Sunday, December 19, 2010


Faded Photographs

Long Ago, I Held a Memory

Fast Forward/Rewind
Looking at Rob's recent photo near Donner Pass flashed me back to my Dad's black and white photographs of Yellowstone National park printed on slick white paper before I was born.  Photography transported me into another world of the art of film.  I got a Brownie Starflash camera for my twelfth birthday! The camera took black and white and color prints plus slides.  Now digital is another window for creative adventure.  My Dad loves the new technology and information sharing.  I wrote "love" rather than "would have loved" because love has no past, future, or subjunctive tense.  Love is the ever present now.

Angels Among Us
Kathleen told me she went to buy a gift for an English professor who had treated the book discussion group to lunch.  "I went to the florist and looked around.  Things seemed very expensive.  Another female customer pointed out the new 'rose' poinsettia, but she said she had seen prettier ones.  She was also looking for a cyclamen plant for her friend.  I had no idea what a cyclamen plant was." 

"I was in Casey's looking at the flowers when I heard a voice talking to me and pointing out a cyclamen.  The same woman had also decided to come to Casey's after leaving the other store."  These flowers looked bedraggled.  "I decided to run across the street to Owen's, and here came the same woman!  We both decided Owen's didn't have what we wanted, but she told me to check out Kroger on College Avenue."  I quit for the day!

"Sunday morning  I stopped by Jewel-Osco on College and found they had just gotten in some very nice flowers.  They had small but very healthy cyclamens with blooms.  I chose two and paid for them and then ran to Kroger's.  There I found the most beautiful Christmas Rose poinsettias that looked like velvet.  All of this did not cost much and I still had $1 left.  I spent that on fruit and fixed a basket using an extra one I had at home dressed up with Christmas decorations and a red bow."

"This was the day before the big storm, and I felt I should deliver the plants that day.  I called Tori and arranged to deliver them that afternoon.  Torri had forgotten she had another errand, but another friend was at her house.  I could leave the things inside.  I just hoped Torri would like my choices."

"Now comes the weird part.  It turns out that cyclamens are one of Torri's most favorite flowers, and she especially loves the Christmas Rose.  I did a search of angel art and what did I find but pictures of flowers with an angel hidden in each!  Dahlis, I swear this unknown woman customer was a flower angel.  I had no idea what to buy Torri, and the woman pointed me in the exact directions I needed to go.  No one else would understand this like you." 

"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own..."
Charles Dickens  All things Angel, books, angel cards and more.

Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, Andrew Ramer  Comprehensive Guide to meeting and working with angles.

Silver Butterfly Create A Vision by Dahlis Roy, Free PDF illustrated E-Book, meet your angel and beyond.  E-mail

Photo: Mountain Snow by Rob
Photo: Candy Cane Colors, flower by Emilie