Monday, May 16, 2011


Vanishing Act
Settling in for a nice comfortable blog this morning, I reached for my scribbled notes from a recent phone call.... the notes had vanished!  Get real!  I know what I wrote in huge letters, I know where I put them, ready for my eager hands to blog merrily along....and they are not here?  I searched twice, three times.  Oh, well, I'll just reconstruct from memory, and so I began to type part of the conversation below.  Then:

A few minutes ago, I walked into my puzzle piece room and turned over a paper that had appeared, face down, where I had already looked.  I turned the paper over.  Yes, the notes were back! 

Back from where?  Maybe another universe or dimension?  Maybe angels or fairies borrowed them for some reason or for a prank so "we" on Earth can experience another lesson of "letting go?"  How many of us are experiencing these mysteries?  How many of us can admit it!  I feel sometimes like I am living a Back to the Future moment!  On with the story:

Pink Blanket Visualization
The phone rang as I was on my way out the door.  I skidded to a stop to answer it.  A friend requested prayers for a sore ankle. "How did I get this?  I don't remember twisting my ankle or spraining it?" 

"Sometimes, I just get sore for no reason," I added and told her to rest into the day and take time to be in a quiet space.  A day off from all the scheduling we do can be an awakening experience, like a flower blooming.

"Forgive yourself...."  Speaking from experience here, I am learning to ease from a mindset of self blame into a situation of relaxation and easy is this?  I am still learning.  My angels spoke through me to my friend with encouragement, "When you relax and forgive, and pray and meditate in quiet, healing can begin."

"Oh, you mean I didn't cause this myself?  It just happened?  I shouldn't blame myself or search through my mind about how I injured myself?  You know, I already know this, but your reminder helped me to remember to feel self love instead of hurt, anger, and anxiety."

"Let me send you a pink blanket!"

"What's that?

"A pink blanket is a visualization you can use anytime you need to return to the state of self love, self nurturing, and self care.  This is a personal reminder of rest and calm.  When we were infants, our Moms wrapped us up in pretty warm blankets for loving naps." 

"I came across the pink blanket idea recently when a friend had surgery, and angels instructed me to send her a candy pink blanket." The blanket was filled with sparkly light and warm  loving color for complete recovery.  "I pictured my friend 'already healed' and in perfect whole health."  My friend's full recovery was filled with light angels, and music sent by many people.

Why is it pink?
"Pink is the color of unconditional love."

"I'll be alright.  I am already feeling better just talking to you." 

"You are alright right now!  Picture healing already complete and done!  Here's something else you can try.  Warm a towel in the dryer a few minutes and sit or lie down wrapped in this warm feeling.  The soothing warmth helps me relax.  Sometimes I even fall asleep. This is much better and safer than a plugged in heating pad.

"I am so glad I called you.  I am taking the day off!"

Hunting the Pink Blanket
Later I searched for a real pink blanket.  I "saw" two small pink blankets in my head and came to the store I pictured.  Breathlessly I walked to the isle.  I found many small throw blankets on sale.  Only two were pale pink!  One for me and one for my friend!

I hear someone speak,  "Be Here, Be Clear, Be Open!" 

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Photos by Emilie:  Hydrangea and Rose of Sharon