Friday, May 25, 2012


Going Within
The air was sunny, crisp, and clear last Halloween Eve when I let our Tomcat out the door for an early afternoon romp.  Soon after, he appeared in the house and then vanished.  Later at night, after Halloween Trick of Treaters had come and gone, Tom re-appeared.  He had been injured but had hidden it from us. Tom was hunched, purring furiously, at the top of our basement stairs.  A cat may purr when injured or in pain to self calm.  Rob gentley examined Tom for broken bones.  His eye had been injured, probably from a wild animal.  We guessed it was not a domestic cat's scrape based on the behavior of our other three cat residents, Sancat, Sasha, and Mrs. Harris as they slunk around in fear, bellies to the ground. 

I focused on *Imagine Healing Techniques to quiet us, Tom, and other cats.  Imagine Healing can be used for pets as well as people.  Placing Cat's Purr Cd frequencies and nature sounds quietly into the air waves in our home and mentally sending them out, produced a sense of calm, a soaking prayer deep into our cells. 

Early next morning, we transported Tom to the vet.  Our professional recommended an out of town veterinary ophthalmologist for Tom's care and treatment.  Arriving at the Healing Center, I immediately felt the quieting, calming, and positive atmosphere for people and pets.  As the specialist examined Tom, she and the assistants were amazed at Tom's trust and gentleness.  "I know he's in a great deal of pain."  Tom never tried to bite, scratch or resist. 

Tom was scheduled for immediate Eye surgery, and we left for the drive home as the office was closing.  Just as we arrived, the Vet called in as we reached the kitchen to report Tom was already out of surgery and in recovery.  "He doesn't even need the over night ER monitor!"  I played Surgical Support hypnotherapy Cd on low volume and beamed out continuous healing thoughts. 

Picking up Tom the next day and returning home was another lesson in letting go of preconceived notions and agendas and tuning into the fragility of the moment.  Tom skittered across the floor, bumping into furniture, protected by his neck collar.  Other cats scattered and quickly disappeared.  All of us, people and cats, went into a protective healing state. Tom's favorite music, Wind and Mountain by Deuter and Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi Music selections helped Tom and all of us relax and focus on healing and rest. 

We went within, protecting ourselves and Tom in a Pink Blanket of light.  I E-mailed or called pet loving friends for additional support and sank into a state of being/non-being.  When I practiced Tai Chi at home and in my imagination I pictured Tom in complete health and wholeness, with perfect clear eyes and sight. 

Face Forward
Several months before Tom's injury, I had already scheduled surgical removal of four small lesions on my sensitive skin face that I intuitively knew had turned (let's say) "needing treatment."  These lesions had been examined by an excellent surgeon who had helped me before and the appointment was set.  

Then Debra Basham invited me to be a "patient" example for seminar students learning Imagine Healing and Surgical Support Techniques.  I was eager to be there!  During the seminar, I felt healing presence and deep relaxation so necessary to receive and project "perfect, even better than you imagined" results.  When I arrived home after the seminar, my son and husband were pleased to note I was much calmer. 

Meanwhile, a Tai Chi friend also suggested I get some organic coconut oil and apply it to the facial marks.  I was happy to find the product easily and packaged in a glass jar!  I used applications four times a day.  Soon two of the marks fell off, and a third vanished!  The remaining mark, a small Basal cell carcinoma, shrank to less than half its original size! 

My surgery was scheduled but then rescheduled twice to a much later date based on the physician's schedule!  This gave me even more time to actively pray and heal in advance. 

Picture Perfect
The morning of surgery, the M.D. prayed with me before the procedure.  Only a small amount of local anesthesia was needed.  With eyes closed and fully awake, I actively imagined "letting go" of any baggage. Debra had suggested this mental and physical house cleaning.  Was I surprised to experience a golden figure of light emerge into my inner eye?  Then the luminous light melded into a valentine heart shape.  Internally, I leaped with joy but remained perfectly still. 

Outpatient surgery went so well, I was home within an hour!  I drank plenty of pure water, and received a two hour nap. I used Surgical Support and Imagine Healing techniques before and after surgery. I listened to, while sleeping, to Freedom from Pain Cd at very low volume.  These frequencies seem to be what I need for clearing and balancing, a "Sonic Vitamin" treatment. 

