Thursday, May 26, 2011


Prayer For Healing

Thank you God,

I am alive today

I am here today

I am free of pain today

I am healed Today!

These words floated through my head many years ago, and I prayed them as if healing is already here!   "Now" new research is showing creative visualization is one of the most powerful tools of the heart-mind.  Healing-manifesting is in the now!  A form of "k-NOW-ing."

Belief, trust plus letting go opens the heart-mind-body to relaxation, forgiveness and DNA clearing for ourselves and our ancestors.  Healing Is Here!  I am still working on the trust and let go.

An angel whispers:

I am picturing a beautiful mountain at sunrise and letting Tai Chi energy fill me.  I open my arms wide to receiving the life-joy!

"Will you be home when you arrive?"

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Into the Light, photo by Dahlis Roy
Top of the World, photo by Rob