Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A funny thing happened on the way to this story!  I carefully clipped and saved the following post and made some notes.  Then I contacted the author and asked permission re-post.  

Our new computer arrived....when I went to retrieve the words.  They had vanished into thin air!   So, back to the starting gate.


Well,  today I found a photo by the author that illustrates her point in the story~Clarity!  If I had published Elaine's post already, I would have missed the "view."

                                         The Night Sky, photo by Elaine Collier

"No fancy camera, just my phone.  The colours were stunning and the energy was amazing.  It was over pretty quickly but I think it really highlights the beauty that surrounds us when we take the time to look."

And Now:
Guest Author: Elaine Collier

Meditation Teacher Course
Yesterday was the first day of my Meditation Teacher Training course and what a great day it turned out to be.  The part I want to share with you is one of the meditations that we did together.

Now, I have been asking for quite a while for my psychic abilities to increase so that I can be more sure of what I'm seeing, hearing, feeling etc.  I know it's all tied up with trust but I just think that if everything becomes clearer I would feel more confident.  

For one of our meditations yesterday our tutor used Diana Cooper's Wisdom Cards.  We all drew a card, read the message and then placed the card on our lap and meditated on the affirmation on the bottom.

The card I drew was clarity.  Hmmmm, that's pretty spot on.  So I meditated on the affirmation "my mind is as sharp and clear as a diamond" and immediately I could feel several of my guides drawing closer to me.  A pressure began to build over my third eye and the image of an eye appeared.  It wasn't clear, but it was there and so I wanted to go into the centre of the eye.  But the meditation was a short one and we were all brought back.  Damn, it was over too soon!

But I had drawn the Clarity card and my intuition was telling me that clarity would be mine with regular meditation.  I think the lesson I learned was that if you want something, then you have to put the work in to achieve it.  

Thanks Elaine!
My ears pricked up when I read, "The card I drew was clarity."  Years ago one of my daughters consistently drew the clarity message.  Once I made some bookmarks for my Tai Chi class and ink brushed a design on each one.  After class everyone picked a bookmark, design side upright, and turned over to read their attribute.  When I picked up the remaining one, the message: "Clarity!"

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Elaine Collier is a Reiki Master Teacher, and co-founder of the Como Centre for Enlightenment.  Elaine lives in Oxfordshire, U.K. 
Meditation Teacher Course blog post, Sept 10, 2012

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"Continuous Sound Gives You Flow."  The King's Speech

Home Alone?
Recently I had a block of time and space where I could have some "freedom for me" time. 

Just Me!  

With four cats, blank canvas, waiting computer screen, and continuous music we romped together.  I felt like a younger self when "times" like this were/are more common.  I reflected back to planes of my life where I learned to paint, draw. and write on paper.  What will I learn now?  

I learned "NOW" that the same "Me" I am with others is the same "Me" in a solitary free floating daytime schedule.  In other words (worlds), the same wandering about indoors focusing my mind, the same attention to physical tasks (breaks from creative adventure), and the same attention to spontaneous intuition.  Taking quick unplanned U-turns and suddenly going in opposite directions is commonplace and fun!      

In the evenings I rest, nourish self, and let the mind and music play.  Downloads of inspirations flow in and out at random times.  I still jot down scattered notes on scraps of paper....just like old times.

CATching Up
Back to the Cats!  I put them on a (gasp) flexible schedule!  I used dog training techniques I learned by watching Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer.  This was unplanned.  The toughest part  of my Zen vacation was getting up everyday at 7AM.  The four cats quickly shot out of the house and into the yard for their morning look about.   Gradually they wandered back in for their first food of the day and perhaps another outing.  Interesting that by 10AM every day predictably (how is this possible?) all four cat friends had come inside and gone dormant at the same time!  

What does this mean?  It means that I had a large block of time for creative work!  


Another "scheduling" was bedtime and lights out with cats nesting by 11PM Another tough one for me, my late night wandering around the house is relaxing and mind clearing but can reactivate my feline companions.  

And the music flow continues....Right now I am hearing Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony by Leonard Bernstein, movement two, Scene by the Brook.  This track repeats over and over for predictable frequencies and may repeat for hours or days as needed. 

Then there is John Denver's song, Aspenglow:  "Laughter is the only sound...."

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The King's Speech, award winning movie, Beethoven's 7th Symphony plays as background.

Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, The Pastoral conducted by Leonard Bernstein, The New York Philharmonic.

Fantasia by Walt Disney includes The Pastoral Symphony with a cartoon festival celebrating  Greek Myths.  My favorite, the flying horse family.  

John Denver, singer, songwriter, "Almost Heaven, West Virginia...." Country Roads and other songs.

The Mozart Effect book by Don Campbell

Musicophilia book by Oliver Sachs, physician, author, neurologist  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi instructor  

Mrs. Harris in the Forget-me-nots, photo by Paul

Zen Circle ink brush painting by Dahlis, look above the spontaneous heart shape and imagine a black kitten, see her ears and open eye.

Friday, October 19, 2012


*  "Phoebe is a Spirit Cat...."

Recently I glanced at Phoebe's photo where she rests on a wooden shelf between the living room and kitchen. 

I paused then walked away.  I stopped, turned and looked back, noticing a bright glow on the photograph.  I came nearer for a closer look.  There seemed to be a tiny Angel glowing on the photograph of Phoebe?  The angel appeared to be reaching up and whispering something in Phoebe's ear.  What could it be?

It was very late at night, and I was tired.  I dismissed the image as reflected light from the soft overhead lighting in the darkened room.

The next morning I saw the glow again on the photo in bright sun with no lights on in the room.  "Reflected Light," I paused and hurried on my way.

