Sunday, December 29, 2013


Luminous (radiant) Lumen (light)!

* Debra Basham writes about Luminosity: 


                              No Matter how long the room has been dark
                                     an hour or a million years,

The moment the lamp of awareness is lit the entire room becomes luminous.

                                        You are that luminosity.

                                        You are that clear light.

                                                                          Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 

Time passes, and we view each new moment through the moments we have already lived.  Painful moments, joyful, busy moments, leisure moments.  As a passenger on a train ride, we are watching the landscape out the window.  We see the fields and the towns.  We hear the call of the owl and watch the autumn leaves fall.  Through it all, we are more than what we see or say or feel or know.

Today the sun was shining, then it wasn't

Today it was snowing and blowing, and the roads were coated with ice.

Then they weren't.

Tonight the moon was big and bright, and now it isn't.

While everything outer waxes and wanes, you are that unchanging luminosity.

You are that clear light.

Tonight I am thankful.

Tomorrow I will recall today....

** Today Margie Kivel writes:

"....I am blessed to have each of you in my life.  We are all truly unique in our way of being, and from that place of uniqueness, when we come together with love and joy, the magic happens.  You all continue to amaze me with your gifts, the subtle nuances of your individual perspectives of the world and how you express that vision, and your willingness to share with one another who it is you truly are.  Thank You!"

*** If I were a wise one
                      I would do my part

 What can I give you?  Give my heart....

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* Rev. Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, Rmt, Imagine Healing info page
Post and pictures reprinted with permission from blog post Luminosity, Dec 17, 2013, Yellow Brick Road:  Your Path to Heart and Health. 

**Rev. Margie Kivel, poet, author, posted on Facebook Dec 27, 2013, reprinted with permission. 

*** Julie Andrews sings In the Bleak Midwinter as I write.  Words based on lyrics.

Debra Basham
Bubble Lights  I remember those! 
Sunset at Sunnyside
Snow and Light

Dahlis Roy
Faint Light Through Lace Curtains

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Time It Was....

When the children were little many years ago, we decided we would have a complete Traditional Christmas, with presents for everyone, a great dinner, a tree with all the trimmings.  I knit red stockings for each child and both of us with a snowflake design plus names.  We searched for gifts and stuffed stockingsEverything was wrapped and under the tree.  On Christmas Morning we opened all the presents, passing them out one or two at a time.  Everyone was laughing and having a great festive time.  That is, everyone except our young golden cat, Zar.  He knew we were having a special feast, but he could also see there was nothing for him under the tree.  He was left out.  He sulked.  I quickly found something to give Zar, and he perked up immediately.   He also adopted an empty unwrapped cardboard box as his own and spread out in it, breaking down its flimsy sides.  He purred with contentment.


I contrast, our silver collie,Sky. waved his plumy tail and joined right in the celebrations, gifts or not.  Collies are like that.

The next year we did much better.  I knit stockings for Sky and Zar.  We hung these up with the family stockings.  The pets' stockings were also stuffed with gifts especially for them.  They loved it!  Zar didn't need any encouragement to unwrap his own gift.  He tore the package to shreds and soon had his catnip mouse!  Our animal friends are now part of our Family Christmas.

Years later we got a toy hedgehog for our five cat Christmas.  Sasha, Sancat, and Mrs. Harris vanished as Tom, big and grey, tore open the paper, grabbed and shook the hedgehog.  It squeaked!  Chessie, the Matriarch, came over, swatted Tom, then took a  turn, "Here's how its done!"  Later, dark tabby, leopard-like Sasha unwrapped her gift of a fluffy jingle ball and chased it all around.  The cats enjoyed their play station, a large packing box with holes cut in it.  We later found Sasha had gathered all her catnip mice from under various beds and stashed them in the play station!  Sasha, our Warrior Princess, most enjoyed watching intense scenes of Jedi Knights fighting with light sabers.

This year, we have toys on wands for our cats, increasing their ability to jump and run.  Mrs. Harris always hisses!  Recently, I bought a golden wooden bowl for my art room.  Mrs. Harris said, "Mine," and climbed right in.  And so it goes, Mrs. Harris chose her special gift, matching her golden coat!


The Golden Time is Here.

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 Then as Now, I reach out to touch an animal friend.

The Christmas Day Kitten and Moses the Kitten, stories by James Herriot, D.V.M.

Albert Payson Terhune, "True Fiction" stories about his Sunnybank Collies, Lad A Dog, Gray Dawn and more.

Sunnybank. The Home of Albert Payson Terhune, a Christmas Card 

This post based on Those Were the Days, Collected Memories from Remembrance Writing Class, Lincoln Township Public Library, Stevensville, MI, 2005

Luminosity blog post by Debra Basham, Dec 17, 2013, Inspiration for You 
Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health

Rob and Zar 

Cat-in-a-Box, I held the Zar in a Box photo in my hands recently, but then it slipped away to be discovered later!  Sancat stands in for Zar.

Cat-in-A-Bowl  Mrs. Harris curls up and owns her prize.