Tom's healing treatments progressed.  "We have vision!  There is no glaucoma and I see movement in the pupil!"  Thanksgivings all around!
Months later, Tom's vision has returned, his retina is normal, and can run outside in the sunshine the way he likes.  His eye is shiny and bright. 

Dream New Dreams
Along with Tom, I also came into clearer vision.  Several years ago, I was diagnosed with **Gilbert's Syndrome.  Management of GS includes Tai Chi, Qigong, and/or Yoga plus a lowered stress lifestyle.  Now I am loving more about being me and understanding my journey into wholeness.  In this process, discovery and intuition led to my trying a few new skin care products with wonderful results.  Margaret Ruby's The DNA of Healing book also cleared and focused me to explore new paths filled with sunshine and outreach, including this blog.  I have forgiven myself and any relatives for genetic consequences and other issues and move forward along with my lush green family tree.  I rest well and pay attention to physical and non-physical clearing, experiencing greater joy and love of life on Earth.  Beauty and Healing are more than skin deep!

Being in the Now and projecting "healing is already done" imagery is an important facet of our individual and collective evolution and harmonic change for the better.  Be Better Now!

"What will you do with You?"  Gary Zukav

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Resources: for people and pets  Subtle Communication Systems with Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, Hypnotherapy Cd's and MP-3 files for your healing journey include Freedom from Pain, Surgical Support, Everlasting Peace  Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health  Magrane Pet Medical Center Cats/Dogs/Exotics, Blog and more.  Mishawaka, (Northern, South Bend area) Indiana USA  Lucy, Chet's cat contributes healing purring plus nature sounds.

Music by Deuter, Wind and Mountain, sonic guided meditations  Tai Chi music and more, Dr. Paul Lam is a family practice physician and Tai Chi expert.  Tai Chi For Health programs empower people world wide to practice Tai Chi for health benefits and stress relief.

Natural Care Products  Burt's Bees Natural Personal Care Products have no Parabens, Phthalates, or Petrochemicals.  Sensitive Daily Moisturising Creme for face and neck, (may help reduce redness), Fragrance Free Shea Butter and Vitamin E Body Lotion (I use on hands, non-greasy moisturizing), Coconut Foot Creme with Vitamin E, coconut oil and other ingredients for softer pampered feet.  I use Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, USDA certified organic, packaged in glass jar on face sparingly as needed.  Coconut oil contains beneficial Lauric Acid and does not require liver enzymes for the body to process it.  Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Natural Health Clinic, Chicago, IL.  Free Newsletter  Article Searches:  Coconut Oil benefits, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Skin Care Tips.   Mercola Products:  USDA Certified Organic Sun Care. 

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Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap  "Healthy beautiful skin since 1839."  Pure botanical coconut oil soap, ultra gentle with no drying residue contains coconut soap, water, vegetable glycerin, natural fragrance.  My Mom and her "Ma" both used castile soap!

More  Gregg Braden, author, scientist, spirituality.  Gregg Braden The Technology of Emotion, Chinese Doctors in a no medicine hospital in Beijing use energy healing no-touch techniques plus chanting, "Healing is Already Done."  A cancer is non surgically cured free of anesthesia and surgery in minutes with patient fully awake, "The Future of Healing."   Gary Zukav, mystic, author of Seat of the Soul, The Dancing Wu Li Masters and other books.

**  This web site contains research and more.  GS is a benign liver condition inherited from both sides of the family.  UGT, liver enzyme, is deficient or missing.  Diagnosis may be elusive, possible elevated bilirubin blood levels  Symptoms may include:  Sensitivity to medicines, products, light, food, and noise.  Dermatitis, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, attention span challenges, hypochondria.  What to do?  Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga are recommended, meditation, stress relief lifestyle, simple nourishing foods, plenty of rest.  Paul Pitchford author of Healing With Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.  Foods, recipes, medical research from author and Tai Chi/Qigong enthusiast.  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor, inquire for free PDF E-book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, the story behind Out of The Blue.

