Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"Continuous Sound Gives You Flow."  The King's Speech

Home Alone?
Recently I had a block of time and space where I could have some "freedom for me" time. 

Just Me!  

With four cats, blank canvas, waiting computer screen, and continuous music we romped together.  I felt like a younger self when "times" like this were/are more common.  I reflected back to planes of my life where I learned to paint, draw. and write on paper.  What will I learn now?  

I learned "NOW" that the same "Me" I am with others is the same "Me" in a solitary free floating daytime schedule.  In other words (worlds), the same wandering about indoors focusing my mind, the same attention to physical tasks (breaks from creative adventure), and the same attention to spontaneous intuition.  Taking quick unplanned U-turns and suddenly going in opposite directions is commonplace and fun!      

In the evenings I rest, nourish self, and let the mind and music play.  Downloads of inspirations flow in and out at random times.  I still jot down scattered notes on scraps of paper....just like old times.

CATching Up
Back to the Cats!  I put them on a (gasp) flexible schedule!  I used dog training techniques I learned by watching Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer.  This was unplanned.  The toughest part  of my Zen vacation was getting up everyday at 7AM.  The four cats quickly shot out of the house and into the yard for their morning look about.   Gradually they wandered back in for their first food of the day and perhaps another outing.  Interesting that by 10AM every day predictably (how is this possible?) all four cat friends had come inside and gone dormant at the same time!  

What does this mean?  It means that I had a large block of time for creative work!  


Another "scheduling" was bedtime and lights out with cats nesting by 11PM Another tough one for me, my late night wandering around the house is relaxing and mind clearing but can reactivate my feline companions.  

And the music flow continues....Right now I am hearing Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony by Leonard Bernstein, movement two, Scene by the Brook.  This track repeats over and over for predictable frequencies and may repeat for hours or days as needed. 

Then there is John Denver's song, Aspenglow:  "Laughter is the only sound...."

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The King's Speech, award winning movie, Beethoven's 7th Symphony plays as background.

Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, The Pastoral conducted by Leonard Bernstein, The New York Philharmonic.

Fantasia by Walt Disney includes The Pastoral Symphony with a cartoon festival celebrating  Greek Myths.  My favorite, the flying horse family.  

John Denver, singer, songwriter, "Almost Heaven, West Virginia...." Country Roads and other songs.

The Mozart Effect book by Don Campbell

Musicophilia book by Oliver Sachs, physician, author, neurologist  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi instructor  

Mrs. Harris in the Forget-me-nots, photo by Paul

Zen Circle ink brush painting by Dahlis, look above the spontaneous heart shape and imagine a black kitten, see her ears and open eye.