Sunday, September 25, 2016


Beyond The Blue Horizon

It's Time Again to wish you, Blue, another Happy Birthday on Sept 26.  It's been 6 years since 2010 when I first pushed "publish" and watched you, the Blue Butterfly, silently float up into Cyberspace~

Light Years from yesterday, I went through your hard copy file  and "found" your title and logo in its infancy format.

I also found the scribbled phrase "Out of this Word..." 

Little did I realize that more than 300 posts later you are still evolving into the blue with spontaneous creativity, inspiration, wonder, and  joy to share..

 This year the Top Five Posts on Out of the Blue are: (drum roll)

Tonal Vision

Lavender Blue

What Kind of Animal Are You?

Wander and Ponder

Sirius Blue

Thank You Everyone, readers and contributors far and wide, visible and invisible.

Ready Set Grow!

Key Words:  Blue, Silver, Butterfly, Imagination, Creativity, Feather

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Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Lake Michigan Chicago Skyline, "seeing beyond" photo by Erik Drake, musician

Out of the Blue!  I have a blog title and a blue butterfly logo, sketch by Dahlis 

Blue and Silver Light Reflections, photo by Dahlis 

Sunday, September 18, 2016


"What if I were to draw my feelings?"

"What are my feelings?"

"I don't know"

"How would I draw them?"

"I don't know."

Emotional Creativity
"What does it feel like to be creative?"

"Step Outside Your Self"  "Being in the Zone."  "The Great Escape~"  

* Flame Work~Torch Work:  The blue flame of the blowtorch creates magic.

"Music is Art for Your Ears," Ivy.

"I know I am in the zone when the music I'm playing while writing or painting disappears." 

** "Have you ever felt oneness with anybody, anything?"

"I personally have felt many times as if I am nowhere or I am one with universal forces.  And have felt as if there is nothing like physical existence, just there are only invisible forces dancing to create illusions," Arvind Hirpara

Paint Attention

Butterfly and Poppies


Key Words: Creativity, Vision

** Arvind Hirpara, creator of Spirituality and Spiritual Souls, a positive sharing group on Facebook, quote from Sept 2, 2016

The Yoga of Drawing, Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Art of Drawing by Jeanne Carbonetti

The Dancing Wu-Li Masters by Gary Zukav,  my first book: "spontaneous creativity." 

Music:  R.E.M. live at the Chelsea Theater, NYC, 1991, recorded as Unplugged, program on MTVC (Music Television Classics) Sept 2016.  Lyrics:  "That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight...."

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Lavender Blue, Sunlight Reflected through a blue bottle, photo by Dahlis  

** Flame Work~Torch Work, custom made necklace created by Zoe

Butterfly and Poppies, contributed photo, first painting, done at a Wine and Canvas Group.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Cottage Morning


Harmonious blends of lights and darks appear and shift.  
Stillness, Motion, and More~I am fully there, participating rather then viewing.

* "Our purpose is not to imitate the crane but to become it..."

Just this morning, the sun cut its path through thick clouds of ground mist, previews of coming attractions..

And now summer is melting into early autumn in the northern hemisphere....shifting light and color become poised for cooler temperatures and longer nights.

** I feel like I am visiting William Blake's Inn~I pick up the book and read:

The Marmalade Man Makes a Dance to Mend Us
"....Tiger, Sunflowers, King of Cats
Cow and Rabbit mend your ways.
I the needle, you the thread-
follow me through mist and maze...." 

Then....Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way....

I chuckle:
Blake Tells the Tiger the Tale of the Tailor
"....On windy days and moonless nights
Blake wears a suit of shifting lights
The tailor now has grown so clever
He stitches light and dark together...." 

 Mists of Time

I reflect:
** "Will you come?" said the sun.

"Soon," said the moon.

"How far?" said the star.

"I'm there," said the air.

For now, Wood Aster stars are still blooming here.

*** "....Where Do You Notice Shifts?  "Separation is Only an Illusion...."

Key Words:  writing, poetry, Tai Chi

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* Jiong Gu, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, my Tai Chi Instructor

**  A Visit to William Blake's Inn, Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers by Nancy Willard, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.  Quotes from Introduction, and pages 36 and 42.   

William Blake is a well known artist, writer, poet, and mystic who lived in London nearly 200 years ago. Poem: "Tyger, Tyger. burning bright...." and more

***  Deepak Chopra, M.D., writer, spiritual teacher, chopracentermeditation, Quote from segment Miraculous Living from the 21 Day Meditation Experience, Miraculous Relationships Cd set with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. Online free meditations, some for purchase and some on Cd.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Cottage Morning  contributed by Debbie, used with permission

by Dahlis
Winter Prints
Wood Asters