Saturday, December 27, 2014


Wrapping up 2014, what have I learned/experienced?

Rapid Spontaneous Events are getting more rapid and spontaneous.

"R and R" Reading and Research is on sensory overload.

Learning to Knit again, just for fun, with specialty yarns like sequins and eyelash yarns are works in progress, "knitting with cobwebs."

Picking up Paintbrushes, tools of the trade, took me to higher levels of love and gratitude.

Trying Yoga and listening to guided Meditations while practicing Tai Chi and/or Yoga combinations widened my spectrum of enjoyment and relaxation.

Treasuring Family, Friends, and Pets more than ever this year.

Mindful Eating, enjoying taste and texture went up a notch. 

Returning to a Sacred Quiet Mountain invited inner peace and deep calm.

* " an unguarded moment, you recognize yourself as a friend."  Elizabeth Gilbert

2015 Celebrate You, Explore You, Reflect You, Love You~

"Happy Everything Day" is every day, Keep Going Keep Positive!

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* Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey interviews, various topics, OWN Network
Deepak Chopra,M.D., new book The Future of God, Chopra Center Meditation, Yoga
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

Dr. Paul Lam, Tai Chi for Health worldwide

Peggy Cappy, DVD's, various programs
Wei Lana Yoga

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

Oil Painting by Dahlis
Universe: Shadows of Cranes

Sunday, December 21, 2014



This recent no flash winter photo taken through a window from quite a distance showed grey grass in our chilly yard.  "Imagine" the grass turned neon green?

Last summer, a cat friend came to play.  She has a nearby home and her long haired gold and white coat is always perfectly groomed.  Her presence brings harmony and peace.  Our resident cats do not even hiss at Fluffy!  Dark tabby, Sasha, usually defensive and protective, sits on the porch silently while Fluffy floats by. 

* Fluffy reminds me of Gentle Phoebe, a snowy white Norwegian Forest Cat.

No matter what Season, Time, Day, Year, Eon or Light Year on Earth and Beyond:
** "Be Present...."

May All Beings Be At Peace.

                       Soft and Gentle, May Peace Come to Us All~

Key Word Search: Cats

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Photo by Dahlis
Fluffy Surrounded by Evergreen

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


* Inspire Creativity!

Breezing right along, looking and enjoying some me time on the Internet I came across the following blog post, Inspire Creativity.  

 What sparks your creativity?  

* This list to help jump start your creative drive is quoted from from Sue Broome, author, spiritual teacher, and Angel guidance:

Window Shop [Love It]

Eat one of your favorite foods, enjoying every bite

Watch the Clouds

Play with your pet or borrow a pet 

Learn a new craft

Daydream  [Albert Einstein is Near]

Reminisce over some favorite holiday memories

Sit and listen to sounds you hear and make up a story about one of them

Sue continues, "Not today? Relax!  Feel inspired another day."

Learning a new craft can mean taking a basic knit, crochet or woven pattern and making up your own.  I am currently trying new yarns, eyelash yarn, sequined yarn, quite unlike basic yarn that is easy to knit.  So far I have ripped out a lot of tries, but I think I have a basic feel for these along with "easier" traditional yarns.  

Take a basic recipe and improvise.  I made a soup with cucumbers in it.  Tonight I'll see how it turned out~

"Angel Blessings to You, Sue" 

"Find Joy in Every Breath," Debra

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*  Sue Broome, Author, Spiritual Teacher, Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader.  Blog Post Inspire Creativity , Dec 14, 2014 .  Sue is also on Facebook.

Debra Basham, Author, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, Finding Joy in the Journey, blog, Yellow Brick Road Your Path to Heart and Health,  Dec 2014
Imagine Healing and SCS Matters with Joel P. Bowman, Ph. D.

Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel et al.
Healing with the Angels, Doreen Virtue 

Paul Lam, M.D. Tai Chi for Health Institute 
Spark your creativity while your health improves

Deepak Chopra, M.D. Chopra Center Meditation online, Yoga and more

Start a Blog with Blogger, create with pictures, video, discussions, and more.  Choice of templates, layouts, your designs for your audience.  Fun and Easy.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist. Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Oil Painting by Dahlis
Four Visions of Sharon

Friday, December 12, 2014


Blue Lights

Hot Pink Recovery 

Everyday Miracles

Ask and Receive

 The Pink Blanket

A friend prepared for surgery.  She asked for prayers, technicolor prayers!  "Please send blue and pink light for me."

