Friday, October 12, 2012


"Paradox Humor, and Change,"  Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Recently I wrote and painted with great joy and abandon.  I pre-published several blog posts, sensing that "Blue," our ten year old veteran computer, was getting tired.  I backed up everything remembering "Save Early and Often." 

I was right!  After processing many photos, our computer took a rest.  Our old faithful computer is laying in wait so see if we want to bring her back to full life and re-load some simple (comfortable) programs.

The search for a new computer was not immediate.  What do we want?  What do we need?  Simple and comfortable with no frills except the important functions, customized for us, including tons of memory and picture program flexibility.

I anticipated possible separation anxiety.  What will I do without E-mail and other exciting connections like Blogging, Facebook, and Linked In?  I'll have to stop into the library and use the public computers every day to check up on events.  I never went to the library.  You know what?  I didn't feel anything!  I didn't miss computer connections.  I was/am Off the Grid!  

I thought about learning how to let go....this was a sample (simple?) lesson.

Learning Curve
After getting our new machine, I named her Fawn (Faun?)  I am  a turtle getting back in the race.  What race?  The race is within me?  Let It Go~

During the time free of computers, the autumn paintings came out into the living room.  The selection includes a painted lesson I taught myself.  How does Claude Monet paint?  How does Claude Monet feel?  How does Claude Monet see?  I can do it!  

I selected Monet's Autumn at Argenteuil.  His colors danced and vibrated  with trees reflected in water, a village shows in the distance, puffy clouds  Here is a painting in constant motion.  Monet is a master painter reflected here, vibrations of oranges and ochres pulsating into cerulean blue living water.  Blue (shadow) and orange (sunlight) are Monet's favorites.

Art students of ages past copied originals of famous masters to teach them techniques and new skills.  I notice artists in museums copying paintings with permission.  I smile.  * I used a book to help me to paint like Monet and worked at home, my comfort zone.  My small copy of the painting was done with many layers of oil paint like Monet's original.  Pure paint on pure canvas, each layer dries completely before another is added.  Using a palette knife to scrape out branches over the wet paint of golden leaves brings joy.

I don't usually copy, a new lesson.  I began with more detail orientation than in my usual free form style, marveling at Monet's "artist eye" and patience.

This Year
As my autumn painting rested on the mantel, setting sunlight flickered over orange leaves and blue water. Walking through the living room, I saw a light show as Claude Monet intended!  I stopped, frozen in a Monet moment!  The entire painting of trees along the river danced to life!  Water moved and leaves "blew" in an imaginary breeze.  The bluish sky reflected lavender tones.  Clouds sprang into full life!  I experienced the art of painting beyond visible dimensions!   I now understood Claude Monet better as he achieved his goal:  creating nature's visual effects of shimmering ever-changing vibrating light.

** "Science and Art are One," Henry Adams

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Autumn at Argenteuil painted by Claude Monet 1873, collage of images