Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A funny thing happened on the way to this story!  I carefully clipped and saved the following post and made some notes.  Then I contacted the author and asked permission re-post.  

Our new computer arrived....when I went to retrieve the words.  They had vanished into thin air!   So, back to the starting gate.


Well,  today I found a photo by the author that illustrates her point in the story~Clarity!  If I had published Elaine's post already, I would have missed the "view."

                                         The Night Sky, photo by Elaine Collier

"No fancy camera, just my phone.  The colours were stunning and the energy was amazing.  It was over pretty quickly but I think it really highlights the beauty that surrounds us when we take the time to look."

And Now:
Guest Author: Elaine Collier

Meditation Teacher Course
Yesterday was the first day of my Meditation Teacher Training course and what a great day it turned out to be.  The part I want to share with you is one of the meditations that we did together.

Now, I have been asking for quite a while for my psychic abilities to increase so that I can be more sure of what I'm seeing, hearing, feeling etc.  I know it's all tied up with trust but I just think that if everything becomes clearer I would feel more confident.  

For one of our meditations yesterday our tutor used Diana Cooper's Wisdom Cards.  We all drew a card, read the message and then placed the card on our lap and meditated on the affirmation on the bottom.

The card I drew was clarity.  Hmmmm, that's pretty spot on.  So I meditated on the affirmation "my mind is as sharp and clear as a diamond" and immediately I could feel several of my guides drawing closer to me.  A pressure began to build over my third eye and the image of an eye appeared.  It wasn't clear, but it was there and so I wanted to go into the centre of the eye.  But the meditation was a short one and we were all brought back.  Damn, it was over too soon!

But I had drawn the Clarity card and my intuition was telling me that clarity would be mine with regular meditation.  I think the lesson I learned was that if you want something, then you have to put the work in to achieve it.  

Thanks Elaine!
My ears pricked up when I read, "The card I drew was clarity."  Years ago one of my daughters consistently drew the clarity message.  Once I made some bookmarks for my Tai Chi class and ink brushed a design on each one.  After class everyone picked a bookmark, design side upright, and turned over to read their attribute.  When I picked up the remaining one, the message: "Clarity!"

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Elaine Collier is a Reiki Master Teacher, and co-founder of the Como Centre for Enlightenment.  Elaine lives in Oxfordshire, U.K. 
Meditation Teacher Course blog post, Sept 10, 2012

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