The day after out of town surgery, she was already home!   What a surprise for both of us!

 "You won't believe what happened!  I looked up and saw that beautiful blue we love!  I was enthralled, the lights overhead were not neon glaring white but stunning blue!  One of the surgeons came in and asked me if we could pray together.  Imagine!" 

"I go out.  I wake up.  I see the true blue again!  What I asked for!"

"Blue brings calming and energy in balance and Pink is the color of unconditional love."

* "Thought Transcends Matter...."

Pink and Blue:  think baby stars being born in the constellation of Orion.

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Barbara Streisand, a quote from the Doctor Oz Show, Dec 9, 2014.  Barbara encourages women to take care of their hearts.  She has started a treatment center for women at Cedar's Sinai  Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA USA.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Painting with Light, Grand Mere Dunes MI, oil painting by Dahlis.  The blue light is a sunbeam of natural light that crossed the painting and reflected blue in the photo! There is an angel in the sky, upper left above the blue light.  Tinges of pink dot the sunset.
Pink Flower, photo by Emilie

Friday, December 5, 2014


What makes you joyful?  Touches your heart?  Sparks a smile, a laugh, a memory, an inspiration?

*" 'It is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful.' "

** Last night a written message came over the TV, I perked up when I read the word JOYFUL in very large print!  I contemplated back over my day.  When had I felt the greatest joy?

Hands Down Joy:  a painting session, brought me back in touch with my first love, painting portraits of animals.  I picked up slender long handled brushes and carefully brushed in tiny hair strokes on muzzles. Then I added a shiny highlighted look to sleek black coats.  I felt DEEP joy, gratitude, relaxation, and pride of accomplishment...SOUL DEEP.  I realized that this experience is also a meditative moment and memory timeline.  I never realized this before?  An "Ah Ha" moment is here.  I felt unseen guides' suggestions including, "Time to Quit!"

 I remember one of my artist friends told me, "There is nothing like painting, nothing even comes close...."  I smiled~

 Sunrise~Sunset a Tai Chi Moment

***  Later, I listened to a guided meditation, Miraculous Esteem, picked out at random from the Cd collection.  I chose to practice Tai Chi while listening to the spoken messages followed by mantra and quiet music time.  Great Joy and Relaxation is hear and now!  Meditation in Motion is combined with freedom, gratitude, abundance of heart, inner happiness and peace.   

Other sources of Joy Today:
Interaction with family, friends, and pets
Looking out the window and noting the changing light
Enjoyment of simple yet nutrient rich food
Restful Sleep

"Three Deep Breaths and A Smile," Rudi Tanzi, Ph. D

* Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, Finding Joy in the Journey, blog post Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health, Dec 3, 2014
Quote from Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer by Brother David Steindl-Rast

** OWN Oprah Winfrey Network, TV and online programs, variety of topics.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Oprah Winfrey, 21 Day Meditation Experiences, Chopra Center Meditation online.  The Future of God, new book by Deepak Chopra.

Super Brain, book by Deepak Chopra, M. D., and Rudi Tanzi, Ph. D. 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist. Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Oil painting by Dahlis Sunrise/Sunset, the sun is Yin and Yang symbol, playing with light and color

Monday, December 1, 2014


Windows of Light

*  Many years ago, "Words slipped easily, like gentle rain, from my pencil...I didn't question the words....I didn't think about shades of meaning.  I didn't think.  I couldn't."


                            My soul opens like a lotus flower, to the will of God

                                      I am the gentle breeze in the night,

                                        I am the art of clouds and rain, 

                                  I am the voice that whispers your name 

                                          In the silence of the storm.

                                       I am the rhythm of the ocean, 

                                  I share in the joy of rediscovering you:

                                               I am loved and safe.

                                Touch me gently:  You have created me,

                                                 I AM YOUR CHILD

Words elude me once again, thoughts stream in like rainbows.  I want to write more today, to comment, to expand.  I hear a whisper:  "ENOUGH." 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor
* Quote from Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit, free illustrated E-book PDF format by Dahlis Roy.  Request from

Photo by Dahlis
Light Through Windows