Friday, May 20, 2011


I want to show you a story

Some years ago, Paul and I rounded a bend in the highway.  As we glanced out at the shimmering lake, we saw a regatta of sailboats with their white sails cut and pasted on the blue cloth of the water.  There were a fleet of boats, at least fifteen, floating like feathers.

We quickly drove down to the lake lookout expecting to enjoy the scene.  The boats had all vanished!  It took us only one and one half minutes to reach the lake view.  We both looked right and left, nothing!  The boats appeared to disappear into the mists of time?

"It's a time warp," Paul broke the silence. "We saw the boats, but they weren't really there.  Maybe they were there fifty years ago, but we just saw them now."

"We both saw them!"  I shouted!

I can imagine almost anything anytime, thus I tend to doubt my eyes and intuition.  I remember thinking and wondering where the boats "were" in the space-time dimension.

The ghost boat images flashed back to reveal patterns of friendship.  The friend may not be in view, but the love connection is continuous.  Beyond the smile, beyond the words, echoes of silent speech reach out to communicate.  Time is timeless, not linear, we we perceive it.  Love and friendship (and beyond) leaps fences of space-time.  "I love you, no matter what!"

"Be in the Micro, think in the Macro," Rob adds.

"The friend is here...." Rumi

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Mother and Child, painting by Dahlis Roy