Out of the Blue by Dahlis Roy is comprised of personal subjective experiences of physical and non physical dimensions painted, written, and photographed with creative spontaneous joy.  Contributors give written permission to be included.   

What is Create A Vision?

"I honor my sacred journey."  "I honor the sacred journey of others."

"I embrace change and welcome it."  Rev. Debra Basham

All is possible with the mind,"  Paul Lam, M. D. 

"Let your life unfold like the petals of a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order." 

"Each of us is here with unique gifts and talents to touch each other's lives in ways no one else can." 

"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?" 
Louise Watson, R.N.

"We are all one in our human story."  William K. Emery, M.D.

"The universe works differently than is commonly supposed," Mildred

Disclaimer:  Some contributors included in Out of the Blue chose names other than their own or wished to remain anonymous.  Sequence of events may be changed. 

The author, publisher, or anyone involved in the production and distribution of this material will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injuries or illnesses, emotional or physical, that may occur through reading or following instructions described herein.  The practices in this book/blog complement, not replace, qualified professional medical advice.  Please consult a physician before taking Tai Chi or any other exercise class.

Out of the Blue, Text and Illustrations, Copyright 2010-2018 by Dahlis Roy