Saturday, December 27, 2014


Wrapping up 2014, what have I learned/experienced?

Rapid Spontaneous Events are getting more rapid and spontaneous.

"R and R" Reading and Research is on sensory overload.

Learning to Knit again, just for fun, with specialty yarns like sequins and eyelash yarns are works in progress, "knitting with cobwebs."

Picking up Paintbrushes, tools of the trade, took me to higher levels of love and gratitude.

Trying Yoga and listening to guided Meditations while practicing Tai Chi and/or Yoga combinations widened my spectrum of enjoyment and relaxation.

Treasuring Family, Friends, and Pets more than ever this year.

Mindful Eating, enjoying taste and texture went up a notch. 

Returning to a Sacred Quiet Mountain invited inner peace and deep calm.

* " an unguarded moment, you recognize yourself as a friend."  Elizabeth Gilbert

2015 Celebrate You, Explore You, Reflect You, Love You~

"Happy Everything Day" is every day, Keep Going Keep Positive!

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