Later, the angel-bird-like form was still there.  I made sketches.  I took photos, some with bizarre results.  The camera photos were not as clear as I wished.  One, with flash, showed a vortex of energy emitting from Phoebe's head and exiting her heart center.  Of course I pondered, "Just flash reflections."  The light must be bouncing up from the little glass dragon sitting on a small mirror in front of Phoebe.  I removed the dragon, the Angel light remained!  

Years ago, I remembered showing Phoebe's framed photo to Judy, Phoebe's owner, and Mary Anne, Judy's sister.  I was leading Tai Chi, and Judy was picking up  Phoebe's finished portrait after the class.

As we practiced Tai Chi together in the studio, we noticed Phoebe displayed a rainbow wash of colors that glowed on the hard wood floor.  "Reflected Light" seemed to be the answer.  The light rays coming in the large windows were bent by the frame's clear texture, and a prism of energy and tones appeared.

I smile to find the Phoebe photo glows Angel energy.  Recently the light has also expanded to include Phoebe's face and heart center.  Sometimes the little angel appears pink or gold!

Wonders of Life~Take a Breath of Fresh Light! 

Louise Watson, R. N., "Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"

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Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer, learn to work with your Angel companions.

Healing with the Angels, How Angels Can Assist you in Every Area of Your Life by Doreen Virtue
by Dahlis Roy:  Pencil sketch of Phoebe and her Angel
Photo of Phoebe and Angel, some figures seem to appear behind Phoebe, one to her left and another (others?) behind her head as you view her.  Photo is without flash and unretouched.

Friday, October 12, 2012


"Paradox Humor, and Change,"  Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Recently I wrote and painted with great joy and abandon.  I pre-published several blog posts, sensing that "Blue," our ten year old veteran computer, was getting tired.  I backed up everything remembering "Save Early and Often." 

I was right!  After processing many photos, our computer took a rest.  Our old faithful computer is laying in wait so see if we want to bring her back to full life and re-load some simple (comfortable) programs.

The search for a new computer was not immediate.  What do we want?  What do we need?  Simple and comfortable with no frills except the important functions, customized for us, including tons of memory and picture program flexibility.

I anticipated possible separation anxiety.  What will I do without E-mail and other exciting connections like Blogging, Facebook, and Linked In?  I'll have to stop into the library and use the public computers every day to check up on events.  I never went to the library.  You know what?  I didn't feel anything!  I didn't miss computer connections.  I was/am Off the Grid!  

I thought about learning how to let go....this was a sample (simple?) lesson.

Learning Curve
After getting our new machine, I named her Fawn (Faun?)  I am  a turtle getting back in the race.  What race?  The race is within me?  Let It Go~

During the time free of computers, the autumn paintings came out into the living room.  The selection includes a painted lesson I taught myself.  How does Claude Monet paint?  How does Claude Monet feel?  How does Claude Monet see?  I can do it!  

I selected Monet's Autumn at Argenteuil.  His colors danced and vibrated  with trees reflected in water, a village shows in the distance, puffy clouds  Here is a painting in constant motion.  Monet is a master painter reflected here, vibrations of oranges and ochres pulsating into cerulean blue living water.  Blue (shadow) and orange (sunlight) are Monet's favorites.

Art students of ages past copied originals of famous masters to teach them techniques and new skills.  I notice artists in museums copying paintings with permission.  I smile.  * I used a book to help me to paint like Monet and worked at home, my comfort zone.  My small copy of the painting was done with many layers of oil paint like Monet's original.  Pure paint on pure canvas, each layer dries completely before another is added.  Using a palette knife to scrape out branches over the wet paint of golden leaves brings joy.

I don't usually copy, a new lesson.  I began with more detail orientation than in my usual free form style, marveling at Monet's "artist eye" and patience.

This Year
As my autumn painting rested on the mantel, setting sunlight flickered over orange leaves and blue water. Walking through the living room, I saw a light show as Claude Monet intended!  I stopped, frozen in a Monet moment!  The entire painting of trees along the river danced to life!  Water moved and leaves "blew" in an imaginary breeze.  The bluish sky reflected lavender tones.  Clouds sprang into full life!  I experienced the art of painting beyond visible dimensions!   I now understood Claude Monet better as he achieved his goal:  creating nature's visual effects of shimmering ever-changing vibrating light.

** "Science and Art are One," Henry Adams

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The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a Book that Changes Lives by Dan Millman

*Monet The History and Techniques of the Great Masters  Monet's Painting Techniques by Guy Jennings

**Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams available free at  Thousands of free full text books

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse by Eric Carle  "Every child [and adult] has an artist inside them...." 

A friend of mine names her cars Fern and Bella.  This gave me the humor of naming our computers!  
Request free E-book, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit

Autumn at Argenteuil painted by Claude Monet 1873, collage of images

Thursday, October 4, 2012


My friend, Chou Lin, told me:

"Look at something you like or think of it:  a painting, flowers and trees, sculpture, blue sky, chocolate, your favorite music.  Every time your eyes or mind connect with these items, say or think 'calm' to yourself.  Use other attributes too like 'joy, love, peace, happiness' and more as you walk through your day. Expand your positive outlook.  Feel deep peace and inner quiet."

Chasing the wind and turning in circles to catch the wind awakens our our inner child as we prepare for seasonal change of celebration and harvest.

Imagine and it is Yours!

Enjoy a Gentle Day

Resources:  Song:  Catch the Wind by Donovan Leitch, singer-songwriter, artist, poet, author.  "Standing in Your Heart is where I want to be...." 
Dr. Paul Lam creates Tai Chi for Health Programs for empowering people world-wide to enjoy better health and well being.  Jou, Tsung Hwa, "The Cat is a Tai Chi Master."  The Tao of Taijiquan with Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D., and Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT request Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, free illustrated PDF E-book.

Oliver Cat in Sunlight, photo by Emilie