Thursday, December 19, 2013


Time It Was....

When the children were little many years ago, we decided we would have a complete Traditional Christmas, with presents for everyone, a great dinner, a tree with all the trimmings.  I knit red stockings for each child and both of us with a snowflake design plus names.  We searched for gifts and stuffed stockingsEverything was wrapped and under the tree.  On Christmas Morning we opened all the presents, passing them out one or two at a time.  Everyone was laughing and having a great festive time.  That is, everyone except our young golden cat, Zar.  He knew we were having a special feast, but he could also see there was nothing for him under the tree.  He was left out.  He sulked.  I quickly found something to give Zar, and he perked up immediately.   He also adopted an empty unwrapped cardboard box as his own and spread out in it, breaking down its flimsy sides.  He purred with contentment.


I contrast, our silver collie,Sky. waved his plumy tail and joined right in the celebrations, gifts or not.  Collies are like that.

The next year we did much better.  I knit stockings for Sky and Zar.  We hung these up with the family stockings.  The pets' stockings were also stuffed with gifts especially for them.  They loved it!  Zar didn't need any encouragement to unwrap his own gift.  He tore the package to shreds and soon had his catnip mouse!  Our animal friends are now part of our Family Christmas.

Years later we got a toy hedgehog for our five cat Christmas.  Sasha, Sancat, and Mrs. Harris vanished as Tom, big and grey, tore open the paper, grabbed and shook the hedgehog.  It squeaked!  Chessie, the Matriarch, came over, swatted Tom, then took a  turn, "Here's how its done!"  Later, dark tabby, leopard-like Sasha unwrapped her gift of a fluffy jingle ball and chased it all around.  The cats enjoyed their play station, a large packing box with holes cut in it.  We later found Sasha had gathered all her catnip mice from under various beds and stashed them in the play station!  Sasha, our Warrior Princess, most enjoyed watching intense scenes of Jedi Knights fighting with light sabers.

This year, we have toys on wands for our cats, increasing their ability to jump and run.  Mrs. Harris always hisses!  Recently, I bought a golden wooden bowl for my art room.  Mrs. Harris said, "Mine," and climbed right in.  And so it goes, Mrs. Harris chose her special gift, matching her golden coat!


The Golden Time is Here.

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Rob and Zar 

Cat-in-a-Box, I held the Zar in a Box photo in my hands recently, but then it slipped away to be discovered later!  Sancat stands in for Zar.

Cat-in-A-Bowl  Mrs. Harris curls up and owns her prize.

Healing Touch, "I held a photograph...." 

Sunnybank at Christmas, a photo a Collie friend gave me years ago.  Collies romp and play in the snow on the large Estate grounds and lake in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, USA, home of Albert Payson Terhune, author and journalist.  You Tube selections show Sunnybank Collies at home.