Sunday, October 31, 2010


Surprise Package
Writing along and uploading photos for A One in A Million Sky story is quite a joy, and then a photo would not upload?  And then the word "together" was highlighted in yellow?  I hear a "Leave it alone."  Oh!...Post as is.  Such is the mystery of Writing With Angels.

I experience many creative surprises.   Some years ago, I started up my computer, and a file appeared!  This was not the usual menu but words?  I scanned down the opened file, and the writing there was exactly what I needed to answer a question I had been pondering!  In complete stunned surprise I called Kathleen and told her about writing with Angels.  Kathleen, a computer expert, replied, "Oh, so they work on computers too?" 

Divine Timing
I love this blog is open ended and totally intuitive.  Rob adds, "Imagination is another dimension."  When I thought about the order of stories appearing, I was all ready to type...and then other posts presented themselves first..."Fly with it!"  Debra posted a note, "Blogging for Sanity."  You said it!  

Letting Go
Painting with Angels is also a learning experience.  Visionary paintings are adventures of developing colors and love.  "See without questioning," Mildred advises.  

 "I am a different person than I was yesterday."

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake

Wild Chicory:  photo by Emilie, published with permission 

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Light Years Away
Sunsplash photo jolted me back to Earth.  I was light years away and standing in front of the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Mom and Dad.  Looking up, I read, carved into ochre stone: 

 "There is one Glory of the Sun, and Another Glory of the Moon, and another Glory of the Stars, and One Star Differeth from another Star in Glory." I shivered.

Entering the dark mysterious velvet of the star show, I sat transfixed as the movable Zeiss projector machine ground upward into position, rising like a giant black ant.  A soft-voiced narrator rewound the sky into Biblical times:  The Star of Bethlehem.  Some images I recognized, Orion the Hunter and his dog (especially his dog).  I always pictured Canis Major with his dog star collar, Sirius, as a giant white wolf with dark haunting eyes.  In my imagination, the celestial wolf smiled.

Cosmic Colors
Coming into the present, my son, Rob, had seen a bright object flashing pulsing colors in the SE sky in the pre-dawn before first light and pondered what it was.  We went out together to view it in early autumn.  "Oh!  It's Sirius, the Dog Star rising, just above the horizon!"  Separate bands of ice blue, ice green, white, cobalt blue, and bright red circled outward like a lighthouse beacon beaming.

How wonderful to see Sirius this way.  We stood silently, no telescope nor binoculars.  Staring at the star, it seemed to sway slightly back and forth, like a hanging lantern on a ship at sea.  I knew the star itself was not moving, but I felt like I was on a boat, swaying a bit. 

I told Rob about seeing Venus and Arcturus set one night.  As they neared the horizon, they pulsated with color bands, visible to my naked eye.  Venus flashed horizontal bands of yellow, green, and red while Arcturus displayed vertical bands of orange, green, and red.  My husband confirmed these bands with binoculars as we viewed together.

A friend, Susanne, saw color bands in Pluto of orange, yellow, and white while viewing through a telescope in Mexico.  Spectroscopy is fascinating to view in the heavens at night or in the sun shower prism of a rainbow.  Susanne continued to note,  "One night The Big Dipper looked so close, so three you could reach out and touch it!"

One early morning on the beach all was velvet dark.  The sky was sprinkled with diamond stars.  Rob spoke, "I watched Jupiter set into the lake,  It looked like a yellow lantern.  Another morning, I watched the moon set.  The lake swallowed the full moon, but after it vanished, moon light still flickered in the lake.  It was bizarre!" 

I can't believe my eyes, or can I?

Photo by Rob,  Sunsplash:  North of Big Sur, Los Padres Mountains, CA, published with permission

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The White Blackboard
How did the expansive blue butterfly, Out of the Blue, take shape?  I was standing in stillness in George Eddy's Tai Chi class.  I reflected about Rob's words, "Tai Chi helps us stretch beyond the limits of what we already know."  George's soft voice brought me back to Earth. 

"Picture a white dry erase board or a chalkboard in front of you.  What is written or pictured there, your schedule, scribbled notes, unfinished tasks?  Take your eraser and wipe the slate clean.  With a clear reflective mind, see if any images or words appear." 

Right away I saw a giant dark blue butterfly in the upper right hand corner of my white board!  The image stayed with me.  After lunch I grabbed a fresh canvas, a tube of Prussian Blue oil paint, and my favorite ancient worn brush.  I slashed out the butterfly with great joy as the image grew to expand far beyond the edges of the canvas, a butterfly with unlimited possibilities.

Breathless with excitement, I E-mailed Caroline.  She replied, "I have seen a large blue butterfly in front of my eyes for the past several days now!"

I answered, "And I picked it up in George's class!"

Sending images and colors over distance happen~synchronious events~ wondrous yet unexplained.  What are visions?  How do they appear?  It is somewhat like viewing an image coming up on a computer screen, colors, a fog, perhaps photograph clear, or a 3-D movie in motion.

Vision Accomplished!
Right away I knew the blue butterfly was the cover for my second book emerging from *Silver Butterfly Create A Vision.  The white butterfly on blue background is a symbol of awakening, a journey of becoming.  Blue butterfly symbolizes continuing intuition to fruition, vision to print:  subjective experiences unfolding with spontaneous joy.

Captured a digital image in blue and white, but when the butterfly uploaded, it has shadows like three-D, how did that happen?  I see a faint rainbow spreading into the upper right corner of the blue butterfly in pink, faint green, and soft yellow. "The universe works differently than is commonly supposed."  "Go with the flow!"  "Exactly," I chuckle.

"Pushing the body and the mind to higher levels is always a great adventure.  Believing you can do something makes the impossible happen,"  Bill Homann, Facebook post Sept 16, 2010.

Bill  Homann, Current Keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull 
online magazine
Facebook, Bill Homann      Twitter, 2012 Areyouready

*Free PDF E-Book via E-mail
Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision

Friday, October 15, 2010


Doors and Windows Opening

"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  I hear Joanna's words echoing down through the years of friendship on Earth and beyond.  I love sitting in front of blank canvas or paper and feeling what to paint or write.  Now I also love the evolving journey of the "new post" screen, waiting for words and pictures to appear as if by magic.

What fun with no preconceived idea of where stories will lead.  They will write and paint themselves.   Following the intuitive path of the butterfly landing on flowers, Out of the Blue will take shape, one post at a time and each in perfect order.

Spontaneous pictures and words include:  Out of this World Happenings, Animal Magic, The Journey (the paths we walk), The Dance ( Tai Chi exercise, painting, writing, and music), and Journey to Eternity (looking beyond logic and order).

How will this be?  Imagine a journey of spontaneous creativity, based on positive unselfish intent, and it will happen...for all of us

Monday, October 11, 2010


We are now shifting to seeing beyond visible blue:  horizons of ourselves.  Self transformation, energy medicine, integrated exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga blending with creative intuition and positive unselfish intent may help.  We are looking at higher levels of spiritual and personal achievement on the Earth and beyond.

Come join the dance of Out Of The Blue, a blog created spontaneously as an artist thinks, feels, and creates. 

Thank you contributors, behind the scenes and center stage, for living stories and loving lessons.

Awaken your own pathways like flowers opening.
Enjoy your journey of NOW!
Love, Dahlis