Monday, June 25, 2012


In my last story Lavender Blue, I mentioned how my bright blue butterfly logo painting, Out of the Blue, changed into dark blue and royal purple streaks, when viewed on the diagonal while the painting sparkled in bright sunlight.  It's as if the slanted sun rays bounced off the painting and into my curious eyes, splitting some rays of pure blue (Prussian Blue, a blue-green) into the purple frequency. 

I quickly shot two photos, one with flash, one without.  They turned to grey on my camera screen!  They weren't even keepers.
But the grey patterns haunted me.  I know I had eliminated the photo from my "Working Files" (hundreds of photos).  Did I still have it saved in my archives?  Quite often, regretfully I press the delete key with a heavy hand.

I checked.  By some miracle. the photos were preserved in my archives!  Slight hints of faded blues, purples and lavenders were actually visible among the shades of gray patterns. The energy of the growing plant (butterfly)  reminded me of cellular or even molecular structures, like bloodstreams of cosmic qi (energy) flowing in a stream of motion rather than a still image.


I also "found" my photo of a skillet of scrambled eggs cooking that formed a Yin-Yang dance.  This image vanished from my visible "memory" until reappearing in my archives view.

Here it they are, loud and clear!

          Harmonic Balance of Change, Growth, Evolution, and Inspiration

Patterns of the Cosmos, sacred geometry of ancient drawings and ceremonies parade in my picture mind.  Right now, I am imagining a troupe of Masai Tribesmen in South Africa leaping up and down, wearing their ceremonial red flowing robes....I pick up the energy of Africa.  I am there. 

I "hear" in my head Shirley MacLaine's words from her newest book, I'm Over All That.  I pick up the sacred book in seconds, open it right to the page and read from the chapter:

*  I Will Never Get Over Africa 
I would like to live on a wild game reserve and observe the animals all day.  That would make me truly happy [smile]....Synchronicity as a fact, not a coincidence, was becoming more of a reality every day.

According to the white hunters on a photographic safari with Shirley: was their experience that the Masai had achieved thought transference.  They were balanced with nature and nature's forms of communication, and it carried over into their human communication.

I could bear witness to the survival of the fittest on the part of the animals....[The Masai] believed the souls of the animals...left their bodies [before they were consumed for food]....there was a kind of collective spiritual understanding among all the animals relating to food and life.  It was a spiritual game of survival because none of the animals really died anyway....

The sunrises and sunsets in Africa are a testament to an ecstatic kaleidoscopic rhythm of beginning and end.  And all of it revolved around the obvious light of the sun by day and the more delicate truth of the moon by night.  Animals, then, and the group mind-set among us travelers, were all in harmony.  It was [is] a miracle to behold.... 

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Resources:  Shirley MacLaine is an award winning actress, author, dancer, and spiritual teacher.  I'm Over All That and many other books.  Shirley just received the AFI (American Film Institute) 2012 Award.  Shirley MacLaine Out on a Limb biographical documentary of her classic breakthrough book.  A must-see for all ages in our ever awakening world.

The Lion King movie Walt Disney Productions, "It is Time." The Lion King Soundtrack
Music:  Rhythm of the Pride Lands, Music Inspired by The Lion King movie "featuring Lebo M evokes African harmonies and rhythms for an exciting, powerful listening experience."

SongsShades of Gray by the Monkees, I Can Hear Music by the Beach Boys

Duma, Cheetah movie, "If you're looking for a fast paced family adventure, consider this:  in the time it takes you to read this sentence, a Cheetah can go from 0-60 mph!"  Family adventure, directed by Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion, Fly Away Home), directs the exciting story of 12 year old Xan returning his orphaned Cheetah, Duma a cub now grown, into the wild.  For all ages

H2 (History and More) TV, Ancient Aliens, program Ancient Rituals, Masai Tribesmen, Mayan Temples and more

