Monday, June 18, 2012


Lately I've been noticing a wash of lavenders in various blue and red tones.  Some of my friends have noticed too.  Clouds in the sunset, red rays of light picked up on roofs and trims of houses making them glow in softer reddish-purple tones.  Colors are more intense, neon green grass and leaves, fires of bright reds and oranges dot the landscape.

* Edgar Cayce's Auras described the human eye gradually evolving to receive ever higher colors of the spectrum such as green and blue instead of greys, browns and ochres in more primitive times.  Are we moving further?

** Are purple rays higher colors of the spirit?  Shirley MacLaine mentioned this color shift in her book The Camino, A Journey of the Spirit:

As I walked I began to see different colors of purple and lavender imbedded in the colors of trees and grass.  I squinted my eyes and opened them wide again.  I couldn't compute the colors I was seeing....I remembered that the spiritual masters begin to see the divine shades of lavender and  violet...when you become attuned to the fourth dimension....The third dimension was the dimension of physical reality as we know it.  The fourth is the dimension of perception beyond the physical....violet and lavender become more discernible when a human being realizes that the spiritual dimension resides in everything....The spiritual dimension was [is] the true reality....(p.156) 

*** "What color is the sky?" 

 White?  Blue? Purple?  Grey?  Pink?  Yellow?  All of these at once in the visible and invisible spectrum combined.  All shades are one in nature on Earth, Sea and Sky.  What lies beyond?

***  As the sacred blue, Tekhelet, is returning to the Earth.  She also brings with her the colors of the lavender-violets in visible and invisible light.  Pale "Hyacinth" hue may actually be another form of sacred blue rather the bold Prussian Blue of Tekhelet? 

Viewing my Blue Butterfly painting by "accident" at an angle in bright sunlight, I was amazed to see deep French Ultramarine purple-blue streaks and pure Royal Purple clearly visible in the butterfly's wings?  I snapped a photo.  It didn't take!  Everything was grey!  Pale faded greys were patterns of filmy quantum rays rather than brush strokes.  Fern-like colorless images appeared.   

The original painting of Blue Butterfly, Out of the Blue logo, is pure Prussian Blue oil paint, bold strokes slashed on unpainted white canvas.  What is invisible shaping our visible perceptions, the scenes behind the scene?  All is sacred.

**** "I honor my sacred journey, I honor the sacred journey of others," Debra


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* Auras by Edgar Cayce

**  Shirley MacLaine is a noted actress, author, and spiritual teacher.  Books The Camino, Sage-ing While Age-ing, and more. Out On A Limb, full movie documentary of Shirley's classic book (1983)

***  Simcha Jacobovici, The Naked Archaeologist:  programs on H2 TV channel and  excerpts and entire episodes:  True Blue and Return of the Hilazon (sacred blue), Holy Threads (Biblical Clothing), Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient Glass and much more.

**** Debra Basham, Executive Wellness Consultant, CHTP, NLP, HTt, and Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D present techniques for self healing and reaching out to others.

Music: Classic Songs, Lavender Blue, Deep Purple, Ghost Riders in the Sky (various artists) and Storms Never Last by Waylon Jennings   Request free illustrated E-book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, comments, inquiries, paintings and prints.

Wild Chicory, Lavender Blue by Emilie
Red-Purple Flowers, contributed by Debra. 
The Christmas Day Flower (blooming flowers outdoors in SW Michigan USA on Dec 25, 2011!) by Dahlis
Imagine:  Frankfort, Germany Airport, 2011, contributed by Debra.