Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*How can we catch up when there is so much to do?  Everyday we may feel overwhelmed with tasks we must do and wind up exhausted and frustrated.  Even written lists do not help sometimes.  Surprises happen, schedules change.  Are we flexible enough to pick up energy we need and yet remain centered and focused?

For me the first step toward balance is Tai Chi practice.  Tai Chi energy helps to bring clarity to the day, fog lifts to blue sky.  When I was first learning Tai Chi, I put it on my daily list because I tended to push practice until "later."  Then, it was late at night, so I put off practice.  This written note helped me to say, "Yes, Tai Chi is important," and so I would practice daily.

A few simple Qigong moves are easier for beginners to learn and recall.  Qigong helps new students practice daily.  Then class instruction connects with more detailed Tai Chi forms as the student progresses to higher levels.  Social bonding and sharing are important along with pride of accomplishment. Gradually Tai Chi/Qigong may lead to improved focus and less frustration with everyday reality overload.  Calming and clearing the mind helps each day to be more centered along with improved health and well-being.  Mood is better, work can be done with less effort.

Asking for help and receiving it are also important in catching up.  Delegating tasks and sharing with family, friends, and co-workers may relieve stress of too much to do.  It is often more difficult to ask for help than to try to go it alone.  Receiving help may have to be learned.  We can all share with others, maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses for a more positive complementary harmony in all areas of our lives at work and play.  This is the Yin/Yang dynamics in action, a balance of work and rest.

What are priorities?  Sometimes, after thinking through a situation, we might even take a 180 degree turn and intuitively go down a different path based on positive unselfish intent.  Explore possibilities of insights and ideas.  Who knows where creative opportunities will open? 

What if we feel "caught up?"  Complacency?  No!  New projects and opportunities will occur.  We can use a Tai Chi prnciple of advancing and retreating at the same time, opening to intuition and seeing fruition of goals gradually becomming reality without stepping on toes.

Tai Chi helps us focus, and work on our tasks toward completion. Intent leads energy.  Yet Tai Chi helps us to be flexible to receiving incoming possibilities with an open and grateful heart.

**"Become like a young kitten,"  Jou, Tsung Hwa

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* Catching Up by Dahlis Roy, reprinted with permission from Dr. Paul Lam, July 2002 online newsletter

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