Friday, December 12, 2014


Blue Lights

Hot Pink Recovery 

Everyday Miracles

Ask and Receive

 The Pink Blanket

A friend prepared for surgery.  She asked for prayers, technicolor prayers!  "Please send blue and pink light for me."

The day after out of town surgery, she was already home!   What a surprise for both of us!

 "You won't believe what happened!  I looked up and saw that beautiful blue we love!  I was enthralled, the lights overhead were not neon glaring white but stunning blue!  One of the surgeons came in and asked me if we could pray together.  Imagine!" 

"I go out.  I wake up.  I see the true blue again!  What I asked for!"

"Blue brings calming and energy in balance and Pink is the color of unconditional love."

* "Thought Transcends Matter...."

Pink and Blue:  think baby stars being born in the constellation of Orion.

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Painting with Light, Grand Mere Dunes MI, oil painting by Dahlis.  The blue light is a sunbeam of natural light that crossed the painting and reflected blue in the photo! There is an angel in the sky, upper left above the blue light.  Tinges of pink dot the sunset.
Pink Flower, photo by Emilie