Healing Touch, "I held a photograph...." 

Sunnybank at Christmas, a photo a Collie friend gave me years ago.  Collies romp and play in the snow on the large Estate grounds and lake in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA, home of Albert Payson Terhune, author and journalist.  You Tube selections show Sunnybank Collies at home.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Some years ago I opened a letter from my cousin.  Inside were several photographs of my parents and me!  One I had never seen, my mother five years before I was born!

I thought back to Connie's world then before "me" their only child.  I heard again my mother talking to me about their Fox Terrier, Cubby.  I want a dog!

Time Stood Still

Recently I had a conversation with my friend, Dolores.  "Well, it just isn't Thanksgiving and Christmas without your Holiday Cranberry Salad!  It's a requirement!"  I had taken the salad to a Christmas Lunch several years ago, a girls' day out. 

Long ago, my mother also told me the story of Holiday Cranberry Salad. "The recipe appeared in the Augusta, Georgia [USA] newspaper the Christmas after you were born.  I've made it ever since!"   We made it for every celebration, so pretty and cheerful, a pop of color with the feast.

As I grew older, I helped make the salad.  My very favorite part was chopping the fresh walnuts, and eating plenty in the process.  I love the combination of cheese and walnuts and was sure to have some cottage cheese as I chopped along.  The finished chilled salad enticed me to eat more of the ingredients that rose to the top:  walnuts, celery, and chopped apples and less of the cranberry layer.  I always play with my food, and still do, taking ingredients apart such as eating the buttercream icing and leaving the cake. 

After I married and had children of our own, we continued the tradition.  My family now helped chop the walnuts and make the salad!

Holiday Cranberry Salad 

Dissolve 1 small package of raspberry Jello with 1 cup boiling water
Add a can (8 oz) of cranberry sauce.  We use Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce.  Stir and mix well.

Stir in
1/2 cup chopped celery 
1/2 chopped walnuts
Peel and chop an apple and add.  We use a ripe Macintosh Apple.
Stir and Chill

A couple of weeks ago, my husband handed me this photograph....Where did it come from?  I haven't seen this one in years!  I love the memories and feel my hands again on the sturdy cold grey stonework mantel and fireplace, the stonecutter's art.  I love rocks and minerals, connectiion with the Earth. I love the ledge where my horses and dog statues paraded, waiting for me to draw and paint them, teaching me how to develop 3-D shaded believable art work.

As I write, the same horse and dog models, silent companions, salute me again from inside the glass design of my mother's china cupboard.  I love taking them out to play and placing them around.

Rewind~Fast Forward
Many years later, I can touch our brick living room wall and feel the ochre sandstone grains with my hands.  I have many ledges now where paintings appear and change with the mood and seasons of the heart-mind.

*  "....Time it was, and what a time it was, it was

 A time of innocence,

 A time of confidences

Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph, 

Preserve [Y]our Memories...."

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Music Resources:
* Song of the Day:  Simon and Garfunkel: Bookends, Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits

Christmas in Vienna, Music Cd from The Vienna Boys' Choir  I still love the Cd format, I love holding music in my hands and seeing the picture cover, "Time it Was"

Marilu Henner, actress and author, Total Memory Makeover, anticipate, experience, index, and recall your memories

Tai Chi Exercise
Tai Chi helps your memory and all areas of your life, a mind-body exercise.
Dr. Paul Lam, Tai Chi for Health Worldwide, You Tube free lesson, Tai Chi for Beginners

Photos by Robert G. Diess, M.D. my father
Connie and Cubby
Dahlis at Christmas

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Robert Longpaws

"Give yourself permission to enjoy the freedom of playfulness," Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way.

Over a path of several years, cats came into Emilie's life. 

One invited himself in when his owners left town, Oliver.

King Oliver

Another came into the yard and caused disturbance with Oliver.  Now Extra Orange has mellowed a bit.  He is proud of his good looks and charm, posing for the camera with a Hollywood cattitude.

 Extra Orange

At 7 months rascal, Robert Longpaws, was next. Longpaws hid under the couch while Oliver swatted at the long white paws reaching out.  Once Robcat leaped into the air and landed on purpose on Oliver's back.

Oliver's mood lifted and his playfulness increased with the introduction of an energetic youngster.

"Become like a young kitten," Jou, Tsung Hwa 

Observing a animals is a study of relationships, the ebb and flow of group dynamics, personalities, and power plays can be humorous or need watchful observance.

A pet is a good friend.  
Pets of all kinds teach compassion, empathy, play, and much more while balancing action and rest, a giving and receiving of spirit.  We can recognize ourselves in the lessons and love taught by animals.

Being is Believing~

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Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way and other books help unlock creativity

Jou, Tsung Hwa, The Tao of Taijiquan, and The Tao of Meditation from a mathematician and Tai Chi expert.

Photos by Emilie:
Robert Longpaws
Oliver in Sunlight
Extra Orange  How did he get his name?  "He's an extra cat, and he's orange."