Sunday, September 25, 2016


Beyond The Blue Horizon

It's Time Again to wish you, Blue, another Happy Birthday on Sept 26.  It's been 6 years since 2010 when I first pushed "publish" and watched you, the Blue Butterfly, silently float up into Cyberspace~

Light Years from yesterday, I went through your hard copy file  and "found" your title and logo in its infancy format.

I also found the scribbled phrase "Out of this Word..." 

Little did I realize that more than 300 posts later you are still evolving into the blue with spontaneous creativity, inspiration, wonder, and  joy to share..

 This year the Top Five Posts on Out of the Blue are: (drum roll)

Tonal Vision

Lavender Blue

What Kind of Animal Are You?

Wander and Ponder

Sirius Blue

Thank You Everyone, readers and contributors far and wide, visible and invisible.

Ready Set Grow!

Key Words:  Blue, Silver, Butterfly, Imagination, Creativity, Feather

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Lake Michigan Chicago Skyline, "seeing beyond" photo by Erik Drake, musician

Out of the Blue!  I have a blog title and a blue butterfly logo, sketch by Dahlis 

Blue and Silver Light Reflections, photo by Dahlis