Sunday, March 29, 2015


The Inner Voice

Eons ago I met a friend named Louise, an outspoken nurse, in a prayer group.

We shared an instant bond and started meeting in a local cafe book store once a month.  Wonders of God!  I took pen and paper and took notes!

One day Louise said, "I'd love to come to your Tai Chi classes, but I broke my ankle a while back and have metal plates there.  I wouldn't be able to stand on one leg or kick."

Right there in the cafe, I jumped up, demonstrated White Crane Spreads Wings, a Tai Chi move, and exclaimed, "You don't have to kick, just point the toe!"

After that Louise came to every class, every level I taught right away!  She wanted others to know that Tai Chi is an experience of "being" rather than doing or learning a form sequence in a logical way.  

Louise continued, "When they see me modifying moves or not fitting in exactly, they'll be encouraged and keep coming to class and practicing.  Students will be set free of preconceived notions!" 

Become like a Human Feather

The Tai Chi Crane is a symbol of health, strength, and longevity.  The crane is a Tai Chi master.  Cranes blend Yin and Yang energies.  Waiting and watching with stillness and patience represent Yin.   The motion of a fast action strike, is Yang.  Both are necessary.

"All in balance in Tai Chi."

The crane is a study in grace and power.

The Human Angel
One day Louise mentioned, "I have to tell you, I am an Earth Angel.  I have been on Earth for many lifetimes.  I am leaving the Earth this time." 

Oceans of time passed.  

When Louise crossed over, I was miles away and teaching Tai Chi.  I gathered myself and continued on to class.  Only two student/friends came that day.  We shared and practiced very little.  At the end of class, a small white downy feather floated slowly downward from the ceiling?  Where did it com from?

Someone said, "It's Louise!  She's Here!"

I cradled the feather in the palm of my hand, soft, light, and perfect.

I thought I gave the feather to Dolores, one of the class members that day....

Light Years Later

Judy J. came to pick up the portrait of her two Cocker Spaniels.  For some unknown reason I told Judy about the feather floating down from the ceiling and showed her a photo of Louise.  

Within a short span of days, when Judy was at work, she looked down and, "behold," a white feather was resting on the floor just like I had described!  Judy picked up the feather and kept it, knowing Louise is near.  
Judy J. exclaimed:

"I have an Angel!"

The Tale of the Traveling Feather

Next, I called Dolores, my Tai Chi friend and student, but she claimed she does not have the feather!  I don't have it either.
Dolores questioned, "I wonder where the feather will appear next?" 

* "Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"

"Let the petals of your life unfold like a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order."


Key Words:  Angel, Cranes

* quotes by Louise Watson, R.N.

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Images by Dahlis
The Flying Rainbow photo
Flying Crane, ancient Chinese symbol, detail in Dancing Cranes, oil painting
The Neon Rose, photo