Sunday, March 29, 2015


The Inner Voice

Eons ago I met a friend named Louise, an outspoken nurse, in a prayer group.

We shared an instant bond and started meeting in a local cafe book store once a month.  Wonders of God!  I took pen and paper and took notes!

One day Louise said, "I'd love to come to your Tai Chi classes, but I broke my ankle a while back and have metal plates there.  I wouldn't be able to stand on one leg or kick."

Right there in the cafe, I jumped up, demonstrated White Crane Spreads Wings, a Tai Chi move, and exclaimed, "You don't have to kick, just point the toe!"

After that Louise came to every class, every level I taught right away!  She wanted others to know that Tai Chi is an experience of "being" rather than doing or learning a form sequence in a logical way.  

Louise continued, "When they see me modifying moves or not fitting in exactly, they'll be encouraged and keep coming to class and practicing.  Students will be set free of preconceived notions!" 

Become like a Human Feather

The Tai Chi Crane is a symbol of health, strength, and longevity.  The crane is a Tai Chi master.  Cranes blend Yin and Yang energies.  Waiting and watching with stillness and patience represent Yin.   The motion of a fast action strike, is Yang.  Both are necessary.

"All in balance in Tai Chi."

The crane is a study in grace and power.

The Human Angel
One day Louise mentioned, "I have to tell you, I am an Earth Angel.  I have been on Earth for many lifetimes.  I am leaving the Earth this time." 

Oceans of time passed.  

When Louise crossed over, I was miles away and teaching Tai Chi.  I gathered myself and continued on to class.  Only two student/friends came that day.  We shared and practiced very little.  At the end of class, a small white downy feather floated slowly downward from the ceiling?  Where did it com from?

Someone said, "It's Louise!  She's Here!"

I cradled the feather in the palm of my hand, soft, light, and perfect.

I thought I gave the feather to Dolores, one of the class members that day....

Light Years Later

Judy J. came to pick up the portrait of her two Cocker Spaniels.  For some unknown reason I told Judy about the feather floating down from the ceiling and showed her a photo of Louise.  

Within a short span of days, when Judy was at work, she looked down and, "behold," a white feather was resting on the floor just like I had described!  Judy picked up the feather and kept it, knowing Louise is near.  
Judy J. exclaimed:

"I have an Angel!"

The Tale of the Traveling Feather

Next, I called Dolores, my Tai Chi friend and student, but she claimed she does not have the feather!  I don't have it either.
Dolores questioned, "I wonder where the feather will appear next?" 

* "Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"

"Let the petals of your life unfold like a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order."


Key Words:  Angel, Cranes

* quotes by Louise Watson, R.N.

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
The Flying Rainbow photo
Flying Crane, ancient Chinese symbol, detail in Dancing Cranes, oil painting
The Neon Rose, photo

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Anna Kate is a horse.  She appeared in a dream many years ago that was like a full color movie.  She is a chestnut colored filly, full of fire and spirit.  Her coat is red gold.  She is half racehorse, very slim and easily spooked.  

In the movie/dream, Anna Kate was my horse.  I loved to ride her.  *I always wanted a horse and could never accept why we couldn't tether a Shetland Pony named Silver in our back yard.

I owned Anna Kate and her parents.  Her sire was a chestnut stallion with a golden coat, flaxen mane and tail.  He was stockier in build than Anna Kate.  Anna Kate's mother was a  spirited bay with a long black mane and tail to compliment her mahogany color.  She was a racehorse.  Anna Kate inherited her mother's fire and verve.

I rode Anna Kate for miles and miles in all kinds of terrain.  We especially liked to breeze sandy trails or by the beach where the pace and mood were free and easy.  I could hear the squeak of the leather saddle and feel the soft worn reins in my hand.  The wind brushed Anna Kate's mane and tail and tussled my hair.  

But I painted horses.  One dream painting was an ink wash drawing of Anna Kate's mother running through the water at the edge of the beach.  She had her head in the clouds and her feet sprayed the water as she galloped free.  The painting of Anna Kate's mother was quite dark with ink yet it was light and free flowing.  It resembled a Chinese painting.  There were some faint rose streaks in the clouds like the early dawn or late sunset might bring. 

Sunrise or Sunset?

On a crisp, clear breezy spring sunny morning, I took Anna Kate to a horse show.  We were not in competition, but Anna Kate and I enjoyed being there.  People admired Anna Kate and talked to me.  I took my horse over some simple jumps in the practice ring, just for fun.  The I cooled Anna Kate out and walked her to a nearby grove of refreshing trees.  I remember how good it felt to lead her.  I felt again the soft leather in my hands.  Anna Kate was always compliant and joyful.  

