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Meeting the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

Surprise!  We drove out into the dark of December to meet Bill Homann, current keeper of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.  Some hours later, an unexpected surprise appeared!  Bill carried the crystal skull out to greet us and placed it on the wooden coffee table in front of us.  I felt immediate vibrations all over my body!

How can I describe this energetic experience?  I "felt" rather than heard a humming vibration sound emitting from the skull.  The sound was like the sixty cycle hum from a tube radio.  That wonderful big radio in its solid walnut cabinet was my ticket out of my home and into the realm of music and voices.  I pondered how radio waves are extracted from the air and dialed in, tuned on their unique frequency bands.

Weren't the first radios called crystal sets?  Do crystals amplify vibrations?  Scooting forward but not touching the skull, I peered down into its mystic silver depths.  The crystal was clear, yet patterns appeared like untapped universes and oceans of water and stars, infinity deep. 

I thought, "This is out of this world!"  How did human artists craft it?  If humans fashioned it, they had divine guidance from unseen hands guided by light and unspoken directions.  Mysterious paintings tap invisible energy from the universe and download it into solid light and liquid color.  I didn't think about painting the skull.  I didn't think.

Getting up, like a cat circling,  I viewed the crystal from every angle.  Creeping slowly around the ancient artifact, I thought about how Tai Chi and Qigong practice helps to raise body, mind, and spirit to higher energy states through  ancient ritual forms, some say stemming from Shamanic dances at the dawn of time.

Sitting down again, I peered once more into the mysterious depths of the artifact, absorbing its solidified light.  Refractions of color split the night, prisms of color danced within and without.  These prisms were "pieces of rainbows" as if you'd take a scissors and slash random fragments in various sizes from neon rainbow colored paper, raw material for a future collage.

Time to Leave
Rising slowly to my feet, I felt connected to the Earth by strong vibrations.  Walking carefully, I felt I was treading on pincushions!  The black velvet night stroked me with December chill.  Settling into car, I quickly performed seated exercises from Tai Chi class, grounding my energy and settling my soul which was wild with joy and wonder.  Vibrations painted a day and night to remember.

Bedtime nestled over me like a warm quilt, dreamless sleep enveloped me.  About four in the morning, I had a dream vision.  The color and energy were so vivid, I awoke with a start, heart pounding!  Even waking up could not fade the neon bright image.  I had "received" a future painting. 

The image in the center of the vision dream burned into my consciousness.  Looking strait into the skull, *it was smiling!  The skull dream radiated neon white light.  The sunburst around it was vibrant yellow and sky blue, hurting my eyes.  Intense rose light appeared, framing the edges of the future picture.  Rose is the color of unconditional love.

I lay awake for quite awhile.  I knew, with the right timing and energy, I would paint the vision.

Pieces of Rainbows!
Some days later one of my daughters called.  "Mom, the other day while I was practicing Tai Chi I got rainbows!  I knew you were sending them."  We often send and receive thoughts, colors, and images back and forth.  Sometimes, we even hear the same song running through our heads.  "They weren't like regular rainbows, they were cut-up ones like someone took a scissors and cut them into pieces!"  I smiled, knowing those were images I had seen reflected in the skull. 

"How bright were they?"

"Oh, they were very bright like neon color!"

I realized these rainbows were sent subconsciously and not directly to my daughter.  She tuned into the frequency band and picked up the brilliantly painted images.

Painting the Vision
Gripping my favorite ancient worn bristle brush was like picking up a magic sword.  As I lifted the sword-brush, I felt intense vibrations streaming into me like lifting my sword for Tai Chi practice.  I prayed to my legions of Angels to help me create the intuitive image and guide the brush.  How would I paint?  With a lot of help!

I stood to poised over the blank canvas, like a cat hunting.  Rotating the brush silently over the canvas without touching it, I picked up spiritual energy from the universe to translate it into solid color.  I felt like the Zen calligrapher/painter, tracing out an invisible likeness that was already completed.  Could I transmit and translate the healing feelings I felt?

I dipped the brush boldly into titanium white a with a smudge of cobalt blue.  Its worn uneven bristles crunched on the blank canvas.  Tracing over unseen light, I circled in the outline of the skull, the vision-dream memory.  Slashing the strokes with sureness now like a Tai Chi sword in action, the three dimensional skull began to take shape.  Picking up vibrant yellow, I stroked timidly around the aura the skull emitted.  The yellow faded paler on the canvas than in my vision.  I let the yellow paint itself.  Rose light was next.  I pictured  bold strokes slashing outwards from the image to frame the edges....

Then something mysterious happened!  The bright rose paint whirled outward from the skull, not in slashes but in circles!  I knew Sharon, my guardian Angel, was painting through me.  I silently "heard" the hum again as the brush circled.  White paint swirls completed the circling around the edges, tying the image together like a birthday present.  I signed my name.  I quit!

Meeting Anna Mitchell-Hedges
The phone rang!  It was Bill Homann coming to call and bringing Anna-Mitchell-Hedges with him!  Anna was then the keeper of the skull.  Anna found the skull on her seventeenth birthday buried in ancient Mayan ruins in what is now Belize.  What excitement! 

Angel paintings surrounded the new skull painting on the stone mantel.  Anna, then ninety-five years old, entered and hugged me.  I showed the skull painting.  Anna loved it!  Anna radiated love in a peaceful and joyful way.  George Eddy, Tai Chi instructor visiting at the time, commented that one pupil in the skull was painted heart shaped.  George also noticed the sandstone brick wall of the living room represented tiny crystals in each grain of sand for enhanced resonance.

Photographing the skull painting with both film and digital is another mystery.  Some images were spotty and dark, some were all white.  Intuitively, I let this painting rest.  I named it, Crystal Vision.  Is the vision more powerful than the experience?

Crystal Clear 
*The skull's energy felt more "male" (yang) to me, some feel female (yin) vibrations or androgynous energy.  A friend told me about meeting a different crystal skull housed in the British Museum in London.  She, like me, felt "male" energy and heard a hum. 

In meeting the Mitchell-Hedges skull, several people experienced increased heart rate.  Another felt tingling sensations similar to acupuncture sessions.  Others felt visions, dreams, new directions or ways to achieving goals.  Bill Homann believes the skull radiates positive love.

Results of photon camera work done by the Seraphim Institute show Bill Homann meditating with the skull.  These images result in various colors and light patterns.  One view was surprisingly like my painting, energy colors rotating outward in a circular fashion.  The adventures continue.

Photo and story reprinted with permission from Bill Homann.
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