Yin and Yang Explained:  Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming, Taijiquan Theory, The Root of Taijiquan and other books from Tai Chi, Qigong, and Martial Arts Master  Jou, Tsung Hwa, The Tao of Taijiquan, The Tao of Meditation from mathematician and Tai Chi Master.  Dr. Paul Lam, a family practice physician in Sydney Australia creates Tai Chi for Health Programs, his latest is Tai Chi for Energy.  Free Newsletter, DVDs books, music, video on  Introduction to Tai Chi for Beginners received over a million hits!

http://imagine  Picture Your Perfect Healing, Intuition, and Synchronicity.  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Debra Basham Executive Wellness Consultant, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT  "Holy Awareness:"  Retreat, and Opinions, Truth, and Trees new posts on Debra's Basham's Blog  My Free PDF illustrated E-book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit from Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos:  Patterns: Blue Butterfly, unretouched, uncropped image shows subtle shades of blueish lavenders, green, and blue green embedded into grey patterns.  More colors appear here on the Internet upload than on my home computer.  I took a hand held magnifying glass to the above butterfly image, and you may "see" ropes, plants, or cell-like patterns with your eyes.  The wonder of nature at work and play!

Yin-Yang Eggs, how did this happen?

Alert, Cheetah in Africa (detail) oil painting by Dahlis Roy.  In this upload, lavender-blue vividly appears in the sky and brush strokes show.  On original painting and in home computer, the sky is a smooth, soft Robin's egg blue.  Sur-prize!  Your Internet device or phone may show you different colors and images.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Lately I've been noticing a wash of lavenders in various blue and red tones.  Some of my friends have noticed too.  Clouds in the sunset, red rays of light picked up on roofs and trims of houses making them glow in softer reddish-purple tones.  Colors are more intense, neon green grass and leaves, fires of bright reds and oranges dot the landscape.

* Edgar Cayce's Auras described the human eye gradually evolving to receive ever higher colors of the spectrum such as green and blue instead of greys, browns and ochres in more primitive times.  Are we moving further?

** Are purple rays higher colors of the spirit?  Shirley MacLaine mentioned this color shift in her book The Camino, A Journey of the Spirit:

As I walked I began to see different colors of purple and lavender imbedded in the colors of trees and grass.  I squinted my eyes and opened them wide again.  I couldn't compute the colors I was seeing....I remembered that the spiritual masters begin to see the divine shades of lavender and  violet...when you become attuned to the fourth dimension....The third dimension was the dimension of physical reality as we know it.  The fourth is the dimension of perception beyond the physical....violet and lavender become more discernible when a human being realizes that the spiritual dimension resides in everything....The spiritual dimension was [is] the true reality....(p.156) 

*** "What color is the sky?" 

 White?  Blue? Purple?  Grey?  Pink?  Yellow?  All of these at once in the visible and invisible spectrum combined.  All shades are one in nature on Earth, Sea and Sky.  What lies beyond?

***  As the sacred blue, Tekhelet, is returning to the Earth.  She also brings with her the colors of the lavender-violets in visible and invisible light.  Pale "Hyacinth" hue may actually be another form of sacred blue rather the bold Prussian Blue of Tekhelet? 

Viewing my Blue Butterfly painting by "accident" at an angle in bright sunlight, I was amazed to see deep French Ultramarine purple-blue streaks and pure Royal Purple clearly visible in the butterfly's wings?  I snapped a photo.  It didn't take!  Everything was grey!  Pale faded greys were patterns of filmy quantum rays rather than brush strokes.  Fern-like colorless images appeared.   

The original painting of Blue Butterfly, Out of the Blue logo, is pure Prussian Blue oil paint, bold strokes slashed on unpainted white canvas.  What is invisible shaping our visible perceptions, the scenes behind the scene?  All is sacred.

**** "I honor my sacred journey, I honor the sacred journey of others," Debra


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* Auras by Edgar Cayce

**  Shirley MacLaine is a noted actress, author, and spiritual teacher.  Books The Camino, Sage-ing While Age-ing, and more. Out On A Limb, full movie documentary of Shirley's classic book (1983)

***  Simcha Jacobovici, The Naked Archaeologist:  programs on H2 TV channel and  excerpts and entire episodes:  True Blue and Return of the Hilazon (sacred blue), Holy Threads (Biblical Clothing), Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient Glass and much more.