One night, Anna Kate set herself free from her stall.  She ran and ran triumphantly enjoying the ultimate freedom from the reins, bridal and bit.  Freedom from me, the rider, she had to decide what she should do.  Anna Kate ran joyously bucking and kicking at the wind.  She raced down the beach in the moonlight, shaking her head as she went, and kicked up the waves and the sand.

We all feel this way, don't we, from time to time.

Next, Anna Kate climbed a mountain made of rock, not sand.  She climbed steadily and surely.  No harm came to her in the dark.  Anna Kate was careful and not reckless.  She climbed up into March's still leafless trees which lined the mountain.  Then my horse continued on to the peak.  

Anna Kate stopped to survey the scene, her head held high.  Her mane and tail blew in the breeze framed by the faint orange glow of the fading sunset.  In the dream it was still sunset on the mountain top, yet moonlit and dark in the valley?  In my dream, I painted the picture, stoke by stroke. 

I went in search of Anna Kate, but I never thought to look on the mountain because I had always told Anna Kate it was too dangerous to climb there.      

In my dream, I saw another clear image.  I also recreated this one as I dreamed it. 
Over night, Anna Kate's parents had also set themselves free. This painting was before sunrise, a first light picture shrouded in mist.  Anna Kate's parents joined her in the morning on the foggy mountain.

"I felt I dreamed you into life,"

I woke up:


Angel Dream
Postscript:  This dream was dictated word for word by my Angel, Sharon. In the dream, Sharon appeared in a sheer veil of ivory colored light.  She carried a rolled up scroll.  "I" listened to Sharon's words and wrote them down in my dream with pen on paper.  I also painted the pictures in the dream state, later I recreated sketches and paintings in "real life."  This dream is a high definition super clear image and word experience.

Sharon indicated In Search of Anna Kate might be a children's book, enjoyed by all ages, a springboard for discussion.  The above paintings would be the front and back covers for the book.  

Dream Big~Dream Bigger!

Key Words:  horse, angel, dream

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Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Oil Paintings by Dahlis
Anna Kate, sunset on the mountain
Family Reunion at Sunrise, Anna Kate and Parents 
These paintings were done in washes of thin oil paint to resemble water colors

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Last June I paused and came to a standing halt.  It was around 11 AM.  My living room was lit up with bright green light!  The light reflected and bounced around the paintings on the mantel shelves.  The cream walls were green, so were the sandstone bricks.  Green is good!  It is a nourishing spring-summer life color.

I called to my husband who also witnessed the green light.  Sunlight was filtering through the lush maple trees and vibrating the color into our home.  What a visual feast!  We were fortunate to be at the right place at the right "time" for viewing.

I grabbed my camera!

To my amazement, the photo picked up the green beam!

Last night, while looking for another picture, I found again, the Backyard Cranes bathed in green!  Green, the Chakra color of heart-love, radiates outward.

Happy Green Days!
Love, Dahlis

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Song of the Day, 500 Miles by Peter Paul and Mary 

Irish Folk Music, from Reader's Digest, I sing and reflect along with The Isle of Innisfree and Galway Bay (where Aran sweaters come from), The Rose of Tralee, The Bard of Armaugh, The Irish Washer Woman, and The Dear Little Shamrock.

Irish Fiddle, "A Musical Journey Back to the Enchanting Realm," Majestic Woods, Sunshine Mountain Productions

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Alice Starmore, books Fishermen's Sweaters and Aran Knitting

TV or Online PBS Broadcasting

50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary and The Future of God with Deepak Chopra

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Painting by Dahlis
Backyard Cranes, oil painting.  Shown here bathed in green sunlight, this picture reflects our backyard of long ago. I added two dancing cranes to the picture.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Light Effects

All connected All the time~The World on Fast Forward~

We are more connected now than we've ever been and less connected now than we've ever been....

Virtual Connectivity....

Hiding in Cyberspace~

I remember thinking, as a child, time is going so slowly, almost at a standstill.  

My mom answered, "Time speeds up as you get older.  Time is really going fast for me."  

As a young adult, I heard Shirley MacLaine speaking on TV with Oprah Winfrey about time  really speeding up and the increasing complexity of life.  This was in the 1980's!

Enter the Digital Age!   Put on your seat belts and prepare for take off!

"Step Out of the Circle of Time and Into the Circle of Love," Rumi

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis:
"Sea Creature," photograph green light reflection 

Hyperconnectivity, fun with light