Sunday, June 29, 2014


**  "You're invited to relax today."

As the Clematis come into lush bloom, I feel freedom and joy!

Tincture of Time?  Aromatherapy?

*  Long ago, one of my physicians talked to me about Tincture of Time.  I assumed he meant tincture of "Time."  It takes time to recover and heal.  Some illnesses run a course and are not hurried up by therapies or medications.  What did he mean?

Aroma Therapy at Home
Fast and Easy!
Recently I experimented brewing very small amounts of savory herbs with 1/8 teaspoon of dry herb steeped in 1/4 cup of boiling water poured over the mixture.  The fresh scent energizes and relaxes me at the same time.  Sometimes I carry herbal preparations into the room I am entering.  I enjoy writing while experiencing the gentle fragrances. 

Pinching a leaf of fresh spearmint or pungent dill outside is refreshing. 

Personal Experiences!  Various Concoctions Just for Fun~
Rosemary, feel the scent of a pine forest.  *** Can Rosemary help memory?

Coriander, brings memories of Ice Cream Wafers, home made cookies from long ago.

Nutmeg, evokes ginger bread.

Cinnamon, I imagine home made applesauce.

Garlic, soups and stews appear.

Ginger, I recall Chinese foods.

Coffee,  steeped roast coffee (plain Colombian  Whole Bean) sometimes has a maple aroma?  Why?  Pecans sometimes have a maple flavor when eaten.

Lavender invites relaxation.

** "Stop and enjoy the chocolate aroma."
Chocolate (cocoa)   Meld 1 Tablespoon100% unsweetened cocoa into a paste using approximately 2 Tablespoons warm water.  The aroma reminds me of the wonderful fudge my mom and I made together.  Enjoy eating it too.

Combinations of herbs that work well
Herb de Provence, a bit of France
Italian Seasoning, brings in Italy

"As Needed" herbs and other aromas can help gently calm and energize.

*  Tincture of Time?  Did my Doctor mean Tincture of Thyme?  This gives "Tincture of Thyme" a whole new meaning! 

** "Renew Your Sense of Discovery."

Take Time for You Everyday.

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Consult Health Care Professional for use of essential oils, herbal products, teas, or Chinese medical tonics.

*** Joseph Mercola, D.O. articles, newsletters, books for better health.  Remarkable Rosemary, article "....research provides ample evidence that rosemary not only improves memory, but helps fight cancer...."

**Dove Chocolates, each wrapped piece contains a positive message.


The Holistic Herbal, a Directory of Herbal Remedies for Everyday Health Problems, by Penelope Ody

Magic and Medicine of Plants, published by Reader's Digest 

The Healer's Manual, A Beginner's Guide to Energy Therapies by Ted Andrews

Total Memory Makeover Marilu Henner  Can aromas trigger memories?  How to index and recall your memories.


Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme, timeless song by Simon and Garfunkel.  Who could forget this gentle relaxing song?

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photographs by Dahlis
Clematis Flower, full bloom
Flower Dance
Red and Purple Clematis on their Trellis 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


                            * "Art is being in the creative zone," Louie Schwartzberg 

Can you meditate with your eyes open?  Of course!   

Photographer Louie Schwartzberg, a filmmaker, speaks about experiencing nature as a viewed meditation.  His time lapse images of flowers opening, hummingbirds in slow motion, or migrations of monarch butterflies stir deep memories of the heart. 

Many years ago, I remember chasing down the monarch in my yard and waiting to capture the moment on (real) film!  I crouched in stillness, I zoomed close up with photo-portrait lens.  Waiting in silence, I snapped several views to ensure one night turn out brilliantly colored. 

Turning the Camera Lens Brings Life Into Focus!

What a reward to view the finished butterfly nestled on marigold flowers, caught on a hot and humid sunny summer day in east central Iowa....

And now the world is digital.  Everyone can experience the joy of photography easily.  We can take endless shots and love deleting the unfavorable ones right away!  Sharing is instant for us to choose family, friends, and/or the world.  We love it!  Don't we?

A Quiet Space
Can you meditate while moving?  Yes!  Tai Chi and Yoga, integrated exercises, balance mind-body-spirit and may help create alpha waves in the brain and increase GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) for a relaxed state of mind and body.  Physical strength and range of motion also increase.

