Tai Chi blends Yin (shade) and Yang (light) in harmonious continuous motion.


             *  BALANCE  *  REJUVENATION  *  HARMONY  * 

                                 *  FITNESS  *  STRENGTH  *  TRANQUILITY  *

Flowing, moving  synchronized Chinese exercise sequences are called Tai Chi ("Tie Chee").  Tai Chi provides health and fitness benefits for all ages.  Tai Chi requires no special equipment and can be done in a variety of locations.  Tai Chi is physical meditation.  You relax while exercising to achieve inner peace and a sense of quiet and centering.  Tai Chi can lead to higher connections of increased spiritual awareness,  enhanced creativity, and friendship opportunities..

Tai Chi aids range of motion, better balance and flexibility, enhanced muscle and tendon strength, mental focus and memory, sharper awareness, improved circulation, better posture, and self-assurance.

Tai Chi Chu'an forms developed from ancient Chinese family styles of martial arts and health secrets.  "Tai Chi" is translated as "supreme ultimate" and "Chu'an" means "fist."  Tai Chi family forms prepared future warriors for the fighting arts of self defense and protection.  Tai Chi enhanced the health and wellness of family members of all ages.  Many forms of Tai Chi and health practices were (and are) family secrets.

Family Styles of Tai Chi include Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, and He styles.  Each is similar yet different, and each style has unique Qigong (health exercises) incorporated into the forms.

Tai Chi forms may also blend ancient ritual dances and chants plus Yoga movements along with Qigong sequences as families created their own unique styles.  Invited priests from India came into China, approximately 527 A.D. to teach Buddhist monks special Yoga exercises to help the monks defend their temples.  The most famous of these monks is Da Mo, the creator of Chan (Zen) Buddhism at the Shaolin Temple.

What is Qigong ("Chee Gong")?  Qi (energy) Gong (work) exercises are sets much like calisthenics, created to be practiced by themselves or can be used as warm up for Tai Chi or other exercises.  Many Qigong sequences have specific medical benefits directed to specialized areas of the body, to develop immunity, or lead to greater spiritual awareness.  Some Qigong sets are done quite slowly and meditatively while others are extremely vigorous and martial oriented.

The Chinese Doctor or Tai Chi and Qigong master may also develop relaxation aids for the patient in the form of special music to touch areas of the body and heart-mind through the musical frequencies generated.  Each Tai Chi and Qigong exercise is designed to balance the body in unique ways.  For example, some Qigong forms are de-tox, or some warm and some cool the body.  Other sets of Qigong exercises stimulate the body in the morning and some invite rest and sleep in the evening.  Qigong exercises can be practiced moving, standing, sitting, or even lying down.

Examples of Qigong exercises are The Eight Pieces of Brocade, Flying Crane Qigong, The Five Animal Frolics, and 18 Form Tai Chi Qigong (Shi Ba Shi).

Both Tai Chi and Qigong touch meridian pathways used by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The TCM doctor may also recommend acupuncture, teas, herbal remedies, Chinese massage (Tui Na), cupping, or moxabustion, along with the Tai Chi and Qigong prescription.  The TCM doctor often works with the physician or other health care professionals for optimum patient achievement. 

Highly skilled acupuncturists can work in the operating room to provide anesthesia without drugs.  After surgery, pain relief can also be provided by acupuncture, increased comfort without side effects.  In a Beijing No Medicine Hospital, teams of Chinese doctors are performing "surgical" techniques without touching the fully conscious patient.  This is an example of advanced Chinese Energy Healing.

Practice Tai Chi in a relaxing, safe, and comfortable way.  "Playing" Tai Chi and Qigong is fun and enjoyable.  Practice what feels good for you.  Tai Chi and Qigong exercises are created by you for you with the help of qualified instructors and heath care professionals. Tai Chi/Qigong is used by many physicians world wide for prevention, management, and cure.  Chinese Energy Healing, Chinese Massage, Music from China, Herbals, and Hypnotherapy are also integral parts of the ever expanding dimensions of benefits from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Enjoy Tai Chi and Qigong!

"Tai Chi gives us strength and inner peace,"
                 Sun Lu-Tang, creator of Sun style Tai Chi.

See your physician or health care professional before Tai Chi or any other exercise.

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