Saturday, April 16, 2011


Coming to a new location some years ago, I felt fractured and alone.  Where were my friends I had yet to meet?  Who would I meet?  I had received a spiritual assignment of writing a book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  How would I do that?  The answer, One word at a time.

Strolling the beach at sunset brought me comfort and peace.  Gentle waves lapped the shore.  The water was bright gold!  The sky glowed iridescent in the light show from Heaven.

I received a poem:

*Ghosts of Myself

I ran along the wet sand until I could not run any more,

And then I ran some more....

Skidding to a sliding stop,

Directly in front of me were ghosts of myself.

Shadows escaping from past/present/future

Stared me in the eye.

I stopped, winded, worn out.

"Nowhere to run!"  I muttered, "Cannot hide any more."

I looked at the kaleidoscope sky:

"Is it sunrise or sunset?" 

I heard a voice speak that was not my own:

Grey:  past.  Gold:  future

Unlock your heart to love, brush away fear.

Whisk the ghosts, shadows of yourself, aside as you turn the key.

Pick up your paintbrush, artist, and chase the colors of the wind.

A few days ago, I read a blog post by Patsy Dollar. I thought about the poem Ghosts of Myself, and as if by magic, it appeared from a stack (yes a stack) of writing samples I was sorting!

**Patsy writes, "Do you feel lost and alone like your best friend isn't listening anymore?....but with the movement of the planets and the fluctuations of the vibrational fields or something....I am not on the same frequency any longer.  In the midst of the vibrational change, I am not making contact with my surrounding folks...."

I am hanging on to my sanity.
I am walking in my shoes
I am here.
Where are you?

As I am walking along the beach feeling the sand and breeze, I answer, "I am here, and so are you."  The beach glows a soft pink and blue this evening.  Put on your walking shoes and join us.  Patsy Dollar's E-store, music, hypnotherapy CD's, products, readings, and more.
Blog, Missing You....Thoughts Shared by Patsy, April 13, 2011  inquiries or request free PDF E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

Golden Beach, painting by Dahlis Roy