Yes you can meditate while eating mindfully?  Taste, aroma, presentation, quiet surroundings, result is an "oh yes please and thank you" moment!

Sitting Still
When I experience seated meditation with eyes closed, I often see and feel eyes all around me, usually these are the eyes of the big or small cats, wolves or horses.  Wolves are teachers:  What do they want me to experience, teach and share?  Meditation fosters creativity.  I receive many inspirations for paintings in my "mind's eye" during seated meditations.

 The Inner Light

Where is your Mindful Room or Space or Corner or Tree or Flowered Space where you can take a quick as needed "stretch and breathe" and reset your mind to receive gratitude and concentrated focus?   Imagine your Mindful Scene, even at work.  Twenty seconds or more can be a source of quick calming.

"Write Now" these various forms of meditation, including sleeping relaxation and deeper enjoyment of life, are new to me, but are now soaking into every cell and fiber of my being after many years of  Everyday Zen....

*** "Three Deep Breaths and a Smile,"  Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D.

The Eyes Have It!

Key Words:  Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga

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*** Super Brain book with Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
Monarch on Marigolds, photo SLR film (yes film)

Wolf Eyes, detail from oil painting Winter Wolf

Sasha through the Veil, photo.  I actually don't know how this effect happened in a night image with low light?

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Flying Rainbow~Beams of Light and Inspiration

Years ago, my friend, mentor, and Tai Chi student, Louise Watson, R.N., crossed over.

That morning I felt Louise's energy nudge through my heart.  I stopped and sat in my kitchen to rest.  Later that day the call came from her daughter far away.  Just then, I was getting ready to teach Tai Chi class.  I paused.  It was too late to cancel, students were already on their way.  I will go with joy, and feel light energy going with me.

A small Tai Chi group gathered that day.  Instead of practicing straight away, we talked and shared memories of friends and relatives no longer "here."  Later we practiced a bit of * 18 Form Taiji Qigong in celebration and cooled down.  On the way out of class one student  walked with me.  She said, "I saw your friend clearly today.  She was standing right next to you and practicing along with us!"

I knew Louise was not going to leave Earth immediately.  She had told me what country she was visiting to "help behind the scenes."

About six months later, after practicing Tai Chi, I wandered into my art room.  I saw a sunbeam flicker across a table scattered with books and stacks of papers.  I paused.  I perked up!  Sunlight had projected though a glass paintbrush jar, then bounced off the shiny surface and split into a prism.  

Not just any prism, but the light form was in the shape of a small crane painted by the rainbow!

Am I imagining the crane?  Her head was descending, bending down with wings spread back as if to glimpse Earth.  I knew it was Louise in rainbow form coming to tell me that her mission was accomplished overseas, and she was heading out into the great beyond.  There she would continue to help invisibly as needed using her talents, strengths, and organizational skills to move ever forward in a variety of physical and non physical dimensions. 

I made a quick pencil sketch of the little crane and tucked it away. 

Then I bent down and gently held the rainbow in the palm of my hand.  I watched with wonder and gratitude as the sun shifted softly.  The tiny dancer crane slowly faded away.

** "Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour,"  William Blake

*** "God has put a rainbow in the clouds...."  Maya Angelou

                                       Celebrate the Rainbow!

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** William Blake the Seer and His Visions by Milton Klonsky 

***  The Better For It, post by Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTP, HTt  June 16, 2014, Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health

Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Angels and other books and programs.

Ask Your Angels, A practical guide to working with the messengers of Heaven to empower and enrich your life, Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer

* 18 Form Taiji Qigong with Master Wing Cheung who studied with the creators of the form.  Easy to follow and practice, free DVD download.

Flying Rainbow, photo by Dahlis Roy, often rainbow prisms appear in my kitchen, living room, or in the sky.  Louise is near!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Sitting and Fidgeting....
"Write now...."  I am getting up out of my chair to try a sound experiment.  I'll randomly select a Cd, push play, and let you know the results later.

Pushing "Play" Now, very low volume:

Sitting Still" locks up my joints.  Gentle movement is best with very frequent breaks.  "Getting up and running out of the room" is common!  Then I come back to "sitting."  Motion and Stillness, both are necessary. 

 "Organizing" my work and play is left to "last" (no surprises there!)  
 Except for some stray stacks of written notes here in my art room, other spaces (for now) are under control (sigh of relief).

