Monday, May 9, 2011


Rose of Sharon:  Fountains of Light

Beams of Light
Some years ago after meeting my Angel, Sharon, I picked up my clipboard and scribbled a few words.  Then I saw some notes from yesterday's oceans of thoughts: 

"Compassion/Connection."  There are other phrases there:  "I carry you in my heart.  Quiet the noise in your mind.  In silence the angels speak."  My mind has been hard to quiet lately.  One of my daughters called and said she saw a TV show where beams of light can pass between healing hearts.  

The phone rang again.  It was Mary with the confidential prayer requests.  Mary knows all about angels.  I told her excitedly that I just heard Sharon's name.  What a difference a personal angel makes in my life now that higher lines of communication are opening.  Mary told me her guardian angel's name is Rufus!  

Mary continues, "We have to touch hearts and change lives!  If I have touched one heart, then I have made a difference.  You have to love yourself first before you can reach out and love another."  Mary closed with, "I keep you warm in my heart." 

Why is a Valentine Heart shaped like that?  It doesn't resemble a human heart?  Sitting in our coffee shop bookstore office, my friend and guide, Louise and I opened a random book, Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan, and leafed through the color plates.  "Look at this!"  I nearly shouted.  In the painting of a couple in love, the auric fields rose up, blended and merged surrounding the connected couple in a valentine heart shape of love!  The colors glowed with much pink and gold.  Blue cords of love connected the couple's chakras.  "Oh Boy, a Valentine Heart!  This helps explain the mystery." 

Fountains of Light
Soft winter twilight fell as a group of us met and practiced 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong warm up for a Tai Chi class I taught.  Then we began practice of the Yang Long Form, 108 synchronized movements as a continuous flowing wave of motion accompanied by Chinese music.  My daughter joined in from behind the back row.  Later at home she shared what she saw during practice:

Energy Shower
Mom, at the beginning the room was a quiet blue.  As your qi (energy) rose, increased light began to emerge up and out of your crown chakra (top of head).  It was a gentle, pure light, a soft white.  Gradually the fountains of light grew and filtered up, over and around the students, nurturing them with showers of energy.  

Then, guess what!  As I watched and practiced, light began to radiate from the students too!  The streams of light encircled you and back again!  The qi lights circled continuously over, around, and through everyone in the room!  Did you see it?

"No," I replied "Thank you for telling me."  It is through conversations and wonders of the heart-mind we discover secrets of ourselves.

Louise Watson R.N. adds, "Look around you, do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  Unseen mysteries lead us and guide us to be more in focus, who we truly are

When you open the chest, the heart smiles

Master Weiqi He, co-creator of 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong, comments about the movement, Gazing from a Mountaintop, while stretching her arms wide open.

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Rose of Sharon, Fountains of Light painting by Dahlis Roy.  Sharon, my angel, is surrounded by a light cloud of heart shaped unconditional love.