Saturday, December 11, 2010


Painting With Light
Unique experiences occurred while painting the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull mentioned in Pieces of Rainbows (post Dec 5, 2010).  I brushed in this canvas with French ultramarine blue, a deep and vibrant hue like sapphires in the night.  I brushed with sweeps and swirls as music played.  I imagined crystal images painted over primal blue oil paint. What will appear?  Like diamond sparkles on midnight velvet, I would draw light from deep blue darkness.

I checked out the energy of the canvas several times.  Then I carefully fashioned a faint skull vision with light feathery strokes of radiant white paint over the blue painted background.  When I stood back to view, the result looked like two different skulls superimposed into one.  Which would I highlight?  

I was merrily typing away at my computer while listening to music, picking up frequency bands for creative energy.  A white tiger image began to emerge into conscious thought.  In Chinese mythology, the white tiger constellation represents what we call the hunter Orion.  A textured tiger image carved from crystal suddenly "emerged" fully formed and in sharp detail from an inner vision.

Like an explosion, I pictured the shimmering blue canvas backdrop receiving the tiger immediately.  "That's it!"  I had the title:  Crystal Tiger!  I turned off the computer and music and prepared to paint the tiger right away before he escaped.

Hurrying downstairs, I pictured painting the tiger with jewels of white light as a carved crystal. The nearly iinvisible skull stayed put as a swirl of star aura around the big cat.  I took a chisel brush and titanium white and carved out the tiger with sure strokes.  Like an ice sculpture, the tiger grinned back at me with open jaws as he painted himself against the blue night.  

Star Show
Heading around the painting I sprinkled in a few constellations.  
Playfully I smudged a faint flying Chinese crane into the skull's aura and highlighted the crystal a little.  In China, the crane represents health, strength, and longevity.  It worked!  A balance of aura and stars twinkled.  

My signature in green (love), communication (blue), and truth (white) completed the picture.  Playing with color and words like playing with daily Tai Chi, help to open the creative heart of the universe.

White Tiger!
I presented the Crystal Tiger painting to Anna-Mitchell-Hedges.  Anna had found the skull in ancient Mayan ruins in 1924.  Anna loved the painting and its blue mysterious depths.  Bill Homann, current keeper of the skull, later told me that F. A. Mitchell-Hedges' nickname was White Tiger!  Anna was F.A. Mitchell-Hedges adopted daughter, and she adored her father.  

I had no clue about the white tiger connection.  The carved tiger had surfaced from my subconscious.  "Intuition to fruition," Out of the Blue Crystal Tiger Roars!  

Intuitive mysteries unlock secrets of ourselves.

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PhotoCrystal Tiger Out of the Blue, painting by Dahlis Roy