Monday, June 25, 2012


In my last story Lavender Blue, I mentioned how my bright blue butterfly logo painting, Out of the Blue, changed into dark blue and royal purple streaks, when viewed on the diagonal while the painting sparkled in bright sunlight.  It's as if the slanted sun rays bounced off the painting and into my curious eyes, splitting some rays of pure blue (Prussian Blue, a blue-green) into the purple frequency. 

I quickly shot two photos, one with flash, one without.  They turned to grey on my camera screen!  They weren't even keepers.
But the grey patterns haunted me.  I know I had eliminated the photo from my "Working Files" (hundreds of photos).  Did I still have it saved in my archives?  Quite often, regretfully I press the delete key with a heavy hand.

I checked.  By some miracle. the photos were preserved in my archives!  Slight hints of faded blues, purples and lavenders were actually visible among the shades of gray patterns. The energy of the growing plant (butterfly)  reminded me of cellular or even molecular structures, like bloodstreams of cosmic qi (energy) flowing in a stream of motion rather than a still image.


I also "found" my photo of a skillet of scrambled eggs cooking that formed a Yin-Yang dance.  This image vanished from my visible "memory" until reappearing in my archives view.

Here it they are, loud and clear!

          Harmonic Balance of Change, Growth, Evolution, and Inspiration

Patterns of the Cosmos, sacred geometry of ancient drawings and ceremonies parade in my picture mind.  Right now, I am imagining a troupe of Masai Tribesmen in South Africa leaping up and down, wearing their ceremonial red flowing robes....I pick up the energy of Africa.  I am there. 

I "hear" in my head Shirley MacLaine's words from her newest book, I'm Over All That.  I pick up the sacred book in seconds, open it right to the page and read from the chapter:

*  I Will Never Get Over Africa 
I would like to live on a wild game reserve and observe the animals all day.  That would make me truly happy [smile]....Synchronicity as a fact, not a coincidence, was becoming more of a reality every day.

According to the white hunters on a photographic safari with Shirley: was their experience that the Masai had achieved thought transference.  They were balanced with nature and nature's forms of communication, and it carried over into their human communication.

I could bear witness to the survival of the fittest on the part of the animals....[The Masai] believed the souls of the animals...left their bodies [before they were consumed for food]....there was a kind of collective spiritual understanding among all the animals relating to food and life.  It was a spiritual game of survival because none of the animals really died anyway....

The sunrises and sunsets in Africa are a testament to an ecstatic kaleidoscopic rhythm of beginning and end.  And all of it revolved around the obvious light of the sun by day and the more delicate truth of the moon by night.  Animals, then, and the group mind-set among us travelers, were all in harmony.  It was [is] a miracle to behold.... 

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Photos:  Patterns: Blue Butterfly, unretouched, uncropped image shows subtle shades of blueish lavenders, green, and blue green embedded into grey patterns.  More colors appear here on the Internet upload than on my home computer.  I took a hand held magnifying glass to the above butterfly image, and you may "see" ropes, plants, or cell-like patterns with your eyes.  The wonder of nature at work and play!

Yin-Yang Eggs, how did this happen?

Alert, Cheetah in Africa (detail) oil painting by Dahlis Roy.  In this upload, lavender-blue vividly appears in the sky and brush strokes show.  On original painting and in home computer, the sky is a smooth, soft Robin's egg blue.  Sur-prize!  Your Internet device or phone may show you different colors and images.