Saturday, October 29, 2016


*  "The cat is fully present at all times~"

I am more fully present now than I have ever been?  How did this happen?  Am I in the moment?  Am I being intuitive about what, if anything, to do next?  Am I picking up spontaneous flexible bits of rest or creativity?  I am, (am I?) fully present up close and personal to observe and absorb the ever shifting light patterns, colors, clouds and wind directions? 

Now is the Time

**  "Infinite Existence" fades across my Cd playing just now.

*** "It's either Now or it's Not Now."  In my world, is is usually "not now!"  Smile~

Lingering and Enjoying a moment?

"What's That?"  

The hurried and/or over focused mind many not make the most of, let's say, visiting a museum or art exhibit.  ***Paraphrasing Edward Hallowell, M.D.'s experience, I race through an exhibit or take a couple of seconds to view a painting.  My wife helps me to slow down and linger in front of each piece.

Working on a computer or device and eating at the same time?  "All the Time!"

Lately, I have tried to minimize these activities together, enjoying food much more without the added strain of eating and working all at once.  Meditation helps me.  Yes, I am not on the internet as much but, as an added benefit, I am more relaxed and focused.  Sleep is deeper and longer.  

Meditation also helps me with scheduling and preparation for the next day/days.  I feel calmer and more able to concentrate and communicate better online and off with less effort.

Stretch and Breathe~ 

Integrative Exercise like Tai Chi, Qigong and/or Yoga is a great pick me up.  Recently I have enjoyed short bursts of these energy and calming boosters several times a day as well as, on some days, a longer and more complex routine.  

A few simple morning stretches, watch your pet dog or cat, is important to help you wake up gently Some folks may add a bit of writing to boost concentration.  Intend "yes" for your day and walk through the doors of perception into the infinite.


What Time is It?

It's Five Minutes to Now....

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