**** Debra Basham, Executive Wellness Consultant, CHTP, NLP, HTt, and Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D present techniques for self healing and reaching out to others.

Music: Classic Songs, Lavender Blue, Deep Purple, Ghost Riders in the Sky (various artists) and Storms Never Last by Waylon Jennings   Request free illustrated E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, comments, inquiries, paintings and prints.

Wild Chicory, Lavender Blue by Emilie
Red-Purple Flowers, contributed by Debra. 
The Christmas Day Flower (blooming flowers outdoors in SW Michigan USA on Dec 25, 2011!) by Dahlis
Imagine:  Frankfort, Germany Airport, 2011, contributed by Debra.

Monday, June 11, 2012


* "Picture yourself and others in perfect health and wholeness as if healing is already done,"  Debra Basham

A couple of years ago, Debra and I were climbing up the sand dunes after an early morning walk and Tai Chi practice facing the deep blue lake.  We  talked about our ideas for then unpublished writings and the paths we all walk, some welcome, some a challenge, and some "what now?"

"Your book is already completed in the etheric sense," Debra spoke.  "We just have to download our images and words into physical forms.  The written work and playful journey is a part of the total healing process."

As we create in many ways and share, we help heal ourselves and others. 

"Process is the journey," my son, Rob, added.  "The invisible and the visible journey are one."

** My mind bounced to Brian Green, a theoretical  physicist, as he conducted a symphony orchestra in an imaginary dimension.  He has so many interests, why not picture "all" you want to accomplish, all at once.  In String Theory Physics, we may exists on various planes of living at the same "time" and space.  Why Not? 

"All is possible with the mind," Paul Lam, M.D

Feeling gratitude, I reflected about Tai Chi and Qigong practices and how these help to open deep memory and ignite visionary centers in the brain while enjoying physical meditation and medication combined.

Intuitive Reading
"Reading with our whole person, is another form of intuitive growth." Debra continued, "Pick up a book that calls you, open it at random and read exactly what you need for yourself and others instantly!  No time to read a book?  Lie down and rest, place the open book across your heart center and absorb the cosmic energy of words and pictures."

Recently, playing "word roulette," I opened the following book at random and read exactly what two other friends and I needed "at that moment!" 

"In wellness, may all beings be at peace," Cosmic Healing by Barbara Brodsky.

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*  Debra Basham and Joel P. Bowman, use guided imagery for healing and wholeness.  Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health

** Brian Green, theoretical physicist, books, Fabric of the Cosmos and The Elegant Universe. programs on TV and online

Brian Cox, particle physicist, The Quantum Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, and Wonders of the Universe.  The Science Channel, programs  "Everything that can happen, does happen."

***  Barbara Brodsky, Cosmic Healing, A Spiritual Path with Aaron and John of God.

****  The Complete I Ching, The Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang, detailed explanations of ancient mysteries.  Books for awakening our spiritual paths

T'ai Chi Ch'uan and I Ching, A Choreography of Body and Mind book by Da Liu   Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.  The Healing Promise of Qi, Creating Extraordinary Wellness Through Qigong and Tai Chi.  Time reversal and more. 
"Founded in the spirit of the new millennium in 2000"  Gregg Braden, scientist, author, mystic.  Technology of Emotion, Cancer Cure 3 minutes in a Beijing no medicine ("I like that") hospital using Chinese Qigong Energy Healing Techniques free of surgery and anesthesia.  global perspectives on world events and cultures through independent documentaries, international film, world music, and more. with Paul Lam, M.D., New program: Tai Chi for Energy, free newsletter, articles, research.  Request free PDF E book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit.  A Tai Chi journey with a mystic twist

Photos:  Sketch based on I Ching: Ji Ji Already Fulfilled, a blend of Kan (Water-Yin) and Li (Fire- Yang), quiet darkness and active brightness interact in harmony and change.  Remembering that "Already Done" means new goals and challenges appear for growth and continuous learning. 

