Sunday, April 24, 2011


**Le vert te va.  (Luh vehr tuh vah.)  The Color Green Suits You.

Am I growing?  Can I discern between essentials and non essentials?  Is life a patchwork quilt of meaningful work, play and memories?  Are each of us wired differently?  

Growing Neurons by Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D. (SCS Newsletter, Oct. 2010) asserts that we grow neurons by continuously learning new tasks.  This makes the brain "bigger" and thus more flexible to make wise choices in an ever expanding abundance of technology, connections, and information.  "Neurons are instrumented in an incredibly complex way....'What fires together wires together.' "  

I am "growing" right now as I spread out copious notes in front of me in random and unplanned chaos and begin to cut and paste my thoughts and images into left brain coherence of writing and organizing.  My electronic scrapbook blog helps me to do this in a fun and creative way, growing neurons!  Facebook connections teach me new tasks totally not on the radar last year.  My grandchild encouraged me to join these social networks, "Imagine!"  Creative "Green" play is growing larger to include more confidence and expansive outreach.

Think Green, Live Green, Love Green!
Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist, pictures growing new pathways in the brain "magic green trees of the mind."  Neurons fire at 400,000 billion actions per second.  Dr. Leaf feels forgiveness and faith are  essential to re-wire your brain's positive growth.  We can change our brain's chemistry to receive love and wholeness.  "Love grows trees," Dr. Leaf believes.  Thought is reality.  "Thought travels faster than the speed of light," Shirley MacLaine, Out On A Limb. 

Clear out your mental forest by cutting away dead wood (toxic thoughts, speech and actions.)  Picture your brain lit up with new green growth, healthy young trees!  Reprogramming our wiring can be helped by the study and practice of NLP(neurolinguistic  programming).  NLP teaches us to use words and thought patterns, reprogramming positive intent for ourselves and others.  Blending NLP with energy medicine and the intuitive process are all a part of Subtle Communication Systems (*SCS-Matters).  Grow new leaves every time you speak and think.  "See" a lush green forest in front of you.

Growing new thoughts are like trees leafing in the spring, an explosion of green is happening right now outdoors and "indoors."  Judy adds, "When you think positive thoughts, you change the positive charge of the universe for the better."  Green love rays expand from the Heart Chakra, opening and connecting you with Heaven and Earth. 

Green Lights!
"Sometimes when Daniel Jimenez closes his eyes at night, a galaxy of star-like florescent green spots appears against the pitch-black screen of his mind," (Pitt Magazine, Winter 2010).  Jimenez, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, studies neurons.  New neurons can be generated in a few areas of the brain.  Research by many specialists world wide may help people reprogram their brain's new growth for increasing memory, physical vigor, mental flexibility, and intuitive process.

Picture It
Each of our brains works uniquely to receive and process information through different pathways.  An artist first receives information in the "picture" part of the brain in froms of spontaneous black and white or color images, slide shows, or movies, clearly detailed or impressionistic, sleeping or waking.  Temple Grandin, diagnosed with severe autism as a child, overcame this diagnosis and wrote a book, Thinking in Pictures.

Growing A Green Family Tree
We can change our own brains and rewire them to even heal our DNA and reprogram the DNA of our ancestors.  Recently I worked through The DNA of Healing book by Margaret Ruby, an amazing event and learning experience!  Use your brain's neuroplasticity plus thinking "I am here and in perfect health now" and "all accomplished already" as  plus tools for reprogramming.  Genes are pliable, turning on desirable characteristics in behavior and health.  "As a man thinkest in his heart, so is he."  Any age person can change brain growth! 

Shirley MacLaine in her new book, I'm Over All That, feels that "Fear is the most powerful weapon of mass destruction."  Fear is a learned (conditioned) response.  Whisk away fear of past/present/future as you clear your timeline and infuse it with positive radiant love energy.   

"Perfect Love casteth out fear."  Author and mystic Albert Payson Terhune wrote about his Sunnybank collies' unconditional love repeating these Biblical words in his dog story books.  Sometimes I feel again the invisible presence of my silver blue merle collie Sky as I walk the beach or write.  Terhune felt his invisible companions too. Tune in happy living memories as you neutralize fear.  Receive and give love with a grateful heart.  Picture yourself walking in divine glory light, what color or colors do you see and feel?  Who is with you, visible ot invisible?

Typing these words about the Terhune's collies triggered this image:  I hear again the ancient Biblical language my Grandma reads to me as I sprawl on the soft patterned oriental carpet, drawing dragons with crayons on white paper tablets.  Sunlight filters in through stained glass windows and sprinkles upon the rug and me.  "Rewinding Time" is right here right now, a happy visual living moving picture.

The Ties That Bind
In her book, Light Emerging, Barbara Brennan speaks about colorful cords that grow from people's chakras and reach out and attach to love ones' cords, "heart strings."  Cords may be torn or damaged, "broken hearted."  Barbara believes it is possible to regenerate healthy, flexible, bright colorful cords infused with love.  Sometimes a trained therapist is needed to clean and untangle the cords, free embedded cords, and help to grow new healthy cord relationships.

