Friday, October 15, 2010


Doors and Windows Opening

"Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?"  I hear Joanna's words echoing down through the years of friendship on Earth and beyond.  I love sitting in front of blank canvas or paper and feeling what to paint or write.  Now I also love the evolving journey of the "new post" screen, waiting for words and pictures to appear as if by magic.

What fun with no preconceived idea of where stories will lead.  They will write and paint themselves.   Following the intuitive path of the butterfly landing on flowers, Out of the Blue will take shape, one post at a time and each in perfect order.

Spontaneous pictures and words include:  Out of this World Happenings, Animal Magic, The Journey (the paths we walk), The Dance ( Tai Chi exercise, painting, writing, and music), and Journey to Eternity (looking beyond logic and order).

How will this be?  Imagine a journey of spontaneous creativity, based on positive unselfish intent, and it will happen...for all of us