I had done fashion sketches in my younger years and studied the big pattern books from noted companies like Vogue.  My Mom and I loved fashion and watched fashion clips on TV.  We watched Edith Head talk about design. I devoured her book, The Dress Doctor avidly.  Edith wrote in pictures, such as soft grey mist of this fabric reminds me of sunlight breaking through a winter dawn.  I loved Edith's simple sketches and tried to copy the stark style and edgy look.    

In the dream I flashed backed to a time I considered design, but then (alas) I loathed sewing, a needed skill for fashion, piecing, drape of fabric etc.  

Painting and writing came easily.  I chose wisely~

In the dream, a winter blast of chilly wind swept through us as we entered a sparse ice cold building.  The door into the interior and walls were painted cerulean blue, blue door electric blue, old wood....  

There was a flight of stairs upward and a landing.  A younger friend and I both sprinted up the slick stairs as quickly as possible.  I wore a black wool winter long coat and black warm gloves.  I had an electric blue winter scarf, hand knit to add to the warmth.  I wore a black suit, black flat shoes and a simple style white satiny blouse with pearl buttons.  My young friend wore a warm autumn leaf brown jackcet, faded jeans, grey elf boots, and a subtle colored ocean blue/greenish cap and sweater hand knit to match.  

Fun and enjoyable!

We roared with laughter and giggled as we unbolted and opened the next large rough hewn blue door!    

The room was dark, except for foggy winter silver light that poured in through the only window directly in front of us.  The solid wood floors, worn smooth with sun and footsteps, greeted us. 

To our left were racks and racks of clothes, all colors, all styles, all types, "all."  No shoes were present.

I noticed behind the clothing displays were large cameras and lighting ready and waiting to shoot photos I knew I would be the photographe for the photo shoot.

The young girl's boundless energy continued on as she tried on everything from gowns with sparkles of every sort to costumes from various countries, masks, hats, gloves, hair and make up changes.  

Purring right along~Feline!

When I woke up I felt happy and energized.  A "Yes" event to reflect about and enter the day ahead.

Dreams~the greatest escape~

House Dreams
Other times I have house dream were I visit older houses from my "past" complete with furniture and utensils.  There are no people present in these dreams. Houses in various locations and styles appear.

Light House
One of my personally favorite house dream was a simple light filled home with blond wooden floors and cream colored walls.  There was no furniture, no appliances, no paintings on the walls.  I loved it!  "No-Thing-Ness"

Dinner Dreams
Have you ever had dinner with a celebrity you like along with family and friends of all ages? 

Painting and Drawing Dreams
Alone or with groups of people painting and drawing together.  In color and black and white, in clarity or cartoon forms, unbounded inspiration comes.

I feel free and clear~until I wake. 

As you approach bedtime, intend a gentle night with positive dreams providing restorative sleep.

New Day:
* "Approach Today Gently...."  Deepak Chopra 

Dream Journal:  Explore Your Inner Self

** Schedule a Creative Time, just for you, at least once a week, an "Artist Date"  This week I am enjoying writing this story~ "free form style.".  

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Vogue Magazine, Elle, interviews and photo shoots, books of patterns and designs, Vogue Knitting, Knit and Crochet Now

+ Edith Head, fashion icon designer, award winner, The Dress Doctor 

 * Deepak Chopra, MD, author, spiritual teacher:  Chopra Center Meditation

** Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way, ("Artist Date") Vein of Gold, The Writing Life

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Out of the Blue, oil painting by Dahlis dream painting
Sparkles of Light, photo by Paul, published with permission
Legend of the White Stag, detail of oil painting by Dahlis
Cheesecake, New York Style photo by Dahlis
Dream Pony, little night drawings, ink sketch by Dahlis

Thursday, June 28, 2018


I need a time out!

How about you?

Recently I had a shift of perceptions (again).  Like an everchanging sky and landscape and seascape and dreamscape (the great escapes).  

I pondered:  What is time?  Is time a gift?  How can we use available time to our best energetic or resting advantages?  


The gift of time:
Time for?

Tai Chi and/or Yoga




Reading and Research  "R and R"


Music: quiet or peppy as needed


nd the Biggies:

Me Time...outreach or autopilot resting and daydreaming

Carving out Time for Creativity

Art/ Writing

Connecting with Family and Friends in person if possible

Windows and Doors Open:

Categories of thought and action

Organization and streamlining

Linking seemingly unrelated topics together to create or fashion something new.  Making order from chaos.

Vision Board: mind pictures 
Mental "Folders" of topics available for information storage and retrieval.  

Sensory Mapping

Creative process awakens


I took a time out for 45 minutes to watch an older short movie called * The Red Balloon: "Fantasy. A balloon with a life of its own follows a boy around Paris."  Remastered, the fine detail and precise color was stunning.  Stones and wood looked touchable and realistic.  Many neighborhoods were shown as the balloon followed the young boy down sharp rough  cobblestone narrow streets and alleyways. Old church spires scraped the sky, smokestacks touched clouds.