Sit Still?  Who Me?  Not Me!
A few months ago, while daydreaming, I accidentally hit my right ankle on the corner of the open dishwasher.  How could this be?  A shaft of pain hit me.  Quickly I sat down, breathed deeply, and "swept" the pain away with my hands then did  * "pressure points" on both ankles to release "foot and ankle pain."  No problem, it will be gone in the morning, no swelling, no redness had appeared.

Later in the night I realized I could not put weight on the ankle.  HELP! 

What Now?
Breathe, Relax, and Think Blue (or your favorite color or combination of colors).
I was free of pain while sleeping.  I called in Angelic Help team and was confident "all is well."

The next morning dawned.  As I awakened, I consciously realized (oh no) that I would have to "sit still" at least for one day.  How will this happen?

Slowly I gathered needed items around me at the kitchen table:  books, magazines, food, glasses, ice bag, music (always music) and more.  The table filled up fast!

Using sit still mode I began: 
Skim, Read and Recycle awesome holistic magazines, clipping some articles and feeling lighter already.

Reading selected sentences in a few sacred books, mining information I need, or opening a book at random to see what appears.  

Balance by standing by the chair and gently stretch out often to keep joints mobile.

Sit Still?  
Pretty Tough!

On the second day of foot rest, I practiced Tai Chi Yang Long form in a Chair.  A swivel chair helped me to turn the 4 corners and 4 directions easily.   I felt better and looked forward to leading Tai Chi the next morning.

Tai Chi Day dawned sunny and bright.  Would I be able to get my shoe on comfortably?  Yes!  We all enjoyed practice.  However I didn't have full turning ability in the foot yet, but modified postures for comfort.  For the second round of group practice, a student and I sat in the back and practiced in chairs letting the others lead us~Yea!

"Honor Your Body!"

Is increaseing exponentially for the simple ability to put a foot onto the ground. 

Grateful for hands that co-ordinate and help co-create writing, painting, and knitting.  Once they were red and swollen, and now they are whole and free of pain.

Grateful for skin clearing and experiencing the full inhale and exhale breath.  All in harmony to help receive and give a balance of vigorous health and inner peace.  

What are a few of your Gratitude Experiences today?

Keep Growing! 

Try Meditations in Motion 

Knitting or Crocheting in a Chair (seated meditation)

Tai Chi in a Chair + Therapy= "Chairapy" 
TC in a chair is somewhat harder than standing up and moving.  You work muscles you don't feel during standing practice.

Yoga in a Chair
Use chair for balance or sit and gather full inhale/exhale with gratitude.  Recently I started attending basic Yoga-Tai Chi combination class where students can practice stretching and breathing at their own pace while standing, sitting in a chair, or on the mat.  I reach a deep state of relaxation and calm.

Drawing and Painting Meditation
The Yoga of Drawing Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit in the Art of Drawing, Jeanne Carbonetti

Writing Meditation
Results of my "Sound Experiment."  I put on a Cd Guided Meditation chosen randomly from a stack of Cd'sThe  experiences lasted 1 1/2 hours.  I heard parts of some meditations while writing from Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Meditation Challenge:  Miraculous Relationships.  The other selection on the Cd I did not "hear" at all.  I repeated one of the tracks more than one time.  I felt deep peace and relaxation.  Focus (details of writing) seemed to come less easily near the end of playing the Guided Meditations for an extndd time.

Length of "Time" while writing with guided meditations were basically the same with or without music of various kinds.

I feel relaxed with less "hurry up" pressure to move on to my next adventure of the day.  I feel like moving a bit slower and more centered.  I quite like it!

Goal:  To achieve this quiet, yet focused, relaxed state more often and incorporate these feelings into daily life events.  

Goal:  To experience body and brain working together in harmony and balance, effortlessly

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* Healing with Pressure Point Therapy, book by Jack Forem and Steve Shimer, L.Ac.

 Jack Forem is best selling author of Transcendental Meditation.

** Chopra Center Meditation, get started with Deepak Chopra, M.D.  Seated Yoga video at work or home. 

*** Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD by Paul Lam,M.D. Various Forms of Tai Chi at Tai Chi for Health Institute

Guided Meditations by Joel P. Bowman,Ph.D and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, , HTt, RMT now on Cd Baby and iTunes.

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Flower Collage, water color art work by K.B. Wilson

Under the Maple photo by Paul 
Photo and artwork reprinted with permission.