Wednesday, December 17, 2014


* Inspire Creativity!

Breezing right along, looking and enjoying some me time on the Internet I came across the following blog post, Inspire Creativity.  

 What sparks your creativity?  

* This list to help jump start your creative drive is quoted from from Sue Broome, author, spiritual teacher, and Angel guidance:

Window Shop [Love It]

Eat one of your favorite foods, enjoying every bite

Watch the Clouds

Play with your pet or borrow a pet 

Learn a new craft

Daydream  [Albert Einstein is Near]

Reminisce over some favorite holiday memories

Sit and listen to sounds you hear and make up a story about one of them

Sue continues, "Not today? Relax!  Feel inspired another day."

Learning a new craft can mean taking a basic knit, crochet or woven pattern and making up your own.  I am currently trying new yarns, eyelash yarn, sequined yarn, quite unlike basic yarn that is easy to knit.  So far I have ripped out a lot of tries, but I think I have a basic feel for these along with "easier" traditional yarns.  

Take a basic recipe and improvise.  I made a soup with cucumbers in it.  Tonight I'll see how it turned out~

"Angel Blessings to You, Sue" 

"Find Joy in Every Breath," Debra

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*  Sue Broome, Author, Spiritual Teacher, Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader.  Blog Post Inspire Creativity , Dec 14, 2014 .  Sue is also on Facebook.

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