Thursday, May 26, 2011


Prayer For Healing

Thank you God,

I am alive today

I am here today

I am free of pain today

I am healed Today!

These words floated through my head many years ago, and I prayed them as if healing is already here!   "Now" new research is showing creative visualization is one of the most powerful tools of the heart-mind.  Healing-manifesting is in the now!  A form of "k-NOW-ing."

Belief, trust plus letting go opens the heart-mind-body to relaxation, forgiveness and DNA clearing for ourselves and our ancestors.  Healing Is Here!  I am still working on the trust and let go.

An angel whispers:

I am picturing a beautiful mountain at sunrise and letting Tai Chi energy fill me.  I open my arms wide to receiving the life-joy!

"Will you be home when you arrive?"

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The DNA of Healing by Margaret Ruby  Gregg Braden, Scientist, Author, Mystic, The Divine Matrix.  You Tube Selections Walking Between Two Worlds and Cure Cancer, the Technology of Emotion  inquiries or request free PDF E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision

Into the Light, photo by Dahlis Roy
Top of the World, photo by Rob

Friday, May 20, 2011


I want to show you a story

Some years ago, Paul and I rounded a bend in the highway.  As we glanced out at the shimmering lake, we saw a regatta of sailboats with their white sails cut and pasted on the blue cloth of the water.  There were a fleet of boats, at least fifteen, floating like feathers.

We quickly drove down to the lake lookout expecting to enjoy the scene.  The boats had all vanished!  It took us only one and one half minutes to reach the lake view.  We both looked right and left, nothing!  The boats appeared to disappear into the mists of time?

"It's a time warp," Paul broke the silence. "We saw the boats, but they weren't really there.  Maybe they were there fifty years ago, but we just saw them now."

"We both saw them!"  I shouted!

I can imagine almost anything anytime, thus I tend to doubt my eyes and intuition.  I remember thinking and wondering where the boats "were" in the space-time dimension.

The ghost boat images flashed back to reveal patterns of friendship.  The friend may not be in view, but the love connection is continuous.  Beyond the smile, beyond the words, echoes of silent speech reach out to communicate.  Time is timeless, not linear, we we perceive it.  Love and friendship (and beyond) leaps fences of space-time.  "I love you, no matter what!"

"Be in the Micro, think in the Macro," Rob adds.

"The friend is here...." Rumi

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Mother and Child, painting by Dahlis Roy

Monday, May 16, 2011


Vanishing Act
Settling in for a nice comfortable blog this morning, I reached for my scribbled notes from a recent phone call.... the notes had vanished!  Get real!  I know what I wrote in huge letters, I know where I put them, ready for my eager hands to blog merrily along....and they are not here?  I searched twice, three times.  Oh, well, I'll just reconstruct from memory, and so I began to type part of the conversation below.  Then:

A few minutes ago, I walked into my puzzle piece room and turned over a paper that had appeared, face down, where I had already looked.  I turned the paper over.  Yes, the notes were back! 

Back from where?  Maybe another universe or dimension?  Maybe angels or fairies borrowed them for some reason or for a prank so "we" on Earth can experience another lesson of "letting go?"  How many of us are experiencing these mysteries?  How many of us can admit it!  I feel sometimes like I am living a Back to the Future moment!  On with the story:

Pink Blanket Visualization
The phone rang as I was on my way out the door.  I skidded to a stop to answer it.  A friend requested prayers for a sore ankle. "How did I get this?  I don't remember twisting my ankle or spraining it?" 

"Sometimes, I just get sore for no reason," I added and told her to rest into the day and take time to be in a quiet space.  A day off from all the scheduling we do can be an awakening experience, like a flower blooming.

"Forgive yourself...."  Speaking from experience here, I am learning to ease from a mindset of self blame into a situation of relaxation and easy is this?  I am still learning.  My angels spoke through me to my friend with encouragement, "When you relax and forgive, and pray and meditate in quiet, healing can begin."

"Oh, you mean I didn't cause this myself?  It just happened?  I shouldn't blame myself or search through my mind about how I injured myself?  You know, I already know this, but your reminder helped me to remember to feel self love instead of hurt, anger, and anxiety."

"Let me send you a pink blanket!"

"What's that?

"A pink blanket is a visualization you can use anytime you need to return to the state of self love, self nurturing, and self care.  This is a personal reminder of rest and calm.  When we were infants, our Moms wrapped us up in pretty warm blankets for loving naps." 

"I came across the pink blanket idea recently when a friend had surgery, and angels instructed me to send her a candy pink blanket." The blanket was filled with sparkly light and warm  loving color for complete recovery.  "I pictured my friend 'already healed' and in perfect whole health."  My friend's full recovery was filled with light angels, and music sent by many people.

Why is it pink?
"Pink is the color of unconditional love."

"I'll be alright.  I am already feeling better just talking to you." 

"You are alright right now!  Picture healing already complete and done!  Here's something else you can try.  Warm a towel in the dryer a few minutes and sit or lie down wrapped in this warm feeling.  The soothing warmth helps me relax.  Sometimes I even fall asleep. This is much better and safer than a plugged in heating pad.

"I am so glad I called you.  I am taking the day off!"

Hunting the Pink Blanket
Later I searched for a real pink blanket.  I "saw" two small pink blankets in my head and came to the store I pictured.  Breathlessly I walked to the isle.  I found many small throw blankets on sale.  Only two were pale pink!  One for me and one for my friend!

I hear someone speak,  "Be Here, Be Clear, Be Open!" 

Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection, John E. Sarno, M.D.  Is Tension Myositis Syndrome a root cause of your body's pain?  Find out how to help and heal.