Book Friend, The Opening Lotus with bookmarks and written notes attached, contributed photo by Debra Basham 

Monday, June 4, 2012


"You're all eyes!"


I thought back:  Grandma Caroline reads me The Book of Revelation.  Some beings were "full of eyes."  I laughed remembering that "loosing the seven seals" was, for me, a book (not scroll) opening.  Seven shiny grey-black sea lions lunged out of a book clothed in golden light.  They  wobbled over giant slippery rocks, plunging themselves joyously into a grey-green ocean!  My wondering and wandering child-mind was at work and play.

My Mom continued, "It's an expression.  When someone says "all eyes," they mean a person's eyes light up with delight when they see someone or something they love."

I immediately flashed to watching horses graze and young foals growing strong.  Getting my first kitten, a ball of furry white snow, was a happy event.  We nicknamed her "little eyes."  Multicolored Collies owned by friends romped in open fields, running with sheer joy of being alive.  Yes, "All Eyes!"  Zen and Now

Prayer Shawl
Coming back into the present, I recently asked friends to help with my skin healing, pre and post surgery.  Debra Basham used guided imagery with me, *Imagine Healing and Surgical Support Techniques. I was an example in a teaching seminar for students.  During the process, Debra asked me what color I "saw" in my imagination. 

"I see a deep rose pink, deeper than candy pink."  The color kept repeating in my mind, pure and bright.  I felt warm, relaxed, and happy.

After the break, when I re-entered the room, on the back of a chair was a deep rose prayer shawl!  I pointed it out to Debra.

 "Where did this come from?"

"It was here all along"

"I didn't see it!"

"You picked up the color intuitively!"

The next part of the training held a space for quite reflection.  I sat comfortably in a chair, students watching intently.  I wondered what I would wrap around myself.  I had brought a cheetah patterned light blanket.  I decided to drape the chair with this and wear the neon rose colored prayer shawl around my head and shoulders!  During Debra's dialogue with me, at one point, the shawl slipped down over my face by itself, forming a thin translucent veil!  I spoke spontaneously:

** "In Biblical days, 'go into your closet and pray,' means you draped your prayer robe down over your face.  This brought the person into a state of meditation, free from the outside world. They didn't have closets in desert regions!  The fringe on the edges of your shawl represent the borders between Heaven and Earth, walking the edge."    

Debra lent me her shawl. 

At home after the seminar, I spread out the color and noted (surprise) Angel Fish plus geometric patterns.  I felt deep connection to the ocean here.  When I photographed the shawl, more sacred color appeared.  Where did the bright purple glow come from?  The purple is invisible to the naked eye.

Later Debra awarded me the shawl!  I keep it draped in my home to absorb and emit healing color "day and light" for myself and others

Healing with Energy
Several months after skin healing surgery, I worked with Edi on some mutual meditations.  In one of these, I sat in a Cheetah blanketed chair im my home and draped myself in my bright rose prayer shawl.  Edi and I talked freely.  One time I saw beams of light around Edi's right shoulder, "your angel" in ice blue and gold color. 

 Another time Edi said, "Orb" and a beautiful rich red-blue radiant purple appeared around the left side of her face, like a halo.  I told Edi how Joanna, one of the angels I have come to know, is around me lately, guiding me.  "What is she trying to tell me?

At that moment, the prayer shawl again slipped down over my face like a veil of light, as if Joanna had lifted the shawl up with her hands and placed it lightly down.  I felt transported to Biblical Days! 

Bright Eyes
Images of eyes next appeared in my imaginative inner vision screen!  First I saw our Tomcat's eyes, both eyes clear and bright, shiny and green after surgical recovery.  More eyes appeared:  lioness, cheetah, leopard, wolf, dog, and horse.  I "saw" some noses and markings along with the eyes, clarifying their animal contributors.  The pairs of eyes faded from one into another like a colored slideshow.  Some images were painted, some realistic, all expressive!  Then human eyes came into focus, some in pairs and some single eyes.  These eyes were large and bright with clear blue or green iris.  I talked with Edi about these non-physical eyes, intuitive teachers.  I painted a picture in my imagination of all the bright inquisitive healing visionary eyes!

