Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Wonder of Wonders!  

In early autumn, I gazed out my window....  

I saw images in the sunspots flickering on the giant oak tree.  Many animal faces and forms greeted me in a backdrop of rough bark and soft grass.  Shapes of animals, wild and tame, appeared.  How come I didn't notice them before?

My memory wound back to a music documentary about * David Gilmour:  Wider Horizons.  David and his mother were walking through a grove of bright green trees in full leaf.  "I see pictures in the trees.  Do you see them?"  his mother inquired.


My next personal memory presented itself as images of the painting called **Peaceful Mountain.  Rocks, water and grass painted itself sprinkled with animal shapes, clear and faded.  A figure in white appeared.  What next?

I shot some more photos.  Smile!

 As I look at these uploads, even more shapes appear as floating foams, ever changing.

*** Lately I've been enjoying puppy and kitten shows and videos, increasing my awareness and developing stronger bonds with the animal kingdom and with my own pets.  These gentle positive scenes enhance meditative states of mind and increase relaxation responses.

Little faces come to life, peering eyes, furry coats...."imagine." Where did all the shapes originate?  I am sure they are there all along, waiting for me to catch up with them!

Another day near sunset, grass glowed bright ethereal green Blueish shadows brought multiple dimensions to life.  I felt as if I could see the cartoon segment from the Disney movie  Fantasia, The Sorcerer's Apprentice springing to life!


* David Gilmour, singer songwriter, former member of Pink Floyd, documentary, Wider Horizons on MTVC (Music Television Classics) 2016.  David explores his songwriting and music producing techniques.  How does a musician create and achieve?

** Peaceful Mountain, blog post Out of the Blue 2016, where did all these animals and visions come from?

***Puppy and Kitty shows Too Cute, Cats 101, and Dogs 101, from Animal Planet, watch videos.  Youtube, many resources to learn more about pets, fun and relaxing.

**** Quote  "Trust the Growing Tree"  from A Clever Rabbit Has Three Hiding Places: Strategies for Success in Life by Chao-Hsiu Chen, 2002

+Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940) classical music segments set with cartoon animations, joy and wonder.
Music:  Essentials from Tommy James and the Shondells, Crimson and Clover and I Think We're Alone Now  

Willie Nelson's Super Hits including Pancho and Lefty with Merle Haggard and Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis
Nature's Paintbushes: Three Images of sunspots on the old oak tree .  What do you see painted by sun and shadows?  I see a variety of images, shifting all the time.

Glow Green, sunlight and shadows, motion and stillness