Sunday, January 9, 2011


"I am Cheetah!"  Picture you as an animal or bird, sea creature, insect or amphibian.  Who would you be?  Paint with words or color with paint and describe yourself!

*The Cheetah's Pattern

Mama Cheetah stands four square,
Staring balefully at me.
Half-grown cubs sit pointing outward, Compass Points.
'Mom, they look almost human!'
Black multi-sized polka dots sprinkle ochre coats.
Op art painted on ancient cats.
What kind of animal are you?
I am Cheetah!

Who is Cheetah?  She walks alone yet not alone.  A Cheetah Mom will protect her cubs by even standing up to an adult male lion predator.  Cheetahs run on heart and supreme focus in high speed sprints.  The Cheetah runs with compassion, laking stamina and strength of lion or leopard.

"Become the Crane"
Are you a crane?  What does the crane symbolize?  He walks carefully, mindfully, yet confidently.  The crane stands silently on one leg, sometimes for hours then strikes swiftly at a fish.  In China, the crane represents health, strength, and longevity.  Often Chinese artists paint the crane along with a sun symbol and pine trees, energy medicine for the viewer.

The crane is popular in Tai Chi and Qigong forms such as Flying Crane Qigong.  White Crane Spreads Wings in Yang Style Long Form Tai Chi is an expansive outreach of qi (energy).  My teacher, Jiong Gu says , "We are not here to imitate the crane, we are to become it."

In this photo, the Tai Chi crane is stretching to "pick up needle at sea bottom," meaning pick up your own inspiration from nature and apply it to your life.  Caroline calls this image "crane feeding."

Wolf Wisdom
"Walking in your footsteps" through the snow and forest, across mountains and deserts.  The wolf has great stamina and can cover a lot of territory without resting.  In the den family, cubs are loved and protected by their teacher elders.  Silent, brave, musical, and mystical the bonds are strong and deep.

"walking in my footsteps...."

Stars of Big Cat Diary by Jonathon and Angela Scott, Cheetah, Leopard, and Lion families tell their stories in words and pictures.     

Living With Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, for the Sawtooth Pack, "Thank you for trusting us and changing our lives."

One Hundred Cranes, Praying for the Chorus of Creation, by William J. Fitzgerald.  Energy prayers for the dance of life, crossings, transformations and more

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, learn more about your inner animal.

"Who R U?"

* The Cheetah's Pattern, poem by Dahlis

Alert, Cheetah painting by Dahlis Roy

"Become the Crane" photo by Debra Basham, published with permission

Who RU?  Collage by Francesca, published with permission