I felt immense clearing and letting go of backpacks of emotional baggage.  Traveling light and free felt good as enjoyed a mountain climb in the clear air with sun and blue sky....gratitude.

Clear Vision Over Distance
***  A few months later, suddenly one day, I felt something slip into my left eye.  They eye watered and reddened.  But it got worse and painful as the day unfolded.  I fretted, but relaxed into knowing Beth had booked a distance healing Reflexology session with me for late night while resting.  I looked forward to the treatment. 

****  "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone," Elaine Collier, Reiki Master

Preparing for Beth's distance treatment, I thought about my daughter, Nell, giving me a distance healing session some months ago.  I marveled at Nell's guidance and intuition with insight into conditions and issues I had not even spoken out loud.  With Nell's treatment, I saw again a Pacific Ocean beach and picked up seashells in my imagination (smile).  These treatments were received in total silence, not over the phone.

Just as with Nell's session, I did not brief Beth in advance about how I felt that day.  I had some reflexology charts and guidelines.  I freed myself from looking at them or reading about Reflexology.  I went into the session as a white covered open book with blank pages.

In silence, at the Reflexology appointment time, I felt strong energy in the balls of my feet. The pleasant gentle electric current spread upwards and through the entire body as the qi (energy) flows and circulates in Tai Chi practice or acupuncture treatments.  The warm tingling feeling went straight up into my left eye and stayed there for quite awhile!  During and after the session, I felt quite relaxed and ready to sleep.  I slept all night, free of pain!

Angel Light
The next morning, friend Mildred called in to chat.  I told her about my eye irritation.

"The same thing happened to me!"

"You called at just the right time!"

Mildred told me about a product called Refresh Plus sterile preservative free single use eye drops, an over the counter product recommended by physicians and pharmacists.  I got some!  By bed time my eye was near normal. The next morning I kept my appointment with a qualified eye doctor just to check everything.  The cause, "dry eye."  The very next morning, "all normal!"  Again, gratitude....

Eye Energy Exercise
I remembered an eye qigong exercise.  This can be used anytime of day or night or after Tai Chi/Qigong practice.  When eyes are strained from reading, computer or fatigue, or to enjoy a moment of quiet, rub hands together until warm.  Place hands over both eyes but not touching eyes.  Rest a few minutes and relax.  Feel loving warmth entering your eyes.  Intend your eyes are bright, alert, and clear.  Qi (energy) can be sent to other areas needing healing with radiance flowing from Lao Gong point (Pericardium 8) centers of both palms, a Yin (nourishing) point. 

Healing blends Faith with Intuition, Trust and Action.

H-E-L-P is here! 





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Resources: and  with Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D and Rev. Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt.  Debra's new blog post:  An Invincible Host, Love and Forgiveness, (June 2012) 

**  The Naked Archeologist, Simcha Jocobovici strips down archeology by visiting on site and talking to experts worldwide.  TV program airs on H2 (History).  full episodes and excerpts of programs.

***  Elizabeth Glenn, Healing with Energy and Language, Certified Practitioner, ABMP, NLP, HTt, Pre-Post Surgical Support, Reiki Master, Reflexology Practitioner in training.

****  Elaine Collier, Reiki Master, Wantage, Oxfordshire, U.K.  Journey: an opening spiritual path

Healing with Pressure Point Therapy by Jack Forem and Steve Shimmer, L. Ac.  Use pressure points under guidance from a qualified professional.  Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford nutritional help for various conditions (consult index).  Refresh Eye Drops come in various formulas.  presented by the American Academy of
Ophthalmology  Dr. Paul Lam, a family practice physician in Sydney, Australia creates Tai Chi for Health programs with medical doctors and Tai Chi experts to empower people world-wide with healing exercise for body mind and spirit.  Articles, research, free newsletter, DVDs and more  Request free PDF E book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, A Tai Chi Journey with a mystic twist.

All Eyes, ink sketch and Prayer Shawl photo by Dahlis