Climb A Green Mountain
Tai Chi ("Supreme Ultimate") and Qigong ("Energy Mastery") help grow new neuron trees because these integrated exercises involve learning a sequence of synchronized interconnected movements.  Tai Chi helps your memory.  Some Tai Chi forms are practiced with choreographed music themes.  Music and form connected step up new learning processes in the brain.  In Tai Chi group practice, we relate to our Tai Chi family and feel more positive dimensions of thinking and sharing.  Rob feels in group Tai Chi, "Our energy (qi) rises exponentially."   

Part of the Chinese character for "Chi" in Tai Chi means a tree connecting Heaven and Earth.  The Chinese character for "Qi" (energy) in Qigong contains the image of rice cooking slowly, simmering in a pot, a nourishment over time.  Pictures embedded in the poetic classical Chinese written and spoken language paint beautiful images since ancient times.

"Our thoughts are very important and powerful especially now.  There are good chances that wonderful changes are coming.  It all depends on us and our thoughts.  The future is not written in stone.  We are creating it right now.  Raising our vibrations is important,"  Bill Homann.

                        I am a different person than I was yesterday, Mildred.

 * Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D. and Rev. Debra Basham SCS (Subtle Communication Systems) blend NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), energy medicine, and the intuitive process.  Sign up for free newsletter, seminars, online instruction, hypnotherapy Cd's and much more.  Create your free blog with text, photos, video.  Custom designed by you, user friendly, easy editing.  Dr. Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist, explores positive re-wiring and new growth in the brain.  Sid Roth is a Jewish man who believes in Jesus.  It's Supernatural TV shows and archives interfaith based.  Sid Roth interviews Dr. Leaf on You Tube, search "Sid Roth + Caroline Leaf."  Author, mystic, actress I'm Over All That (2011), and many other books, products, Encounter Board  free online magazine, healthy living, exercise and more  Knowing by Jennifer Bails, University of Pittsburgh Magazine Winter 2010, Daniel Jimenez, a Ph.D. candidate, researches neurons.

The DNA of Healing, book by Margaret Ruby.  You Tube interviews "Margaret Ruby."  Scientist, mystic, author, You Tube "Gregg Braden Cure Cancer Technology of Emotion."  Energy from heart centers of Chinese Dr's beams into awake patient to cure cancer, Qogong Energy Healing no surgery technique in Beijing.  Author, scholar, animal specialist, Temple's triumph over autism, Animals in Translation and Thinking in Pictures, award winning DVD movie The Way I See It.

The Holy Bible, King James Version, assorted quotes  Healer, Author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging

How To Grasp The Bird's Tail If You Don't Speak Chinese book by Jane Schorre with calligraphy by Margaret Chang.  Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, an ancient Mayan artifact Bill's free online interactive magazine.  Quote from Bill Homann's Facebook page, Sept 16, 2010.

**French Phrase contributed by Emilie.
Photos:  Praying (Preying) Mantis, and Green Cones by Paul
Forest Green by Rob
Green Peas Simmering by Dahlis
Polished Leaves by Paul

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Coming to a new location some years ago, I felt fractured and alone.  Where were my friends I had yet to meet?  Who would I meet?  I had received a spiritual assignment of writing a book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  How would I do that?  The answer, One word at a time.

Strolling the beach at sunset brought me comfort and peace.  Gentle waves lapped the shore.  The water was bright gold!  The sky glowed iridescent in the light show from Heaven.

I received a poem:

*Ghosts of Myself

I ran along the wet sand until I could not run any more,

And then I ran some more....

Skidding to a sliding stop,

Directly in front of me were ghosts of myself.

Shadows escaping from past/present/future

Stared me in the eye.

I stopped, winded, worn out.

"Nowhere to run!"  I muttered, "Cannot hide any more."

I looked at the kaleidoscope sky:

"Is it sunrise or sunset?" 

I heard a voice speak that was not my own:

Grey:  past.  Gold:  future

Unlock your heart to love, brush away fear.

Whisk the ghosts, shadows of yourself, aside as you turn the key.

Pick up your paintbrush, artist, and chase the colors of the wind.

A few days ago, I read a blog post by Patsy Dollar. I thought about the poem Ghosts of Myself, and as if by magic, it appeared from a stack (yes a stack) of writing samples I was sorting!

**Patsy writes, "Do you feel lost and alone like your best friend isn't listening anymore?....but with the movement of the planets and the fluctuations of the vibrational fields or something....I am not on the same frequency any longer.  In the midst of the vibrational change, I am not making contact with my surrounding folks...."

I am hanging on to my sanity.
I am walking in my shoes
I am here.
Where are you?

