Sunday, April 10, 2011


* "We are like fine pianos that need tuning.  Tai Chi helps to bring that piano back in tune," Louise, a Registered Nurse, told me.  Over time, Tai Chi increases endurance, flexibility, relaxation and coordination.  My son, Rob, feels that Tai Chi uses internal and external stretching.  Gradually you, "Stretch beyond the limits of what you already know" into restful alertness and meditative awareness.  As you feel deep relaxation and greater peace, your body can heal itself faster and prevent illness.

Rob expresses his feelings about Tai Chi practice:
Tai Chi combines breath, movement and awareness to reach peak efficiency and perfect form.  It is physical meditation blending mind and body.  This is vital because it helps us maneuver correctly and efficiently in practice and in daily life.

As the body's energy, qi ("chee"), is returned to its natural flow, a wealth of strength will be developed internally.  This power opens up many opportunities for personal growth, flexibility, stamina, mental clarity, and healthy longevity.

Perfecting breathing and how the body works internally using sharp awareness and relaxed alertness introduces the practitioner to meditative benefits.

One principle of Tai Chi is to use as little muscular contraction as possible.  In today's fast paced society, it is common to put unneeded stress on the body's muscles and organs.  Those patterns of tension are often so ingrained in our habits that they go unrecognized.  These fears and stresses may result in energy blocks with possible negative impacts on health and mood.

Tai Chi teaches us to be aware of our bodies and minds and to relax unnecessary tensions.  A few minutes of daily practice eases stress and allows the natural flow of health and inner peace to be reinstated. 

The Great Escape
Teresa Ferrill believes Tai Chi gives us a quiet window of escape from our daily tasks and challenges.  We feel more calm, centered and focused, positive and refreshed.  "Ohana" in Hawaii means family.  "We are a  Tai Chi family."  Teresa Ferrill, owner.  Tai Chi and Yoga instruction in the St. Joseph, MI area.

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Big Sur Cliffs, photo by Rob