Saturday, March 14, 2015


Last June I paused and came to a standing halt.  It was around 11 AM.  My living room was lit up with bright green light!  The light reflected and bounced around the paintings on the mantel shelves.  The cream walls were green, so were the sandstone bricks.  Green is good!  It is a nourishing spring-summer life color.

I called to my husband who also witnessed the green light.  Sunlight was filtering through the lush maple trees and vibrating the color into our home.  What a visual feast!  We were fortunate to be at the right place at the right "time" for viewing.

I grabbed my camera!

To my amazement, the photo picked up the green beam!

Last night, while looking for another picture, I found again, the Backyard Cranes bathed in green!  Green, the Chakra color of heart-love, radiates outward.

Happy Green Days!
Love, Dahlis

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Song of the Day, 500 Miles by Peter Paul and Mary 

Irish Folk Music, from Reader's Digest, I sing and reflect along with The Isle of Innisfree and Galway Bay (where Aran sweaters come from), The Rose of Tralee, The Bard of Armaugh, The Irish Washer Woman, and The Dear Little Shamrock.

Irish Fiddle, "A Musical Journey Back to the Enchanting Realm," Majestic Woods, Sunshine Mountain Productions

Celtic Renaissance, "An Adventure in Nature and Music" 

Enya Collection, Watermark, The Celts and more

W.B. Yates, The Wanderings of Oisin

Aran Sweaters
Alice Starmore, books Fishermen's Sweaters and Aran Knitting

TV or Online PBS Broadcasting

50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary and The Future of God with Deepak Chopra

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Painting by Dahlis
Backyard Cranes, oil painting.  Shown here bathed in green sunlight, this picture reflects our backyard of long ago. I added two dancing cranes to the picture.