Tom Going Within photo by Dahlis
Picture Perfect photo by Emilie

Monday, May 14, 2012


* "Mrs. Harris is adorable, she is also ferocious...."  We are still not quite sure how Mrs. Harris came to be ours, but her name appeared in a dream.  She is our wide eyed princess cat wearing her round Elizabethan collar.  She even has little ear tufts and resembles "a small woodland creature," adds Rob.  She has a perky trot, with head held high, like a Pomeranian dog.

Sand Cats and Other Cats
Who are the Sand Cats?  Sand cats are small Sahara desert cats also found in the Middle East.  Sand Kittens may show stripes on their legs or black spots.  Adults are usually orange or sand color.  The first domestic cats may also have been orange.  Sand Cats have large ears like foxes, huge fountains of feeler whiskers, and little flat faces. Sand cats dig burrows or find den shelters.  They are nocturnal hunters to avoid the dry desert heat.  Sand Cats eat insects and small lizards.  Mrs. Harris eats small amounts of food at a time.  She borrows under her orange and black blanket decorated with bears and tree patterns and becomes invisible.  Mrs. Harris is a small burrowing animal.  When she lies with her head upside down, her ears flatten out, and her smiling expression is quite like a sandcat.


Our first Sand Cat
Zar was a giant among cats, weighing twenty-four pounds and sporting white Zar boots and a handsome face blaze painted on a fox-red coat.  Zar had a sense of humor.  For example, he adopted paper grocery bags.  Every afternoon, he entered the kitchen, opened a cabinet door on the bottom shelf, and jumped in to inspect his bag collection.  It was Zar's adopt-a-bag program.  ** Zar also liked to sit on top of our car, rule and survey his territory the way a Elsa, the lioness, lounged on a land rover in Africa. 

Zar dug out his water like Sand Cats!  He poised over his water bowl, and pawed around the bowl, then drank his fill similar to a Sand Cat digging in the sand to get water.

Years Later golden Sancat got his name by digging his water again. So far we have only observed orange cats digging water, but since there are plenty of mixed genes, it wouldn't surprise me to see a dark tabby do it as well.  Smart Sancat learned how to open the sliding screen patio door with his paw after watching us open it.  Sancat stopped digging his water after he saw me refill the bowl in the sink.  This upset him greatly since he had made it a point to dig out all of the cats' water bowls every morning.  He was disappointed to notice the bowl was refilled in the sink, not by digging.  When he is really thirsty after coming in from outdoors, he will still dig his water.    

The domestic cat is thought to be a mixture of several species of African Wild Cat.  Our Chessie was a good example of a cat of the Nile, a brown and gray tabby mix.  She ruled her subjects like the Queen of Egypt.  She even looked Egyptian with her regal profile, slim frame, and emerald eyes. We can easily picture Chessie wearing golden earrings and jeweled collar of a temple cat.   

Sasha, Sancat's sister, is a dark tabby with a leopard build and personality. Sasha has a short thick tail, unlike Sancat's long Cheetah tail.  We can see in Sasha a sleek seal-like animal or an ancient Triceratops as she swings her tail like a weapon.  Sasha has very tiny feet to support a stocky muscular body.  Tom, our wolf-like gray four-square built athletic cat sports black rings on his tail plus a white tail tip like the wild Cheetah.  Regal Tom's face and body resemble a Cougar.  Sancat and Sasha have several rows of round Cheetah Spots on their flanks plus spots turning into Tiger stripes on their sides.  Interestingly, small wild cats and Cheetahs developed in separate genetic lines lines about eleven million years ago.  Larger cats like Lions, Tigers, and Cougars developed later by branching off from the already developed small wild cats.   

The cat puts down its paw with weight on center of foot first, then after testing the ground for stability, the cat shifts its weight fully onto the foot, much like weight shifting during Tai Chi practice.  A mother cat trains kittens to hunt.  Their reflexes are much quicker than their mom's, but she has lessons of wisdom and skill.
** "The cat is a Tai Chi Master," Jou, Tsung Hwa

Reigning Cats and Dogs

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* Shirley MacLaine is an actress, author, and mystic. Welcoming Mrs. Harris was accepted for publication on Shirley's web site, Pet Pages, Archived Stories, 2002.  Mrs. Harris' story reprinted with permission from Shirley MacLaine and Team, July 2011 on Out of the Blue

Jou, Tsung Hwa, Tai Chi Master, author, mathematician, The Tao of Taijiquan, The Tao of Meditation

Portrait of Mrs. Harris at 1 year, photo by Paul, published with permisson 
Zar, photo by Dahlis 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Rob saw Sancat peering out our window at a chirping Cardinal .  "The cat is fully intent at all times.  A cat relaxes into full intent even when asleep," Rob added.  I grabbed my camera and captured the shot!