Healing With Pressure Point Therapy, Simple Effective Techniques for Massaging Away More Than 100 Common Ailments, by Jack Forem and Steve Shimmer, L.Ac.  Use this book with guidance from a qualified health care professional.  Gregg Braden, scientist, author, mystic The Divine Matrix.

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Photos by Emilie:  Hydrangea and Rose of Sharon

Monday, May 9, 2011


Rose of Sharon:  Fountains of Light

Beams of Light
Some years ago after meeting my Angel, Sharon, I picked up my clipboard and scribbled a few words.  Then I saw some notes from yesterday's oceans of thoughts: 

"Compassion/Connection."  There are other phrases there:  "I carry you in my heart.  Quiet the noise in your mind.  In silence the angels speak."  My mind has been hard to quiet lately.  One of my daughters called and said she saw a TV show where beams of light can pass between healing hearts.  

The phone rang again.  It was Mary with the confidential prayer requests.  Mary knows all about angels.  I told her excitedly that I just heard Sharon's name.  What a difference a personal angel makes in my life now that higher lines of communication are opening.  Mary told me her guardian angel's name is Rufus!  

Mary continues, "We have to touch hearts and change lives!  If I have touched one heart, then I have made a difference.  You have to love yourself first before you can reach out and love another."  Mary closed with, "I keep you warm in my heart." 

Why is a Valentine Heart shaped like that?  It doesn't resemble a human heart?  Sitting in our coffee shop bookstore office, my friend and guide, Louise and I opened a random book, Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan, and leafed through the color plates.  "Look at this!"  I nearly shouted.  In the painting of a couple in love, the auric fields rose up, blended and merged surrounding the connected couple in a valentine heart shape of love!  The colors glowed with much pink and gold.  Blue cords of love connected the couple's chakras.  "Oh Boy, a Valentine Heart!  This helps explain the mystery." 

Fountains of Light
Soft winter twilight fell as a group of us met and practiced 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong warm up for a Tai Chi class I taught.  Then we began practice of the Yang Long Form, 108 synchronized movements as a continuous flowing wave of motion accompanied by Chinese music.  My daughter joined in from behind the back row.  Later at home she shared what she saw during practice:

Energy Shower
Mom, at the beginning the room was a quiet blue.  As your qi (energy) rose, increased light began to emerge up and out of your crown chakra (top of head).  It was a gentle, pure light, a soft white.  Gradually the fountains of light grew and filtered up, over and around the students, nurturing them with showers of energy.  

Then, guess what!  As I watched and practiced, light began to radiate from the students too!  The streams of light encircled you and back again!  The qi lights circled continuously over, around, and through everyone in the room!  Did you see it?

"No," I replied "Thank you for telling me."  It is through conversations and wonders of the heart-mind we discover secrets of ourselves.

Louise Watson R.N. adds, "Look around you, do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  Unseen mysteries lead us and guide us to be more in focus, who we truly are

When you open the chest, the heart smiles

Master Weiqi He, co-creator of 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong, comments about the movement, Gazing from a Mountaintop, while stretching her arms wide open.

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Rose of Sharon, Fountains of Light painting by Dahlis Roy.  Sharon, my angel, is surrounded by a light cloud of heart shaped unconditional love.

Monday, May 2, 2011


*Invisible Painting
"Each one of us has a job to do, and we are painting the picture of EarthEach person steps up and adds individual colors, brush strokes, details, and designs [thought forms]Express your curiosity and passion for the beauty of people and of the Earth."

"Step back, and it's a beautiful painting!"

The Big Picture
Artists and artisans creating the 12th century stained glass windows of the French Gothic Cathedral Chartres left no signatures.  I like that!  The purity of the blue in these windows is unmatched today, "sacred blue," the color of crushed sapphires.  Hebrew sacred writings including the Talmud calls this blue Tekhelet, returning now to the Earth to remind us of the sea and the sky.  Heaven (and everywhere)is the dwelling place of God's holy throne.  Sacred Blue represents the edge, walking the borders between Heaven and Earth. 

We can be artisans piecing together a stained glass window, a mandala of our life and times.  At the time of living and being, we add piece by piece of colored glass and lead framework carefully and slowly through eons of our individual timelines as we journey forward, ever forward.  We have to step back to "see" our completed window!  A glorious riot of color and song appears, every window blooming with kaleidoscopic stories.  You can use any meld of colors and subjects: a cobalt cheetah, a pink horse, a silver wolf, fanciful creatures....What will your window be?

Chauvet Caves in Southern France display the Earth's oldest paintings from 45,000 years ago.  Shaded three dimensional heads and shoulders of lions and horses, plus full body bisons and wild pigs in action show correct muscular structure with legs and sinews bent properly!  The experienced artists taught the young ones secrets of painting.  Yes!  The first communication is on the cave wall.  The first communication is art!

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own, Charles Dickens

*Painting the Earth, comments by Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  Photograph by Bill, reprinted with permission, Crystal Skull floats in Red Rocks (Sedona AZ)  Bill Homann's free online interactive magazine

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams, now available free readable full text and pictures online at 

Simcha Jacobovici is The Naked Archaeologist, on site searching for ancient clues, interviews with experts. various titles, True Blue, The Return of the Hillazon (sacred blue), Healers in the Bible and more Daniel McPheeters, scientist, photographer, gardener, and artist creates cosmic designs.  view art work, giclee prints available.  Also Werner Herzog, Cave of Forgotten Dreams DVD, and the Bradshaw Foundation, Chauvet Caves.  inquiries or request free E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, the prequel to Out of the Blue.  biography and paintings