Saturday, April 4, 2015


Look in the Mirror, who is Staring Back?  Look Again....

 Who R U?

Years ago I gazed into a mirror.  I imagined a friend's face staring back at me!  I could not see the friend, but I sensed a presence larger than life.

Norman Rockwell's intriguing painting of the accomplished artist, painting his selfie as a young man at his easel says it all!  I always loved this painting, even a a child!  

"See Yourself" in perfect cosmic time and face!

"As you visualize, so you become."  

"Thought Transcends Matter," George Bernard Shaw

Kerry and the Wolf Shadow

The German Shepherd dog remembers his wild ancestor.

"Thought Travels Faster than the Speed of Light," comment by Shirley MacLaine from Out on a Limb

What is the Speed of You?

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Shirley MacLaine, actress, dancer, author, books Out on a Limb, The Camino, What If and other spiritual quests.

Deepak Chopra

Total Memory Makeover by Marilu Henner, actress, author

 How to Draw Animals, Walter Foster Drawing Series, various topics.

Breyer Animal Models, fun for artists of all ages.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Who R U?  Collage by Francesca, published with permission

Kerry and the Wolf Shadow, photo by Dahlis  Kerry is one of my Breyer Animal Models.  I hand painted Kerry, blacker than the original model.  I learned to draw and paint from these 3-D friends, horses and dogs.  I studied muscle tone, structure, personality and shading.  Kerry beams from the stone mantel, shadowed by the wolf.

I am Your Angel, oil painting by Dahlis, Mrs. Harris studies Angels