As I am walking along the beach feeling the sand and breeze, I answer, "I am here, and so are you."  The beach glows a soft pink and blue this evening.  Put on your walking shoes and join us.  Patsy Dollar's E-store, music, hypnotherapy CD's, products, readings, and more.
Blog, Missing You....Thoughts Shared by Patsy, April 13, 2011  inquiries or request free PDF E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

Golden Beach, painting by Dahlis Roy

Sunday, April 10, 2011


* "We are like fine pianos that need tuning.  Tai Chi helps to bring that piano back in tune," Louise, a Registered Nurse, told me.  Over time, Tai Chi increases endurance, flexibility, relaxation and coordination.  My son, Rob, feels that Tai Chi uses internal and external stretching.  Gradually you, "Stretch beyond the limits of what you already know" into restful alertness and meditative awareness.  As you feel deep relaxation and greater peace, your body can heal itself faster and prevent illness.

Rob expresses his feelings about Tai Chi practice:
Tai Chi combines breath, movement and awareness to reach peak efficiency and perfect form.  It is physical meditation blending mind and body.  This is vital because it helps us maneuver correctly and efficiently in practice and in daily life.

As the body's energy, qi ("chee"), is returned to its natural flow, a wealth of strength will be developed internally.  This power opens up many opportunities for personal growth, flexibility, stamina, mental clarity, and healthy longevity.

Perfecting breathing and how the body works internally using sharp awareness and relaxed alertness introduces the practitioner to meditative benefits.

One principle of Tai Chi is to use as little muscular contraction as possible.  In today's fast paced society, it is common to put unneeded stress on the body's muscles and organs.  Those patterns of tension are often so ingrained in our habits that they go unrecognized.  These fears and stresses may result in energy blocks with possible negative impacts on health and mood.

Tai Chi teaches us to be aware of our bodies and minds and to relax unnecessary tensions.  A few minutes of daily practice eases stress and allows the natural flow of health and inner peace to be reinstated. 

The Great Escape
Teresa Ferrill believes Tai Chi gives us a quiet window of escape from our daily tasks and challenges.  We feel more calm, centered and focused, positive and refreshed.  "Ohana" in Hawaii means family.  "We are a  Tai Chi family."  Teresa Ferrill, owner.  Tai Chi and Yoga instruction in the St. Joseph, MI area.

* reprinted from Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Inquiries or request free PDF Silver Butterfly E-book. biography, paintings, prints

Big Sur Cliffs, photo by Rob

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*How can we catch up when there is so much to do?  Everyday we may feel overwhelmed with tasks we must do and wind up exhausted and frustrated.  Even written lists do not help sometimes.  Surprises happen, schedules change.  Are we flexible enough to pick up energy we need and yet remain centered and focused?

For me the first step toward balance is Tai Chi practice.  Tai Chi energy helps to bring clarity to the day, fog lifts to blue sky.  When I was first learning Tai Chi, I put it on my daily list because I tended to push practice until "later."  Then, it was late at night, so I put off practice.  This written note helped me to say, "Yes, Tai Chi is important," and so I would practice daily.

A few simple Qigong moves are easier for beginners to learn and recall.  Qigong helps new students practice daily.  Then class instruction connects with more detailed Tai Chi forms as the student progresses to higher levels.  Social bonding and sharing are important along with pride of accomplishment. Gradually Tai Chi/Qigong may lead to improved focus and less frustration with everyday reality overload.  Calming and clearing the mind helps each day to be more centered along with improved health and well-being.  Mood is better, work can be done with less effort.

Asking for help and receiving it are also important in catching up.  Delegating tasks and sharing with family, friends, and co-workers may relieve stress of too much to do.  It is often more difficult to ask for help than to try to go it alone.  Receiving help may have to be learned.  We can all share with others, maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses for a more positive complementary harmony in all areas of our lives at work and play.  This is the Yin/Yang dynamics in action, a balance of work and rest.

What are priorities?  Sometimes, after thinking through a situation, we might even take a 180 degree turn and intuitively go down a different path based on positive unselfish intent.  Explore possibilities of insights and ideas.  Who knows where creative opportunities will open? 

What if we feel "caught up?"  Complacency?  No!  New projects and opportunities will occur.  We can use a Tai Chi prnciple of advancing and retreating at the same time, opening to intuition and seeing fruition of goals gradually becomming reality without stepping on toes.

Tai Chi helps us focus, and work on our tasks toward completion. Intent leads energy.  Yet Tai Chi helps us to be flexible to receiving incoming possibilities with an open and grateful heart.

**"Become like a young kitten,"  Jou, Tsung Hwa  Dr. Paul Lam, family practice physician and Tai Chi expert, Tai Chi for Health Programs, DVD's workshops, instructor training, forum, newsletter
* Catching Up by Dahlis Roy, reprinted with permission from Dr. Paul Lam, July 2002 online newsletter  Jou,Tsung Hwa, ** quote from The Dao of Taijiquan, Way to Rejuvination

Everyday Zen, Love & Work by Charlotte Joko Beck, ed. by Steve Smith  inquiries or request free PDF illustrated E-book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, the prequal to Out of the Blue  biography/paintings/prints

Sancat, our Zen Master and Brother and Sister bond: Sasha (left) and Sancat photos by Dahlis Roy