Near the end, a throng of balloons in many colors surrounded the boy and engulfed him.  He grabbed onto their tether strings and the balloons uplifted him "up up and away!"  

Flights of Fancy help reset our outlook to continue on with a playful feeling and happy heart.

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* The Red Balloon, produced in France, TCM, Turner Classic Movies

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis:
Rainbow, Solid Light, photo
Take Your Time, collage 
Snail's Pace, ink brush 

Monday, June 11, 2018


I remember brushing out my Collies long thick coats and watching the large and small tufts of soft downy under coat drift slowly to the floor.  *Some knitters collected the tufts of hair, washed them, dried and carded them and spun them into fine yarns for knitting a variety of warm winter garments and hats.  The sweater below was "easy" with store bought yarn! 

A Dog and His Boy

Seasonal molts are common to animals wild and tame, to thin down that thick coat for summer or prepare for growing a new winter coat.  We notice some thickening of new hair as early as August here, before the north winds blow.  

Here is Orange, raised in the desert SW climate, he came to us with no undercoat under his short sleek hair.  That winter we kept him inside untel spring to keep him warm enough.  Two years later, we noticed he has put on a soft orange undercoat some of which he shed on me today.

Orange and Green

And then there is our furry boy, Ruff, "The Mane Event."

Here Ruff, a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, sports his "Collie" winter Mane.  Lion-like he sits at the window and watches the snow fly.  He likes to shovel snow outside too, using his fur covered club shaped huge front paws like plows, he scoots forward, creating a path for himself through the drifts.  Ruff has a triple coat, guard hairs thick and wiry, middle layer, and soft downy undercoat next to his skin.  Texture of softness and waterproofing is combined.  A cat built for winter!

Ruff even found his own local groomer.  Sometimes he comes back inside with his feet and neck ruff already trimmed!  He enjoys brushing and, like a Collie, closes his eyes while I brush his mane.  Groomer Has It.

And then there is our Tom in long ago winters, a snow cat impervious to the cold.


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*Collie Cues Magazine, Hayward, CA 1980, knitting with Collie Hair

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

 by Dahlis:
Rob and Sky
Orange and Green
Ruff, the Mane Event
Tom in Winter, photo by Paul, published with permission

Friday, June 1, 2018


*I Ask Myself, I Answer Myself

How important is it?
Usually, not very.
In choices during the daily round
That Higher Power you honor
may be impervious
to each simple, little choice you make.

Just use your head,
enlightened by your heart.

Sometimes, there is no right or wrong,
stark in contrast;
think in terms of gray,
not black and white, 
not wrong or right,
but simply, next best thing.
Do it now.

*Poem contributed by Isabel Brady Jackson, published with permission

What's Gnu?

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
Sancat studies shadows, photo

What's Gnu? pencil gesture drawing

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Bloom Where You're Planted?

Not Always!

Years ago a neighbor gave us some clumps of flowering white violets.  I love white violets and had never seen them bloom in person before.


The snowy white petals reminded me of wings of white butterflies fitting about, a childhood memory.  White violets danced in the breeze, their green complement of leaves enriched their ivory bright appearance.

We lovingly planted the clumps of flowers in two beds that we thought they would like, "bloom and prosper."

This year I noticed there were sprinkles of white violet stars on an emerald grass carpet almost like a winding path beckoning out toward the back fence. The fragile blossoms also encircled themselves beneath the young hawthorn tree, a woodland scene. Then I marveled at the long rectangular tray of sparkling white violets in perfect health planted firmly and rooted in perfect harmony.  I asked my husband if he had transplanted the violets into the tray?  No, he claimed they had seeded themselves into their new space, already filled with just the right soil combination they like. They are totally at home with the dappled combination of sun and shadow.  Imagine!

River Rocks complete the picture of nature's bounty and balance.

Other plant and flower companions dot the spring landscape.  Among them are the wood violets, a sparky color combination of velvet blue and violet tones.  These are also migrating out of their beds.  Where will they choose  next? 

"Grow and Move into a New Space."

Wood violets are so welcome. I saw them blooming in the woods and edges of our yard when I was out romping with my golden Collie years ago.  I can hear the leaves crunch underfoot in the early spring woods.

Contrasts of blue-violet and lush green, sonic blends of sun and shadow.

Then then, in May, the Lily of the Valley peeks through.  I remember ours blooming in the stone basins of our front porch and along the juniper bush edges of the grey rocky steps years ago. 

You can see the green Lily of the Valley flower stem, not yet in bloom, barely peeking through to your view on the left above the largest clump of violets.

The plant has an agenda all its own...

"Every Life Has Value."

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis

White Violet Butterflies

Harmony rocks and flowers

Wood Violets, purple and green

Lily of the Valley peeks through