Friday, October 19, 2012


*  "Phoebe is a Spirit Cat...."

Recently I glanced at Phoebe's photo where she rests on a wooden shelf between the living room and kitchen. 

I paused then walked away.  I stopped, turned and looked back, noticing a bright glow on the photograph.  I came nearer for a closer look.  There seemed to be a tiny Angel glowing on the photograph of Phoebe?  The angel appeared to be reaching up and whispering something in Phoebe's ear.  What could it be?

It was very late at night, and I was tired.  I dismissed the image as reflected light from the soft overhead lighting in the darkened room.

The next morning I saw the glow again on the photo in bright sun with no lights on in the room.  "Reflected Light," I paused and hurried on my way.

Later, the angel-bird-like form was still there.  I made sketches.  I took photos, some with bizarre results.  The camera photos were not as clear as I wished.  One, with flash, showed a vortex of energy emitting from Phoebe's head and exiting her heart center.  Of course I pondered, "Just flash reflections."  The light must be bouncing up from the little glass dragon sitting on a small mirror in front of Phoebe.  I removed the dragon, the Angel light remained!  

Years ago, I remembered showing Phoebe's framed photo to Judy, Phoebe's owner, and Mary Anne, Judy's sister.  I was leading Tai Chi, and Judy was picking up  Phoebe's finished portrait after the class.

As we practiced Tai Chi together in the studio, we noticed Phoebe displayed a rainbow wash of colors that glowed on the hard wood floor.  "Reflected Light" seemed to be the answer.  The light rays coming in the large windows were bent by the frame's clear texture, and a prism of energy and tones appeared.

I smile to find the Phoebe photo glows Angel energy.  Recently the light has also expanded to include Phoebe's face and heart center.  Sometimes the little angel appears pink or gold!

Wonders of Life~Take a Breath of Fresh Light! 

Louise Watson, R. N., "Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"

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by Dahlis Roy:  Pencil sketch of Phoebe and her Angel
Photo of Phoebe and Angel, some figures seem to appear behind Phoebe, one to her left and another (others?) behind her head as you view her.  Photo is without flash and unretouched.  request Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, free PDF illustrated E-book.