Monday, May 2, 2011


*Invisible Painting
"Each one of us has a job to do, and we are painting the picture of EarthEach person steps up and adds individual colors, brush strokes, details, and designs [thought forms]Express your curiosity and passion for the beauty of people and of the Earth."

"Step back, and it's a beautiful painting!"

The Big Picture
Artists and artisans creating the 12th century stained glass windows of the French Gothic Cathedral Chartres left no signatures.  I like that!  The purity of the blue in these windows is unmatched today, "sacred blue," the color of crushed sapphires.  Hebrew sacred writings including the Talmud calls this blue Tekhelet, returning now to the Earth to remind us of the sea and the sky.  Heaven (and everywhere)is the dwelling place of God's holy throne.  Sacred Blue represents the edge, walking the borders between Heaven and Earth. 

We can be artisans piecing together a stained glass window, a mandala of our life and times.  At the time of living and being, we add piece by piece of colored glass and lead framework carefully and slowly through eons of our individual timelines as we journey forward, ever forward.  We have to step back to "see" our completed window!  A glorious riot of color and song appears, every window blooming with kaleidoscopic stories.  You can use any meld of colors and subjects: a cobalt cheetah, a pink horse, a silver wolf, fanciful creatures....What will your window be?

Chauvet Caves in Southern France display the Earth's oldest paintings from 45,000 years ago.  Shaded three dimensional heads and shoulders of lions and horses, plus full body bisons and wild pigs in action show correct muscular structure with legs and sinews bent properly!  The experienced artists taught the young ones secrets of painting.  Yes!  The first communication is on the cave wall.  The first communication is art!

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own, Charles Dickens

*Painting the Earth, comments by Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  Photograph by Bill, reprinted with permission, Crystal Skull floats in Red Rocks (Sedona AZ)  Bill Homann's free online interactive magazine

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams, now available free readable full text and pictures online at 

Simcha Jacobovici is The Naked Archaeologist, on site searching for ancient clues, interviews with experts. various titles, True Blue, The Return of the Hillazon (sacred blue), Healers in the Bible and more Daniel McPheeters, scientist, photographer, gardener, and artist creates cosmic designs.  view art work, giclee prints available.  Also Werner Herzog, Cave of Forgotten Dreams DVD, and the Bradshaw Foundation, Chauvet Caves.  inquiries or request free E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, the prequel to Out of the Blue.  biography and paintings