"Openness to What Is,"  Eckhart Tolle

* "The region in the brain responsible for emotions is identical in cats and humans." 

**  "Now is the moment that never ends", Deepak Chopra.  "The past is gone, the future is not here, and now I am free of both.  Where you are is point of arrival....Spirit is intuition."  An intuitive being and creature lives in the now, receiving and maximizing the positive flow of the present.

Cats purr away to their heart's content, comforting and greeting each other and human companions.  Some cats snuggle up with pet dogs or other animals.  Sham, the Godolphin Arabian, had a pet cat!  Mother cats purr at their kittens and the kittens respond.  The purring is at a frequency of 50-70 Hz, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.  Purring resonates first in the diaphragm then spreads out over the entire cat.  When Sancat sits on me and purrs, I can feel the vibration even in his paw pads, a therapeutic meditative moment.  A purring cat is, I feel, hypnotising itself into a quiet state.  A cat in pain or stress might also purr as self therapy.  Animal connections may alter our neurochemistry for the better. Animals encourage us to relax and help us stay fit as we exercise and play with them.

* "Playing with your cat just ten minutes a day can dramatically improve his or her fitness level."  Your mood will improve too!  Walking your dog helps both of you.

A Pet Is A Good Friend
God Got Bigger!

"A Cat is Zen," Emilie

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Eckart Tolle, The Power of Now.  Cat Trivia, National Pet Month:  "Cats only need 1/6th the light of humans to see in the dark.  Cat's whiskers help them navigate in the dark and alert them to temperature changes."

**  Deepak Chopra's comments from Super Soul Sunday Program and Lifeclass on Tour, Oprah Winfrey Network, April 2012.  Also available online.

**  Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Teacher

King of the Wind, The Story of the Godolphin Arabian by Marguerite Henry and illustrated by Wesley Dennis.  Debra Basham, Executive Wellness Consultant and Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D. offer guided imagery for healing "even better than you imagine."  Debra's New Blog The Patron Saint of Desperate Causes (April 28, 2011) a little boy meditates and more.  Lucy, one of Chet Day's cats, contributes her purring mixed with binaural beats and nature sounds for relaxation and healing benefits.  inquire to receive PDF Free E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Visions do come true!  Intent Leads Energy.

Fully Present, Sancat photo by Dahlis Roy
Sancat Zencat, photo by Emilie

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Getting ready to go grocery hunting:

"I lost my list!"

"Well, I'm going list-less today!"

The written word helps me clarify and focus.  Pictures are even better.  It's a learning curve to go without my paper reminder.  I chuckle back to attending Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi seminar in June 2011.  I took (for the first time in my life) no written notes!  Absorbing the "Now" moments of enjoyment and practicing Tai Chi in harmony and balance is so needed.

Mental images rewound even further back.  We had a Tai Chi reunion.  I met with my first Tai Chi students several years after moving to a new location.  After group practice we formed a seated circle around a large table for fun and "Catching Up" conversation.

Silent Circle
We took turns sharing around the circle, I started the fun with the girl on my left and so on around for friends' stories and updates.  When the circle got around to me, no one recalled I hadn't shared~yea!  The group got up, hugged and went our separate ways.  (Smile) I love this!

* "...Connectedness, One to Another...Be Better Everyday,"
Sidney Poitier, actor

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* Oprah Winfrey Network, Master Class interviews, Oprah's Next Chapter programs and more for spiritual contemplation and evolution.  Dr. Paul Lam, creator of Tai Chi for Health Programs, is a family practice physician in Sydney, Australia.  Articles, Research, Forum, Seminars, DVDs, Music and more  Patron Saint of Desperate Causes, Debra Basham's new blog  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D. and Debra Basham, Executive Wellness Consultant  request free illustrated PDF E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.

Sacred Geometry, photo by Dahlis Roy  I love my colored triangles, protractor, and ruler even though I do not understand how to use them.